Level up your Customer Experience with AI

Digital marketers know that great customer experience, or CX, is essential to gain, engage and retain customers. The best CX is seamless and responsive. Nowadays, it is even more essential. 

After all, recent studies show that 66% of customers expect that companies will understand their needs. This is why companies that orient their operations towards this are 60% more profitable than the rest.

The main components of good CX are:

  • Understanding the target customer’s mindset before making the purchase.
  • Mapping the customer journey from awareness to fulfillment.
  • Removing pain points across channels for conversion and retention.
  • Successfully managing the digital customer experience.

A variety of tools enable marketers to do this successfully. Nowadays, AI is one such tool that leads to a better understanding of customers, their interaction with channels, and steps for improvement.

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The Role of AI in CX

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can significantly improve CX because of the ability to analyze huge amounts of data. With a rise in customer channels, such data is becoming more valuable. AI can process data across categories and interactions to come up with insights and predictions. Marketers can act on this for deeper engagement to gain a competitive edge.

Thus, AI can help you to:

  • Better understand customer behavior and expectations.
  • Streamline processes and procedures to make them more efficient and productive.
  • Make better decisions with insights and analysis.
  • Predict future trends and outcomes.

How AI Improves CX

Let’s explore the specific ways in which the use of AI can improve CX productivity. Here are some of the main benefits.

Cut Response Time

Delayed response time for queries and problems can lead to customer dissatisfaction. This can even lead to high churn levels.  With AI, automated processes can be put into place to speed up response time. For example, with the use of chatbots, anticipating commonly asked questions and instant replies to emails and messages.

Better Personalization

The collection and analysis of data lead to greater personalization, which is a significant factor in lead conversion and retention. To begin with, customers can be segmented across behavioral and demographic factors. Further, AI can increase personalization by analyzing customer interaction across channels. Past purchases and what stage of the funnel the potential buyer is in are other ways to improve communication.

Greater Engagement

Personalization leads to greater engagement. There are many ways by which AI can achieve this. Customers can be attracted by text and voice-enabled interactions, for example. Visual cues, along with tailored recommendations, also capture attention.

Predictive Analysis

As we have pointed out, AI can access and mine vast amounts of data. With this, you can get real-time analysis of the current situation as well as predictions of future behavior. This leads to better inputs for decisions, greater customization, and workflows that anticipate actions to suggest the best responses.

Some AI Tools for CX

CX professionals rely on a variety of software with AI capabilities. Some of them are suited to SaaS companies, others for online retailers, and yet others to start-ups. Whatever the nature of your business needs, you should be able to find the right tool.

For example, ZenDesk meets customer needs with conversational CRM. Leading to connected conversational experiences across channels. FreshWorks unifies messaging channels across your website, in-app, and digital messaging channels. And ZohoDesk helps to simplify customer service operations and improve agent productivity.

All of these and more are AI-driven solutions that will enable you to take your CX to the next level. You can find out more about leading customer intelligence platforms here.

At Locobuzz, we’re ready to aid this transformation with a new-generation digital customer experience platform for unified CX. To enable you to build and sustain customer relationships in a new age. 

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