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Ishan Sharma - Biography, Height, Age, GF, Net Worth & More.

ishan sharma biography

Ever wondered about the riveting journey of YouTube sensation Ishan Sharma?
From battling hardships as a student to emerging as a celebrated entrepreneur, his story is one for the books and through his popular videos, Ishan has inspired millions to chase their dreams.

But it wasn’t always easy. In his early years, Ishan faced rejection repeatedly in competitive exams despite best efforts but instead of crumbling under pressure, he emerged stronger with each failure and his grit led him to leave a prestigious college to carve his own path.

Are you excited to learn more about this young trailblazer’s rise to fame? In this blog post, we unveil dramatic details of Ishan’s inspiring struggle and success. From his first steps in content creation to building a thriving business his journey shows nothing can stop a determined spirit!

S.NoSocial Media LinksFollowers
1.Instagram 650K
2.YouTube 1M +
3.Twitter/X166K +
4.LinkedIn319K +

Who is Ishan Sharma?

Ishan Sharma is a famous YouTuber and entrepreneur from India. He was born in 2000 in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh and from a young age, Ishan was interested in technology and wanted to become an engineer. He worked hard and cleared his 12th board exams with good marks but however, he failed to clear the entrance exams for top engineering colleges.

This early failure did not deter Ishan and he joined BITS Pilani for an Electrical Engineering degree. During college, Ishan explored various fields like coding, data science and social media marketing and then he started his YouTube channel in 2020 to document his learnings and journey. He also interned with startups to gain work experience and within a year, his YouTube channel was earning him a steady income.

In 2021, Ishan dropped out of college to focus on his business and YouTube full time. Today, he is the founder of the marketing agency MarkitUp and has over a million YouTube subscribers. At just 23, Ishan has achieved great success and proved that with persistence and hard work, one can overcome any hurdle and he continues to inspire many through his rags to riches story.


23 years (2024)


2nd October, 2000

Net Worth

Rs 5-6 crore approximately


Indian YouTuber, Entrepreneur

Physical Appearance

Physical Features



Approximately 5’11”


Around 70 Kg

Eye Colour

Dark Brown

Hair Colour


Early Career

In Ishan Sharma biography, he was always fascinated by technology from a young age as he dreamed of becoming an engineer and worked hard in school. Though he failed to clear the entrance exams for top engineering colleges, he was determined to upskill himself.

During college, Ishan explored various fields like coding, social media and content creation. He started posting educational content on Instagram which received a great response and after seeing the talents of fellow students, Ishan began interviewing them to spread awareness. This inspired him to launch his own YouTube channel in 2020.

Ishan’s channel gained traction as he consistently posted high-quality videos on coding, programming and freelancing. He utilized his networking skills to land internship opportunities with startups. By the time the pandemic hit, Ishan had accumulated a following on YouTube and this motivated him to focus full-time on content creation and entrepreneurship. His passion and perseverance led to early success in his evolving career.


Education Level




Up to 10th grade

Attended multiple schools in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Bhopal

11th-12th grade


Coaching at FIITJEE, Delhi and Mumbai for JEE preparation



BITS Pilani, Goa campus pursuing Electrical Engineering

Dropped out in final year


To focus on YouTube and business full-time

Online courses


Learned Python programming through online course

Part-time educator


Teaches at Unacademy and GeeksforGeeks

Net Worth of Ishan Sharma

Ishan Sharma has seen tremendous success and growth over the past few years through his entrepreneurial ventures. As of now, estimates put his current net worth at around 5-6 crore rupees.

A sizable portion of his wealth comes from his thriving YouTube channel which earns him over 15 lakh rupees per month. In addition, his digital marketing agency MarkitUp generates revenue of 10-15 lakhs monthly. Ishan also owns luxury assets like a flat in Bengaluru worth 3 crore.

With multiple income streams and smart investments, Ishan’s net worth is sure to see exponential rise in the coming years. Despite his young age, he has proven himself to be a shrewd businessman. Through perseverance and hard work, Ishan has ascended from humble beginnings to achieving significant financial milestones setting an inspiration for many.

Ishan Sharma’s YouTube Income (February 2024)

Ishan Sharma’s YouTube channel has been performing very well over the past few months. As per the statistics tracked by analytics platforms, his daily views and earnings from advertisements have seen steady growth. A look at his channel income over varying durations:

Last 7 days

Rs 32,000

Last 30 days 

Rs 1,44,000

Last 3 months

Rs 5,52,000

Last 6 months

Rs 11,04,000

This income does not include additional revenue streams for Ishan Sharma like brand endorsements, his business MarkitUp etc. His YouTube channel has proven highly lucrative and continues to be a steady source of earnings.

Personal Life of Ishan Sharma

Ishan was born in 2000 in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh to a middle-class Hindu family. His mother was a homemaker while his father worked as a government employee. He spent his early years shuffling between multiple schools in different cities due to his father’s job transfers and this made it difficult for Ishan to form lasting friendships.

Ishan excelled in his studies throughout school. After completing 10th grade, he decided to pursue engineering influenced by stories of high-paying tech jobs. Though focused on his career goals, Ishan also enjoyed tinkering with technology from a young age. In his free time, he liked experimenting with remote-controlled toys and gadgets.

Currently at age 23, Ishan is based out of Bengaluru where he runs his YouTube channel and marketing agency. While professionally successful, he remains largely private about his personal life. As per available information, Ishan is reportedly still single and dedicates most of his time and efforts to nurturing his growing businesses and inspiring more through his success journey.


None (Only child)

Marital Status



Not disclosed 


Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, India








Learning new skill, coding, programming, tinkering with technology

Relationship Status/Girlfriend

Not much is known about his dating life and relationships during school or college. Available information suggests he remained focused on his academic goals and career aspirations while younger.

After achieving success through his YouTube endeavors, Ishan shifted base to Bengaluru where he currently resides. Running successful online businesses leaves him with little private life outside of work. Reports mention that Ishan, now aged 23, continues to be single without any known serious romantic involvements.

As a public figure, Ishan prefers to keep personal details private. His social media presence mostly highlights professional achievements and motivation to inspire others. Whether Ishan ultimately finds love and companionship or chooses to devote himself solely to entrepreneurship remains to be seen in the future. For now, he remains a bachelor dedicated to nurturing his growing online empire.

Ishan’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

While many students spent college exploring newfound freedoms, Ishan had bigger dreams. Even among the talented minds at BITS Goa, his restless spirit saw possibilities beyond the classroom.

In 2020, during the worldwide lockdown, Ishan co-founded MarkitUp from his dorm room. Armed with a laptop and little else, he pioneered creative social media strategies for clients. Word of mouth spread and soon the agency boasted a team of talented marketers.

By 2021, MarkitUp was thriving but Ishan’s ambitions had grown wings. He bid farewell to textbooks to focus on this fledgling business full-time. With natural storytelling skills and growing expertise, corporations came knocking at his virtual door.

In 2023, Ishan took his knowledge beyond videos by co-writing an inspiring guide to startup success. But for Ishan, there is no finishing line – only new frontiers to explore together with his growing community of followers. His journey proves that big dreams can take flight from humble origins.


Year Founded

Nature of Business


YouTube Channel

August 2019

Educational content creation

Over 1M subscribers, thriving

MarkitUp Agency

February 2020

Digital marketing agency

Team of 25, clients globally


October 2020

Podcasting mentorship

Discontinued after 6 classes

“Crush It on LinkedIn”

July 2020

Ebook on LinkedIn growth

Successful self-publication

Teaching at Unacademy

October 2020

Part-time educator

Continues teaching programming

“Unlocking Unicorn Secrets”


Book on startup journeys

Co-authored, published by Penguin




YouTube Success

Has over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Earned over Rs. 1.6 crore from YouTube in 2022

Founder of MarkitUp

Co-founded the successful digital marketing agency MarkitUp which now has a team of 25+ people


Co-authored the book “Unlocking Unicorn Secrets” published by Penguin India

Intel Scholarship

Received the Intel Edge AI scholarship for his work

Udacity Scholarship

Awarded the Udacity Bertelsmann AI scholarship 


Teaches programming at leading ed-tech platforms like Unacademy, GeeksforGeeks

Early Entrepreneurship

Became a successful entrepreneur and left college at age 22 to focus on his ventures

Inspiration to Many

Inspirational figure for Indian startup community and online creators through his journey


From battling hardships as a restless student to maturing into a celebrated thought leader, Ishan Sharma’s journey is nothing short of incredible. Faced with rejection after rejection, instead of letting failure defeat him, each obstacle seemed to fuel Ishan’s passion further.

What began as an interest in gadgets and tinkering led him on a colorful path of exploring new avenues. And his restless spirit refused to remain confined by predetermined notions of success. Dropping out of a prestigious college to follow his heart’s calling, Ishan blazed a trail all his own.

Today as a sought-after mentor inspiring millions through insightful content, Ishan proves that with grit and perseverance even the wildest of dreams can be made real. His story challenges us to fight doubters with determination and rewrite our destinies on our own terms. Now that’s what we call a happy ending to one young man’s pioneering adventure!

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