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Kamiya Jani - Biography, Age, Net Worth & More

Kamiya Jani Biography

People call her the “travel queen.” Kamiya writes fun blogs and makes videos about her trips, inspiring others to travel too. Kamiya Jani is a popular Youtuber known for her love for food and travel. Kamiya grew up in Mumbai and always wanted to learn new things.

She went to R.D. National College to study Mass Media and then studied law at G J Advani College. But what’s really cool about Kamiya is how much she loves traveling. She’s been to 40 countries and 123 cities! Let’s look at Kamiya Jani – Biography, Age, Net Worth & More

Social Media

Number of Followers







Curly Tales



Curly Tales



Kamiya Jani

Who is Kamiya Jani?

Date of Birth

May 25th, 1988


32 Years Old

Birth Place




Birth Sign






Kamiya was born in Mumbai, India, on May 25, 1988, and ever since, she has been curious about the world. Her parents, Mohan Jani and Poonam Jani, supported her adventurous spirit as she grew up in the lively city of Mumbai.

At 32 years old, Kamiya is a Gemini, which means she’s always curious and ready for new experiences. She’s deeply rooted in her Hindu culture, which adds to her love for exploration. Kamiya went to a private school and later studied Mass Media at R.D. National College. She didn’t stop there—she continued her education at G J Advani College, focusing on law and earning her LLB degree.

What makes Kamiya really special is her passion for travel. She has visited about 40 countries and 123 cities, earning her the nickname “travel queen.” Through her blogs and videos, she shares her adventures with people all over the world, inspiring others to explore just like her.

Let’s look at the exciting life of Kamiya Jani, learning about her travels, education, and the incredible passion that drives her love for exploring new places.

Kamiya Jani’s Education


RD National College, India


GJ Advani Law College, India

Educational Qualification

LLB Degree

Kamiya Jani’s Career

Kamiya Jani embarked on her professional journey in 2006 as a freelance journalist, marking the beginning of her career in the media industry. Over the years, she diversified her expertise, venturing into the research field and contributing articles on a wide array of subjects, including personal finance, corporate lifestyle, health, fitness, travel, leisure, style, and grooming. This multifaceted approach allowed her to develop a comprehensive skill set, making her proficient in various aspects of media production.

In November 2016, Kamiya took a significant step in her career by launching her YouTube channel, ‘Curly Tales.’ Through this platform, she indulged her passion for food, travel, and indulgences, capturing her experiences and sharing them with her audience.

Her engaging content quickly gained popularity, establishing her reputation as a prominent travel blogger and content creator. Kamiya’s YouTube channel, ‘Curly Tales,’ became a hub for travel enthusiasts and food lovers alike, as she embarked on adventures, explored different cuisines, and showcased the beauty of various destinations. Her immersive travel vlogs and insightful commentary resonated with viewers, earning her the endearing title of “travel queen.”

In recognition of her impactful work in the content marketing sphere, Kamiya Jani received ‘The Most Influential Content Marketing Professional’ title in 2019, highlighting her significant contributions to the industry.

This accolade served as a testament to her dedication, creativity, and ability to connect with her audience, establishing her as a leading figure in the world of digital content creation. Through her travel blogs and engaging YouTube channel, she not only shares her adventures but also encourages others to embrace the spirit of wanderlust, making her a beloved influencer in the travel and lifestyle community.

Kamiya Jani’s Youtube Income

Net Worth

$2.7M USD

Last 30 Days


Last 90 Days


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Kamiya Jani’s Net Worth

After graduating from college, she began her career, reporting on various events. A turning point came when she was sent to cover a Formula One event in Malaysia, where she met travel journalists, sparking the idea of hosting her own travel channel.

Over the next decade, Kamiya, alongside her partner and later husband, explored numerous countries, immersing herself in diverse challenges. Alongside her travels, she built her business and pursued a stable career as a studio reporter for ET Now network. Despite her success in the corporate world, her passion for adventure led her to YouTube.

In 2009, Kamiya launched her YouTube channel, Curly Tales, which quickly gained popularity, amassing over 987 thousand subscribers. Collaborating with renowned TikTok performers, she diversified her content, exploring topics like food, challenges, virtual storytelling, vlogs, Q&A sessions, and interviews.

She even hosted a show called Sunday Brunch, featuring celebrities. As of 2022, Kamiya Jani’s net worth stands at an impressive $1 million, reflecting not only her financial success but also the fulfilment of her passion and dreams.

December 2022

$ 54K

January 2023

$ 60.8K

February 2023

$ 63.1K

March 2023

$ 60.1K

April 2023

$ 32K

May 2023

$ 21.7K

June 2023

$ 13.1K

July 2023

$ 49.3K

Kamiya Jani’s Personal Life


Mohan Jani


Poonam Jani


Brother: Tarun Jani

Sister: Payal Jani


Samar Verma

Born to her parents, Mohan Jani, a businessman dealing in auto rickshaws, and Poonam Jani, a dedicated homemaker, Kamiya grew up with her elder brother, Tarun Jani, and her sister, Payal Jani, in the warm embrace of her family.

In her personal life, Kamiya has been happily married to Samar Verma for the past eight years. Their relationship is a testament to love’s resilience, having weathered challenges and emerged stronger.

Their journey together began in a serendipitous manner during Kamiya’s early career days at CNBC, where they met. After a brief period of dating, they encountered a rough patch but love found its way back into their hearts.

Their daughter, Ziana Verma, has added immeasurable joy to their lives. The couple is often seen sharing their adventures with Ziana, exploring various destinations as a family. Their shared experiences have not only strengthened their family bond but also enriched their lives.

Beyond the immediate family, Kamiya also has a rich family history. Her grandfather, Naraindas Jani, hailed from Pakistan but migrated to Mumbai, India, during the partition. This heritage adds a layer of depth to Kamiya’s identity, connecting her to a story of resilience and adaptation.

In essence, Kamiya Jani’s personal life is a beautiful tapestry of love, family, and shared adventures. Her journey with her husband Samar, daughter Ziana, and the support of her parents and siblings reflects the strength of familial bonds and the power of love in overcoming life’s challenges.

Kamiya Jani’s Favorites

Kamiya Jani has a few favorite things that bring her immense joy and inspiration. First and foremost, she admires Bollywood stars Kajol and Amitabh Bachchan. Their talent and charisma inspire Kamiya, making them her role models.

Kamiya finds happiness in exploring different parts of the world, particularly in Vietnam and Egypt. The beauty and intrigue of these countries captivate her, making her travels memorable and fulfilling. In terms of colors, Kamiya’s heart resonates with White, Blue, and Pink. These hues evoke feelings of positivity and cheerfulness, brightening her days.

When it comes to fashion, Kamiya has a keen eye for elegance. She appreciates renowned brands like Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Zara, and LV, valuing their stylish and sophisticated designs.
Kamiya indulges in exciting hobbies that add excitement to her life.

Whether it’s traveling to new places, horseback riding, exploring the depths of the ocean through scuba diving, expressing herself through dance, or enjoying the thrill of jet skiing, these activities bring her immense joy and fulfillment.

Lastly, when hunger strikes, Kamiya delights in the flavors of Indian and Mexican cuisine. The rich spices and delicious tastes of these foods satisfy her palate, making her meals a delightful experience.

These favorite things not only reveal Kamiya’s diverse interests but also highlight the sources of happiness in her life. Whether it’s appreciating her favorite actors, exploring beautiful countries, embracing vibrant colors, indulging in fashion, pursuing exciting hobbies, or relishing delicious cuisine, each element adds a special touch to Kamiya’s life, making it fulfilling.

Kamiya Jani’s Awards

Upper Story

Top Social Influencer of The Year

World Marketing Congress Awards

The Most Influential Content Marketing Professional

Exhibit Magazine

The Best Food Influencer of The Year

Kamiya Jani has received several prestigious awards throughout her career, recognizing her impact and influence. In 2018, she was honoured with the ‘Top Social Influencer of The Year’ Award by Upper Story, acknowledging her significant presence and influence in the social media sphere. Kamiya proudly posed with her award, showcasing her achievement.

The following year, in 2019, Kamiya was recognized as ‘The Most Influential Content Marketing Professional’ by the World Marketing Congress Awards. This award highlighted her expertise in content marketing and the substantial influence she holds in the industry. Kamiya graciously accepted the award, marking another milestone in her career.

In 2022, Kamiya Jani was acclaimed as ‘The Best Food Influencer of The Year’ by Exhibit Magazine. This award acknowledged her outstanding contribution to the food industry, particularly in the realm of social media and digital influence.

Kamiya was celebrated for her passion and expertise in the culinary world. In October 2018, Kamiya was invited to a TEDx event at NIT Srinagar, where she shared her life experiences, inspiring the audience with her story.

Her influence extends far and wide, with 1.6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and 2.7 million followers on the Curly Tales Facebook page. Through her platform, Curly Tales, she has become a leading figure in India’s food and travel discovery content scene.

Aside from her impressive accolades, Kamiya Jani is also known for her remarkable car collection. She owns a Mustang, BMW 2 Series Coupe, and a Tata Motor Safari, reflecting her love for diverse and stylish automobiles.

Kamiya’s success is rooted in her understanding of social media’s power. She believes that social media provides a fantastic space to connect with people, allowing creators like her to share their talents and stories. With a focus on relatable and achievable experiences, she aims to motivate people to explore and discover hidden gems, encouraging them to step out of their offices and homes.


What makes Kamiya’s story remarkable is her incredible journey to success. Despite the challenges she faced, she persevered and carved out a significant place for herself in the industry. Her dedication and enthusiasm for her passions have not only brought her financial success but have also established her as a respected personality in the digital realm.

Her story reminds us all of the importance of pursuing our dreams, embracing life’s adventures, and finding joy in the simplicity of everyday experiences. Kamiya’s journey goes beyond mere entertainment. Through her story, Kamiya Jani continues to inspire, reminding us all that dreams are achievable and that happiness can be found in pursuing what we love.

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