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Madan Gowri - Biography, Height, Age, Net Worth & More

Madan Gowri

Gowri first ventured into the world of content creation in 2015, when he started posting videos, talking about social issues, and interesting facts on his YouTube channel. His unique delivery style and ability to break down difficult subjects into manageable chunks quickly brought him recognition.

Gowri’s rise to prominence began when he entered the digital sphere. Through YouTube, in 2013, he started producing content that people found engaging. He thus quickly became well-known and drew a following of committed followers, especially in the language he makes videos in, Tamil.

He focuses on entertaining his audience while producing educational content and raising awareness of social and political concerns. He correctly claims to be the most popular YouTuber in South India, with a massive 7 million subscribers.


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Who is Madan Gowri?

Madan Gowri is a well-known figure in the digital sphere who has amassed a sizable fan base thanks to his interesting approach and compelling content. Gowri was born in 1993 in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, and his rise to fame is evidence of his commitment to and love for social media.

What really made Gowri unique was his ability to question social norms and taboo topics, leading to thought-provoking and enlightening conversations. His commitment to providing well-researched content won him a devoted fan base and propelled him to prominence on the internet.

Although the majority of Madan’s films discuss current political and socio economic topics, his channel also features inspirational videos and behind-the-scenes looks at his personal life. He has discussed a wide range of fascinating topics on his channel, including cricket, Andrew Tate, internet addiction, the Oscars, the huge layoffs in 2023, and economic frauds.

Thus, we go into Madan Gowri’s wiki, bio, age, career, and YouTube channel in this post.


30 years (2023)


May 28, 1993

Net Worth

INR 3-4 Crores


Indian YouTuber, Digital creator, Entrepreneur

Early Years and Upbringing

On May 28, 1993, Madan Gowri was born in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, India. The identity of his parents and other personal information are unknown. He attended Dolphin Public School in Madurai and Sainik School in Amaravathinagar, where he finished his education, before growing up in Madurai.

He’s always had a desire to learn more and share his thoughts on many topics and information that have caught his attention, even as a young child. Despite never having the opportunity to take part in debates or group conversations in general, YouTube proved to be the ideal outlet for him.

Education History


  • Sainik School, Amaravathinagar
  • Dolphin Public School, Madurai


  • B.Tech in Mechanical engineering, Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Higher Education, Srivilliputhur
  • MBA in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore

Madan Gowri Youtube Income (December 2023)

His approximate income is mentioned below-


Last 7 days

$ 10.1K

Last 30 days


Last 3 months


Last 6 months


Surprisingly, the tale of what inspired him to launch YouTube is far more captivating. He experienced a disastrous breakup in 2013, the year he was about to graduate from college, and his girlfriend at the time banned him from using any social networking platform.

He decided to post a YouTube video for her to find her way back to him, sort of like an indirect message, as he had no other method to get in touch with her. Clearly, a lot of people found the article interesting, as evidenced by the number of comments left on it.

The video unexpectedly gained popularity and had a respectable number of views. This gave him the motivation to keep posting films about subjects that piqued his interest.

YouTube Video Link – 10 most important money earning secrets

Personal Details about Madan Gowri


Father – Unknown
Mother – Unknown


Sister – Unknown

Brother – Unknown

Marital status


Wedding date

11th February, 2022


Nithya Kalyani


30 years (as of 2023)




Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu



Zodiac Sign



Horse riding, acting, singing



Get up close with Madan

Youtube video Link – Q n A with Madan Gowri


Favourite cricketers

MS Dhoni

Favourite colour


Favourite cuisine

South Indian

Relationships & Personal Life

He claimed in an interview that he experienced a serious depressive episode following a breakup with a girl during his last year of college. He managed to get through that by starting to watch some videos on YouTube.

In addition, he enjoys exploring the outdoors, hanging out with friends, and riding his bike late at night.
He was married to Nithya Kalyani in early 2022. But unfortunately, he got a divorce from his wife in April 2023. He even created a Youtube video in July, 2023 about his separation and cope-up mechanism from his past relationship.

Watch his video here – Ex – How to forget?

Madan Gowri start-up - Kokru App

In addition to his passion for never-ending learning, he created the news app Kokru, which strives to give users customised and simplified news. For those with short attention spans, the news is also condensed into a single sentence.

The news is divided into 12 areas, spanning from business and technology to sports and entertainment, and it is accessible in six regional languages.
Moreover, he possesses a multitude of talents. The Tamil songs “Monkeys with 5G,” “Bathroom Song,” “Ex Lover Song,” and “Naan” are among the ones he has sung.

Madan Gowri career

He has worked at various places and had many experiences, as mentioned in the table below-
Content Writer echoVME
Program Analyst Cognizant
Marketing Analyst Zoho Corporation
Founder mCholas
In 2019, he quit his job after getting 1M followers on YouTube and joined the latter full-time.

Madan Gowri Awards

BW Gold

Best digital content creator, 2020

Blacksheep digital 

Favourite vlogger award, 2020


Gold play button


Silver play button

Madan Gowri lesser known facts

  • Madan adores Lord Ganesha dearly.

  • He sent Elon Musk a tweet in July 2021 asking him to introduce Tesla vehicles in India.

  • Musk Elon In response, they stated that they couldn’t because of India’s significantly higher import taxes.

  • Gowri enjoys various festivals, including Diwali and Christmas, with his family.

  • He enjoys taking trips to many stunning nations.

  • His piece was published in the renowned Forbes magazine.

  • He can gain millions of subscribers by using his gold and silver YouTube play buttons.

  • The well-known YouTuber enjoys eating his favourite cuisine from different restaurants.

  • The authorities have also bestowed upon him numerous priceless honours.

  • In his spare time, he enjoys playing fetch with dogs.


Madan Gowri has made significant financial gains as a result of his success as a content creator. His remarkable net worth has been fueled by his entrepreneurial spirit as well as partnerships and endorsements.

Furthermore, his influence transcends digital platforms; he has received praise and acknowledgment for his significant contributions to the production of online content.

Aspiring creators all across the world find inspiration in Madan Gowri’s journey from an emerging content creator to a powerful figure in the digital space.

His unwavering dedication and commitment to producing high-quality content highlight the transformative power of online platforms in influencing viewpoints and starting important conversations.

Gowri is a man whose influence goes beyond the digital sphere and leaves a lasting impression on people who interact with his insightful content.

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