How to Manage Large Volume of DMs on Instagram

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Instagram DMs are instrumental when it comes to a holistic social media management strategy. They can be a powerful (and personal) medium to connect with your customers, address grievances, and offer customer support. However, managing large volumes of DMs can be exhausting, so much so that one can think of it as a full-time job by itself! 

Fortunately, we have a few tips and tricks that can make this overwhelming task manageable. Here’s a quick guide on how you can streamline Instagram messaging, DM edition:

Instagram revamped “starred” messages into “flags” for easier access. Using this functionality, account holders can mark a conversation as important. Accordingly, you can refer to this chat later as and when the need arises for:

  • Responding to a query after seeking assistance or advice on the subject of enquiry.
  • Following up with a customer after a specified duration.
  • Capturing the screen for a positive review to share as social proof

And if you use Instagram DM management tools like Locobuzz, you can set up custom tags like “Shipping/Returns,” “Customer Feedback,” “Order Under Process,” and more. Plus, of course, greater coverage through automation (more on that later). Such advantages make it easier to filter through the large volumes of Instagram DMs and work according to priority

Set up quick replies

Do you often find yourself swamped by recurring questions? These would be mostly related to shipping, service pricing, refunds, and more. 

So if you can anticipate such questions and maintain an inventory of FAQs and responses, it can significantly reduce the cognitive load and effort associated with them. You can take it one step further and auto-respond to Instagram DMs by setting up keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts marked as “quick replies” are available for Instagram business profiles. You can assign unique no names to these shortcuts and select them to trigger responses, which will save you a world of time and effort.

Automate, automate, automate

What if there was a way to completely outsource the task of managing Instagram DMs? There is if you invest in Instagram DM Automation Tools!

Messenger API for Instagram can integrate with the platform and act as an extension of it to build on the familiarity aspect. Plus, they more than just respond to IG DMs. They can help set up omnichannel chatbots, handle end-to-end conversations, and even escalate chats that require manual intervention. Depending on the timeliness, accuracy, and customer-friendliness, this tool can catapult customer experience to new heights. Given that chatbots are heavily in vogue, they can pose as your strategic differentiator to enrich customer interactions.

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Declutter (often)

Finally, the golden rule for handling large volumes of Instagram DMs is – decluttering.

Get rid of spam messages and conversations that are leading nowhere. It will help you focus primarily on the high-value chats that are more likely to convert and drive revenue.

Closing thoughts

Check out Locobuzz, an all-in-one customer experience management platform that can make Instagram DM handling a breeze! Contact our experts for a free demo now.

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