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Mohak Mangal - Biography, Age, Net Worth & More!

Mohak Mangal Biography

Table of Contents

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Within the vast and ever-expanding YouTube universe, where new content creators are created daily, only a select few are able to make a lasting impression on their audience. One such icon is Mohak Mangal, whose name in the digital sphere has come to represent authenticity, passion, and inventiveness.

Mohak Mangal started uploading videos to YouTube on a professional basis in 2017 and created the channel Soch by Mohak Mangal. He is well-known for his political, current events, and social awareness-focused analytical videos. His excellent films won him a devoted fan base among young Indians. Mohak started his professional career as an associate at AlphaBeta, a Singapore-based corporation. He later had a variety of positions in the field of economics.

We go deeply into Mohak Mangal’s life in this extensive biography, examining his upbringing, age, wealth, relationships, and incredible YouTube presence.

Watch some of his most-watched YouTube Videos here – What is happening in Manipur
And Are government jobs a big mistake?


Social Media Links






















Who is Mohak Mangal?

Mohal Mangal is the person behind the Indian YouTube channel “Soch, by Mohak Mangal”.
He is well-known for his analytical videos on politics, current events, and social awareness. He is incredibly well-liked by Indian and younger audiences.
With substantial research and supporting data, Soch seeks to provide Indians with knowledge that is fact-based and make them sensitive and aware about the issues.

Mohak also has a website “Soch Vichaar”, where he posts about the current world issues and makes people aware of them.

Mohak is unabashed and totally open when it comes to expressing his opinions, as recently he stated on Twitter – “Dhoni’s Instagram is such an amazing vibe. Super high engagement on his posts. Writes his own captions, posts whatever he wants to, and doesn’t dance to insurance brands. Kohli’s on the other hand…The guy even has a template to wish people happy birthday. Lol.”

This post of his, got around 1.4M views, 12.k likes and over 865 reposts.
You can check out the post here – Dhoni’s Instagram is…


31 years (2023)


April, 1992

Net Worth



Indian YouTuber, Consultant

Latest Instagram Reel LinkMost unemployed are graduates in India

Mohak is an avid football enthusiast, and Chelsea F.C., an English professional football team with its home base in Fulham, West London, is his favourite team.


Personal Details about Mohak Mangal


Father –  Naresh Mangal
Mother – Promila Mangal


Sister – Ishita Mangal, Fashion Designer

Marital Status



Shaneez Mohinani, Climate Fund Principal, Founder and Host, “Down To Zero”

Marriage Date

November, 2019


31 years (as of 2023)


Delhi, India







Zodiac Sign



Reading, Listening to Music

Education History


Delhi Public School, R.K Puram, New Delhi

Senior Secondary

IIT Coaching, Narayana IIT/NEET Academy, Kalu Sarai


  • Singapore Management University (School of Economics)
  • Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA (Masters in International and Development Economics)
  • Stanford University, Stanford, California (MBA)

Work History

James Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL)

Development economics

Rural Bihar

Engaged himself in field jobs for a year

International Growth Center, Myanmar

Project Manager (3 years)

World Bank

Consultant, Education Team

AlphaBeta, Singapore (2019)


YouTube, India (since 2018)

Soch By Mohak Mangal

Mohak even had a job at,, and, three reliable news websites. In August 2021, he even worked with Dhruv Rathi to create a joint video about the Taliban problem.
You can watch the video here.

Get up close with Mohak Mangal

Get up close with Mohak Mangal through this video – QnA

Her future plans

Researching and video making

Toughest part about YouTube

Making video memes

Where does he get research papers from

Google Scholar

JSTOR (Subscription)


YouTube channels he watches

Vox, Johnny Harris, Veritasium, 3Blue1Brown, Irfan Junejo, Samay Raina

His video making team

Researchers- Priyanshu and Prachi

Editors- Harshita, Ajish, Ronit

Art Director – Rishikesh

Current full-time job 


His book recommendations

The White Tiger, Curfewed Night, Criminals in Indian Politics

Biggest Regret

Doesn’t get time to read books due to lesser attention span

Mohak Mangal Youtube Journey and Income (October 2023)

Along with two of his pals, Ishleen Sethi and Shikhar Swaroop, Mohak Mangal launched his YouTube channel in 2018 under the name The Soch Project (now, Soch by Mohak Mangal).

Initially, they used memes to distribute “informed content,” or to put it another way, it was an infotainment channel. First, the video “Fake News over WhatsApp in India, explained”, was posted on May 2, 2018. Because Mohak said that adhering to the meme format was not a sustainable approach, the Soch team changed from a meme format to a purely informative style.

Mohak had the idea to launch a YouTube channel that focuses on spreading well-researched and evidence-based information because he was annoyed by all the misleading news that was going around in family WhatsApp groups.

As of 2023, the Soch by Mohak Mangal channel has amassed 2.67 million subscribers and received almost 40 million monthly views. Within the top 1% of all channels globally, the channel was ranked.

Overseeing a team of thirteen employees, Mohak’s job is to develop ways to keep their work creative and novel while also devising tactics for new business endeavours like podcasts and newsletters. In addition, Mohak is active on his Twitter (now, X) account and posts videos on YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels.

Currently, Mohak has uploaded over 307 videos and has 2.8M subscriber base on YouTube. His Youtube income is as follows-

Last 7 days


Last 30 days


Last 3 months


Last 6 months


Relationships & Personal Life

Mohak has been in a relationship with his girlfriend since 2011 and married her in November 2019. His wife, Shaneez Mohinani, is a principal in Clocktower Technology Ventures’ Climate Fund and the creator and host of the podcast “Down to Zero“, on spotify. After dating since 2011, the couple attended Stanford University and Singapore Management University together. In November 2019, they tied the knot at a destination wedding in a marvellous palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Mohak Mangal Net Worth

Mohak Mangal most-watched Instagram Reel – Why Indian celebrity weddings look same

Mohak’s net worth is around $ 95.3K – $ 572K.
Every fan of Soch by Mohak Mangal is faced with one question that they simply cannot manage to answer: How much money does Soch by Mohak Mangal make?
Looking back over the last 30 days, Soch by Mohak Mangal’s channel has seen roughly 53.32k views per day and 1.6 million views per month.
Every thousand video views on monetized channels generates revenue through the display of video advertising. Every thousand views on their videos might bring in $3 to $7 for sponsored YouTube channels.
Mohak states that he gets about INR 5,000 Rs. per month from YouTube.
His year-wise net worth is as follows-

2023 (Nov)








Mohak Mangal Controversies

Watch the video here – What is wrong with Indian liberals

In his video titled “What is wrong with Indian liberals?” Mohak Mangal drew criticism for drawing comparisons between Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Narendra Modi, who have both led religious rites at pivotal moments in their professional lives.

In the video, Mohak discusses the criticism that liberals have levelled at right-wingers and people who support Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which leads to Mohak’s explanation of why some people think it is unacceptable for someone to have different beliefs from them and why it is vital for people to have their own space to share those opinions. The video was uploaded on March 7, 2023. The video also discusses prejudice against religion, PM Modi’s positive deeds, and the hypocrisy of Indian liberals.

Mixed reviews of the video have been left, even in the comment section. Online forums like Reddit have featured conversations in which Mohak has been chastised for drawing similarities that are in no way similar.

He is also criticised for inaccurately depicting religious ties in India. However, he received the greatest flak for drawing a comparison between PM Modi’s official acts and Pt. Nehru’s private actions.
Mohak receives recognition for articulating strong opinions and providing explanations that a large number of people may relate to.

Mohak Mangal Achievements

Latest YouTube Video Link – Bankrupt Punjab

Introduced by Mohak Mangal, “A2Z with Mohak Mangal” acts as a reference for words that individuals encounter in their daily lives but are unsure of their definitions.

The podcast covers a broad spectrum of subjects, such as scientific jargon, historical ideas, ideologies, and faiths. In this episode, Mohak delves into the meanings of words from conversations, revealing their historical settings, origins, and significance in today’s global society. The podcast is structured so that each episode covers a single letter in the alphabet. “A for Apartheid” is the title of the first episode, “B for Buddhism” is the title of the second, and “Z for Zionism” is the final title of the podcast.

His podcast ‘A2Z with Mohak Mangal

5-star rating on Audible

Gold Play Button

YouTube 1M subscribers

Silver Play Button

YouTube 100k subscribers


Mohak produces videos in a variety of genres, such as challenges, vlogs, comedy sketches, and social experiments. It comes naturally to him to enthral his audience with his contagious energy, clever humour, and sympathetic narrative. Every video he creates is evidence of his inventiveness, careful preparation, and commitment to offering top-notch entertainment. His active participation with fans and attentiveness to their input strengthen his bond with the community.
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