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Top 20 most followed person on Instagram in India

most followed person on instagram in india

When it comes to social media in India, Instagram is where the biggest stars shine the brightest. From Mumbai to Delhi, people across the country are scrolling like mad to catch glimpses into the glamorous lives of their favorite celebrities.

In the world of Instagram, pictures truly do speak louder than words. India’s top talents have mastered the art of connecting with millions of dedicated fans through vibrant photos and videos. Whether they’re on spectacular movie sets, rooting for their favorite sports teams, or relaxing at home with family – their posts offer a little taste of inspiration and envy.

Join me as we take a fun look at who currently ranks as India’s top 20 most followed personalities on Instagram. We’ll journey through their online worlds to see what unique stories, travels, and snippets of professional success each profile showcases.

By the end, you’ll have an idea of just how these stars have conquered social media and keep the entire nation engaged with regular doses of drama, charm and peeks behind-the-curtain of their glamorous lives. Ready to see who made the cut? Let’s dive in!

Here is a compilation of the top 20 people with the most followers on Instagram in India:-


Virat Kohli



Priyanka Chopra



Shraddha Kapoor



Narendra Modi 



Alia Bhatt



Katrina Kaif



Deepika Padukone



Neha Kakkar



Urvashi Rautela



Jacqueline Fernandez



Salman Khan 



Akshay Kumar



Anushka Sharma



Disha Patani



Kriti Sanon



Sunny Leone



Jannat Zubair



Varun Dhawan



Mahendra Singh Dhoni



Hrithik Roshan


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1. Virat Kohli (265M Followers)

Leading off our list with an incredible 265 million followers is cricket superstar Virat Kohli. This champion athlete brings a uniquely lively flair to Instagram. Blending professional highlights with his personal life, Virat offers fans a colorful journey through his eyes.

Whether he’s sealing victory on the pitch, sweating it out in the gym, or relaxing at home with wife Anushka Sharma, Virat’s posts exude positivity. We get energizing glimpses into his intense fitness routines, charming family moments, and his trendy sense of style beyond the crease.

It’s easy to see why Virat appeals to such a wide audience. He knows how to keep things fun and engaging, not just focusing on cricket but sharing diverse snapshots of his world. Through it all shines Virat’s engaging personality – inspiring millions with his dedication and flair.

With a mix of sporty triumphs, personal adventures and vibrant photos, Virat brings fans along on his diverse journey. He proves himself a relatable icon on and off the field, using Instagram to authentically connect through a lively window into the life of one of India’s biggest stars.

2. Priyanka Chopra (90.1M Followers)

With a massive 90.1 million followers, Priyanka Chopra proves a powerhouse on Instagram. Her feed blends the glitz of Hollywood with touches of Bollywood and beyond.

Priyanka treats fans to glimpses of her world, from high-fashion red carpets and film sets across the world to joyful moments with family. She also uses her platform to share her work advocating for causes like girls’ education. Her imagery offers an inspiring look at a multifaceted life spent acting, producing, and innovating.

Whether posing with celebrity friends, detailing travels to exotic lands, or showing love for husband Nick Jonas, Priyanka keeps her global audience entertained and in the know. She projects an air of elegance and poise in all she does, from powerhouse red carpets to low-key home videos.

Through it all, her Instagram presents a compelling portrait of an actress and icon wearing many hats with obvious grace. Priyanka treats fans to an intimate look into her journey, connecting them to her worldwide adventures and using her influence to inspire.

3. Shraddha Kapoor (85.3M Followers)

With an impressive 85.3 million followers, Shraddha Kapoor captivates audiences on Instagram as much as on the big screen. Her dynamic feed offers a glimpse into the effervescent spirit of young Bollywood.

Fans are treated to glimpses of Shraddha fully embracing her versatile film roles along with candid off-duty moments. Whether dolled up for promotions or relaxing at home, she exudes a light-hearted charm. Shraddha also uses her platform to advocate for mental health and environmental issues close to her heart.

Beyond sharing her career highlights, she offers a window into personal endeavors like dancing or spending quality time with family and friends. Shraddha connects authentically with legions of supportive fans through uplifting posts peppered with glimpses of her quirky sense of humor.

From fashionable screen looks to heartfelt causes, Shraddha’s Instagram showcases a multi-faceted public figure deeply invested in both her work and the issues impacting society. She exemplifies the vibrant spirit of contemporary Bollywood while nurturing close bonds with her dedicated fanbase.

4. Narendra Modi (82.7M Followers)

With a massive 82.7 million followers, Narendra Modi wields significant soft power on Instagram as India’s Prime Minister. His account blends political achievements with cultural snapshots and personal reflections.

Modi regularly shares updates on new policies and programs aimed at benefiting citizens and enhancing India’s development. National initiatives are highlighted along with celebrations of festivals that spotlight the country’s vibrant diversity. He also uses the platform to conduct diplomacy, posting images from global summits and meetings with other world leaders.

Through it all, Modi’s Instagram presents a window into both his governance and the spirit of India. He connects directly with the public, sending inspirational messages of unity. The colorful imagery showcases the progress of the nation under his leadership, cementing his role as an important figure shaping India’s positive narrative on the world stage.

5. Alia Bhatt (81.8M Followers)

Bollywood sweetheart Alia Bhatt has amassed an impressive 81.8 million followers on Instagram, cementing her status as an online favorite. Her dynamic feed offers fans charming insights into her multifaceted world.

Alia treats audiences to glimpses of her exemplary onscreen transformations, from dramatic roles to vibrant musicals. She shares in celebratory moments with co-stars and directors after professional milestones. Glimpses from her personal life show an adventurous spirit, whether traveling globally or spending time with loved ones.

Through it all, her upbeat personality shines through in candid everyday snapshots. Alia connects authentically using Instagram as a window into her relatable off-camera adventures. She embraces and expresses her bubbly nature, capturing the hearts of legions of supporters. With versatile film roles and a down-to-earth public persona, Alia proves a compelling voice in Indian cinema both on and off the set.

6. Katrina Kaif (79.2M Followers)

With a massive 79.2 million followers, Katrina Kaif exemplifies more than just Bollywood glamour on Instagram. Her vibrant feed pulls back the curtain, giving fans an insider’s view of her journey both on and off the set.

Through enthusing posts, Katrina shares glimpses of her dance sequences and dazzling screen outfits. She also offers wellness tips, from fitness routines to beauty secrets. Interspersed are candid moments of introspection, growth and celebrations with loved ones.

Katrina connects with authenticity, imparting wisdom or expressing carefree joy with equal charm. It’s this genuine quality that makes her account a fascinating portrait of one of cinema’s most beloved stars. She embraces her multifaceted lifestyle in a style approachable yet graceful.

7. Deepika Padukone (78M Followers)

Bollywood icon Deepika Padukone casts her spell over 78 million Instagram followers. Her feed offers an elegant yet authentic glimpse into her trailblazing journey.

Deepika shares moments ranging from spectacular films to dazzling international appearances. Fans also see her candidly addressing mental health advocacy through her organization. Whether on dazzling red carpets or speaking openly about her struggles, Deepika’s compelling presence is defined by both resilience and grace.

Her heartfelt posts provide a window into triumphs over adversity and a lifelong dedication to empowering others. Deepika makes her Instagram about more than just entertainment, weaving in motivation surrounding real issues. This layered authenticity resonates strongly with her admirers worldwide.

8. Neha Kakkar (76.6M Followers)

With a massive 76.6 million following, Neha Kakkar brightly illuminates Instagram through her infectious energy and musical adventures. Famous for chartbuster Bollywood hits, Neha gives followers an intimate look at her journey.

She shares glimpses of high-profile concert performances as well as fun candid moments at home. Neha enthusiastically engages with supportive fans, answering questions and participating in trends. Her enthusiasm and authentic journey from reality show contestant to renowned singer inspire many.

Neha proudly showcases her accomplishments while keeping things down to earth. Through passionate song previews, behind-the-scenes videos and lively interactions, she lights up feeds daily with her charming personality. Neha’s social media presence reflects why she is so beloved within the music industry.

9. Urvashi Rautela (69.9M Followers)

With over 69.9 million followers, Urvashi Rautela knows how to bring the glam to Instagram in a big way.

As a former beauty queen turned actress, her feed perfectly blends her pageant past with her Bollywood present. She gives fans sneak peeks of her sizzling onscreen looks alongside behind-the-scenes glimpses of all the hard work that goes into her roles.

When she’s not dazzling on set, you’ll find Urvashi flaunting her passion for fitness. Whether she’s kicking butt in a boxing class or jamming to Bollywood tunes, this queen beams with confidence in each upload.

We also get to tag along on her international travels as she promotes Indian culture globally. It’s easy to see why admirers are so inspired by her journey from small town girl to global citizen.

Through it all shines Urvashi’s radiant personality. With just the right mix of glam, smiles and girl power vibes, she proves herself a source of both style inspo and motivation for her many fans worldwide. Her Instagram is living proof that she wears every title she’s earned with guts and grace.

10. Jacqueline Fernandez (68.8M Followers)

With over 68.8 million followers, Jacqueline Fernandez brightens Instagram feeds with her boundless zest for life.

As a versatile Bollywood starlet, her travels give a glimpse into her diverse acting projects. But it’s her exuberant spirit that really shines through in vibrant dance videos, adventure-filled snapshots and inspiring fitness routines.

Whether slaying intense yoga poses in exotic locales or jamming to her favorite tunes, Jacqueline pours heart and soul into every upload. She radiates energy in skincare tutorials and behind-the-scenes jokes with co-stars alike.

It’s easy to see why admirers find her so motivating – she tackles challenges both professional and physical with gusto. Her flexibility and work ethic serve as an inspiration for healthier living.

Through it all, Jacqueline’s lively personality captivates. With a mix of glamour, adventure thrills and down-to-earth moments, her Instagram is a true celebration of following one’s passions everywhere they lead.

11. Salman Khan (68M Followers)

While Salman Khan has been entertaining audiences on the big screen for decades, he’s also proven a digital giant with over 68 million loyal followers on Instagram.

The “Bhai” of Bollywood keeps fans excited with previews of his upcoming blockbuster productions. We also get a front row seat to his infamous fitness transformations over the years. Whether he’s perfecting new martial arts moves or just showing off those guns, the man works hard.

When he’s not in action hero mode, Salman’s feed spotlights his charitable efforts through his foundation. From visiting underprivileged communities to supporting environmental causes, his kindhearted nature shines through.

Sprinkled in are fun BTS moments with co-stars on set and glimpses of his close-knit family. It’s easy to see why Salman continues to captivate admirers worldwide with his down-to-earth charisma both onscreen and online. Through it all, his golden heart and dedication to entertaining masses ensures he’ll long remain a digital king.

12. Akshay Kumar (67.2M Followers)

With a fan following of 67.2 million, Akshay Kumar continues to keep audiences engaged by showcasing his daredevil feats both on and off screen.

Whether he’s practicing karate kicks or taking fans behind-the-scenes of his wild action flicks, Akshay pulls no punches when it comes to giving admirers an adrenaline rush. We also get to see what it takes to maintain that chiseled physique through his intense morning workout rituals.

But it’s not just all about the chase sequences. Akshay treats us to sweet family moments and philanthropic efforts championing important causes. From visiting remote communities to promotion disability rights, his feed spotlights the many hats he wears.

Through it all, Akshay’s journey from self-made man to Bollywood icon continues to inspire. Fans witness his versatility across genres and relentless drive to perform his own stuntwork. It’s no wonder he’s captured so many hearts along the way!

13. Anushka Sharma (67M Followers)

With over 67 million followers captivated by her charm, Anushka Sharma proves a digital force to be reckoned with.

Beyond her incredible film transformations, fans are treated to peeks at her globetrotting personal adventures with hubby Virat Kohli. Nature photos from their farms invoke peaceful vibes alongside her animal welfare work.

Anushka effortlessly blends behind-the-scenes glamour with down-to-earth moments. Whether laughing with co-stars or promoting sustainable ventures, her down-to-earth spirit shines through.

She embraces new experiences like organic farming with curiosity and gives back through initiatives supporting causes close to heart. Anushka’s journey from model to actor and producer serves as inspiration.

With perfectly blended snapshots of family, nature, advocacy and career, her feed offers an intimate glimpse at this star’s multidimensional world and socially conscious pursuits. Fans remain devoted to following her colorful path.

14. Disha Patani (60.5M Followers)

Disha Patani has 60.5 million fans on Instagram enraptured by her magnetic content and lifestyle.

Through snippets from her high-octane film projects, admirers witness the actress in full action heroine mode. But it’s Disha’s dedication to strength and wellness that truly empowers.

Whether she’s perfecting MMA drills, perfecting the splits or just vibing to tunes during intense dance cardio, Disha pours her all into health goals. Fans are left sweating just watching!

The adventure junkie also whisks followers along on exotic getaways between shoots. Animal loving pictures show her softer side.

Disha bridges the gap between fitness professional and down-to-earth star with ease. Her authentic insights and commitment to passions both in and out of the spotlight is an inspiration for all. No wonder she’s captured so many hearts!

15. Kriti Sanon (55.9M Followers)

With over 55.9 million followers enthralled, Kriti Sanon proves her star continues to shine brighter on Instagram.

From action packed film roles to ethereal fashion campaigns, fans witness her versatile talents. We also get to tag along on rehearsals for electrifying stage performances.

Between shoots, Kriti treats admirers to her artistic hobbies like poetry, painting and flawless dance routines. Glimpses from her engineering past to present acting career serve as motivation.

Kriti embraces every experience with childlike wonder and lets her vibrant personality shine through in fun behind-the-scenes jokes too. She connects with audiences on a deeper level through candid moments of growth.

Her authentic journey from academics into the entertainment industry resonates deeply. Kriti’s Instagram reflects her passion for living fully while inspiring others to find their purpose too.

16. Sunny Leone (55M Followers)

With over 55 million fans adoring her authentic journey, Sunny Leone proves just how far passion and hard work can take you.

Once considered an unconventional star, Sunny’s Instagram documents her impressive rise from adult films into beloved Bollywood roles and beyond. We witness her evolution as both a skilled actress and savvy businesswoman unafraid to break the mold.

When she’s not lighting up screens, Sunny shares sweet moments raising her dynamic family alongside peeks into her creative outlets like painting. She also advocates for animal welfare closer to heart.

Sunny embraces every opportunity that comes her way, constantly growing wiser and stronger. Her resilience in the face of adversity shines as a beacon of hope.

With an Instagram reflecting life’s colorful moments both professional and personal, Sunny reminds all that true strength lies in staying true to oneself. Her story will continue empowering others for years to come.

17. Jannat Zubair (48.2M Followers)

While still only 22 years old, Jannat Zubair has already amassed a massive following of 48.2 million on Instagram.

The young actress gives fans a glimpse into her dazzling transition from child star to rising phenomenon. Admirers witness her vibrant on-screen transformations through BTS clips and glam shots straight off film sets.

When Jannat isn’t dazzling in front of the camera, she delights her sizeable Gen Z audience with fun dance videos, candid friend moments and trendyfashion/beauty inspo.

With an intuitive sense of connectivity, Jannat also gets real about life’s lows alongside the highs. Her motivation-focused clips bring viewers together through shared experiences.

Her digital journey exemplifies how embracing passions and connecting authentically can build a powerful platform. Jannat’s Instagram story shows the boundless potential of youth just beginning to shine.

18. Varun Dhawan (46.8M Followers)

Varun Dhawan might grace the silver screen in larger-than-life roles, but on Instagram he keeps things lighthearted and fun for his massive 46.8 million strong following.

Whether dancing on set between scenes or busting a move to random song inspirations, the actor radiates good vibes in each video clip shared. We also get energized watching his rigorous fitness routines that keep him in top form.

Varied snapshots showcase the many colors of Varun’s world – from doting moments with furry friends to travelling the globe in style between projects. Fans feel utterly transported.

Whether polishing choreography, sampling diverse cuisine or hanging with industry pals, Varun embraces each day to its fullest. His engaging feed invites followers to revel in life’s simple pleasures too.

It’s easy to see why he continues entrancing all ages – whether stealing hearts on screen or spreading cheer on Instagram, joy is this star’s real profession.

19. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (46.7M Followers)

While cementing his legacy as one of cricket’s greatest leaders on the pitch, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has also won millions of hearts by revealing his fun-loving side on Instagram.

The calm and composed captain treats his mass of 46.7 million followers to rare insights beyond his champion on-field exploits. Admirers witness an entirely different side of him through family moments, cute pet photos and adventures riding big bikes across scenic landscapes.

Whether posing joyfully with little Ziva in his arms, walking adorable dogs or just cruising in style between destinations, Dhoni exudes chill vibes. His thrill-seeking spirit and dedication to loved ones become clear.

Sprinkled between are flashbacks to iconic innings cementing him in history books. But it is the casual glimpses that truly connect fans to the man, not just the mighty cricketer.

MSD’s Instagram proves sporting excellence and balancing personal joys are possible in tandem. Another victory for this legend, who continues inspiring millions globally with his humility and passion.

20. Hrithik Roshan (46.7M Followers)

With over 46.7 million fans enthralled worldwide, Hrithik Roshan continues to show why he’s considered a Bollywood icon.

On Instagram, the superstar takes admirers behind-the-scenes of his physically demanding roles through rehearsal videos and filming glimpses. We witness unparalleled dedication on full display.

Fans also join Hrithik’s fitness sessions fueling such intense portrayals. From martial arts practices to afternoon dance parties, he embraces each challenge with gusto.

In between intense workouts and movie magic moments are sweet pictures perfect father-son bonding days. Hrithik doting on his kids melts hearts.

Through it all shines an artist driven to push limits for his art and simplicity in personal moments. Hrithik’s multidimensional feed leaves admirers feeling motivated and uplifted.

No doubt this is one superstar whose star power and humble nature will always make him a true champion on and off the screen.


Whew, what an adventure following all these Indian Instagram stars has been! From Virat Kohli’s athletic plays on the field to Priyanka Chopra’s glamorous red carpet looks, we’ve gotten a glimpse into their wildly different worlds.

But beyond the highlights and headlines, it’s been cool to see their more down-to-earth sides too. Whether they’re laughing with family, cheering on fans, or getting real about struggles, Instagram lets us peek behind the curtain. These famous folks may live extraordinary lives, but they face the same hopes, fears and silly moments as the rest of us.

Overall, the threads that tie them together are much stronger than what sets them apart. Their posts remind us that no matter how big the stage, we’re all just regular humans under it all – trying to find purpose, community and a little fun along the way. Social media may connect billions, but seeing that shared heartbeat is what makes celebrities feel like friends.

So whether cheering for Team India or dancing to the latest Bollywood hits, I feel bonded to these stars in a way that transcends fame. Their Instagram feeds prove that behind every public persona is a private person – and isn’t that what really matters in the end? Our shared joys and struggles far outshine any differences. Onward to following many more inspiring Indians!

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