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20 Most Viewed Reels on Instagram

most viewed reel on instagram

From mesmerizing dance routines and side-splitting silent comedies to awe-inspiring travel escapades, delicious food vlogs, and catchy music creations, Instagram Reels has become a playground for anyone with a creative spark. A whopping 91% of adult Instagram users indulge in video content every week, making Reels a prime destination for creativity and entertainment. For young enthusiasts and Gen-Zers, the appeal lies in the plethora of dance challenges, transforming ordinary individuals into overnight sensations and setting new trends.

In this digital revolution, Instagram’s official account under the Meta platform shines as the most-followed, boasting an impressive 605 million followers. The Reels phenomenon isn’t just changing how we consume content; it’s redefining online creativity and expression, making social media an even more exciting and engaging space.Let’s look at the 20 most viewed reel on Instagram:

Most Viewed Reel on Instagram

Sr. No


Video Title




Samsung Ad By BTS J-Hope’s

316 Million



There is no dark side of the moon with the GalaxyS23 Ultra

298 Million



Guys, how many times it happen to you?

298 Million



260 Million ViewsTysm

261 Million 



Btw I love this kid

272 Million



Learn From Khaby

249 Million



Did you get the point?

242 Million




238 Million 



I had the impression that the fish was still alive

231 Million



Let’s just say He breaks a lot of eggs to make an omelet

219 Million


@iamzalatanimrahimovic + @khaby00

iamzalatanimrahimovic and Khaby Lame 

209 Million



One word – Happiness

144 Million



Throwback: Sista it was mine 

131 Million



Who said 3 blind mice can’t #glitch 

128 Million



LOL! Open the door this way 

117 Million 



GTA with dog 

113 Miilion



Batman maintenance team 

112 Million



You make my heart sing 

101 Million



I like my Pepsi served with ultimate precision 

98.4 Million

1. Samsung Ad By BTS J-Hope’s (316+ M)

BTS continues to reign supreme in the music industry, thanks to their unwavering popularity and dedicated fan base. Recently, Samsung uploaded a promotional Reel on Instagram featuring J-Hope, one of BTS’s members. Despite its apparent simplicity, the Reel showcased J-Hope posing for a selfie with his signature cute smile. Surprisingly, this seemingly normal Reel managed to amass an incredible 316+ million views, making it the most-viewed Instagram Reel in history. The astounding response from fans highlights BTS’s enduring global appeal and the impact they have on social media platforms.

2. There is no dark side of the moon with the GalaxyS23 Ultra (298 M)

Samsung’s flagship product, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, continues to dominate Instagram Reels with its captivating features. The promotional video enticingly declares, “There is no dark side of the moon with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Capture your night skies and post with Galaxy.” This Reel, created by Samsungmobile, has achieved remarkable success, accumulating over 298 million views and earning its spot as one of the most-viewed Instagram reels.

In the video, viewers are treated to a showcase of the Galaxy S23 phone, highlighting its outstanding features and design. The Reel encourages people to explore its new visuals and urges them to experience the phone’s impressive capabilities firsthand. Samsung’s innovative approach and the allure of the Galaxy S23 Ultra have undoubtedly captured the attention of millions, making it a standout success on the platform.

3. Guys how many times it happen to you? (289 M)

In this record-breaking Instagram reel, the audience witnesses the hilarious antics of Khaby Lame, the silent comedy sensation reigning over the platform. Named ‘Learn from Khaby,’ the video captures a universally relatable fear of electricity. With a staggering 298 million views, this reel has become the most-watched on Instagram to date.

The content strikes a chord with viewers as it showcases Khaby meticulously checking and rechecking an unplugged iron, his face a mix of apprehension and scepticism. Each moment unfolds with him cautiously ensuring the iron is disconnected, taking selfies with the removed plug to calm his nerves. This relatable scenario resonates deeply with everyone who has ever experienced a similar fear, making it an instant hit. With 12 million likes and counting, this reel cements Khaby Lame’s status as Instagram’s king of silent comedy, leaving audiences worldwide in stitches with his humorous and relatable content.

4. Blink & Express by Shivanjali Porje (260M)

5. Btw I love this kid (272 M)

In a popular Instagram reel from 2022, Khaby Lame finds himself in an amusing encounter at a traffic signal. Sitting in his car, he cheerfully waves at a kid on a bike in front of him. However, the kid’s disinterested and blank expression takes an unexpected turn, leaving Lame utterly surprised. This reel has become one of the most-viewed on Instagram, garnering millions of views and over 20 million likes. Its appeal lies in Lame’s hilarious reaction and the relatability factor, resonating with everyone who has been caught off guard by a child’s unexpected response.

6. Learn From Kaby

In this reel, a woman is seen manoeuvring out of a seemingly narrow lane, pulling her hair up dramatically as if struggling to fit through. However, it’s just a tactic to showcase her body, as the lane isn’t actually too narrow for her to walk straight. Khaby Lame mocks this behavior by comically attempting to exit a door nearly his height. He jumps out of the door to avoid touching it, despite easily fitting through. His witty take on the situation resonated with viewers, amassing an impressive 249 million views on Instagram. Khaby’s ability to turn everyday situations into uproarious comedy continues to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide.

7. Did you get the point? (242 M)

In this by Khaby Lame, a lady is seen walking on a raised surface when suddenly she loses balance and falls along with a machine she was using for support. Khaby’s response is pure comedy gold. He creates a funny reaction video where he holds a tray of eatables and starts dancing, only to intentionally tilt the tray, causing the items to fall. With a hilarious twist, Khaby’s video has amassed a whopping 242 million views, showcasing his talent for turning everyday situations into laugh-out-loud moments.

8. Ops By Khaby (238 M)

Khaby Lame strikes again with the 6th most-viewed Instagram reel, showcasing his unique brand of humor and creativity.

Unlike his usual reaction videos, this reel takes a different approach. It features a woman attempting to drink milk through a rolled paper, almost 20 times larger in diameter than a straw.

Predictably, the milk spills all over her face due to the air she blows while trying to drink. Khaby ingeniously creates a duet by blowing air from the bottom at the exact moment when the milk spills, resulting in a hilarious synchronized mishap.

9. I had the impression that the fish was still alive (230 M)

In this reel, Khaby Lame delivers a sidesplitting imitation of a misguided fishing attempt. The reel begins with a man trying to catch a fish, but instead, he splashes the water body and beats the lifeless fish, not realizing it’s already dead.

Khaby mimics this scenario brilliantly by attempting to fry nuggets in a pan, only to start beating them as if he believes they are alive. He captions the video with, “I had the impression the fish was still alive.” This hilarious clip has garnered nearly 11.5 million likes, becoming one of the most viral Instagram reels, thanks to Khaby’s impeccable comedic timing and creativity.

10. Let’s just say He breaks a lot of eggs to make an omelet

Khaby Lame strikes once more, claiming the 8th spot on the list of most-viewed Instagram reels with his comedic brilliance. In this video, he hilariously mocks a person who, in an attempt to save a falling egg, ends up breaking all the other eggs in the tray held in the other hand.

Khaby, in his reaction video, ingeniously demonstrates how to save a rolling egg without smashing the others. His clever approach, paired with his trademark humor, captivated viewers, earning him a staggering 219 million views. This reel stands as a testament to Khaby Lame’s ability to turn everyday mishaps into riotously funny content.

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11. iamzalatanimrahimovic and Khaby Lame (209 M)

In this reel by Khaby Lame, he presents a hilarious and practical solution to a Squid Game challenge. With a whopping 209 million views, Khaby, a prominent Instagram influencer, demonstrates a clever approach to avoid the perilous glass floors in the game. Instead of risking their lives, he suggests walking on the edge of the panel.

In a surprising twist, as Khaby reaches the end of the challenge, footballing legend Zlatan Ibrahimović appears, leaving Khaby shocked and falling down. This creative and funny take on the popular Squid Game challenge captivated viewers, earning the reel over 18.5 million likes. Khaby’s ability to blend humor with practicality continues to entertain and engage his vast audience on Instagram.

12. One word – Happiness (144 M)

“One word – Happiness” is a heartwarming and visually captivating Instagram reel that has garnered a staggering 144 million views and over 9 million likes. The video features a woman feeding a school of black, orange, and white fish in a vibrant, colorful pool.

The pure joy and positivity displayed by both the woman and the fish create a visually appealing and emotionally uplifting experience. This reel stands as a testament to the power of simple yet joyful moments, reminding viewers of the happiness that can be found in the most ordinary of activities. Its popularity can be attributed to its ability to spread positivity and bring smiles to the faces of those who watch it.

13. Throwback: Sista it was mine (131 M)

Khaby Lame strikes a chord with all chocolate lovers in this relatable Instagram reel! When he discovered half of his chocolates were missing, his shocked and humorous expressions resonated with viewers, sparking fits of laughter.

This entertaining reel has amassed an impressive 131 million views and 9.8 million likes, showcasing Khaby’s ability to connect with his audience through everyday situations and his distinctive sense of humor.

14. Who said 3 blind mice can’t #glitch (128 M)

Aubrey Fisher’s Instagram reel, titled “Who said 3 blind mice can’t #glitch,” has become a sensation with an impressive 128 million views. In this creative take on the popular #glitch trend, Fisher, along with @bdash_2 and @_gordonwatkins, flawlessly moves to the beat of a groovy track, seamlessly transitioning between glitchy movements.

What sets this reel apart is its seemingly natural glitch effect, achieved without heavy editing, giving it an authentic and mesmerizing quality. The video’s unique blend of creativity, music, and visual effects has captivated Instagram users, making it a standout and memorable piece of viral content. With over 7.5 million likes, it stands as a testament to the power of creativity and innovation on social media.

15. LOL! Open the door this way (117 M)

“LOL! Open the door this way” is a Khaby Lame classic that’s taken Instagram by storm, racking up a whopping 117 million views. In this reel, Khaby’s trademark humor shines through as he humorously portrays a guy squeezing in through a window and a girl struggling to open a door, her foot trapped.

With his usual wit, Khaby effortlessly demonstrates the right way to open a door with a simple hand gesture. The reel’s appeal lies in its relatability, comedic timing, and Khaby Lame’s unique style, earning it a staggering 10.2 million likes. It’s a testament to Khaby’s ability to connect with audiences through his funny and down-to-earth content.

16. Only works with toothpaste (113 M)

If you’ve ever struggled with aiming in FPS Shooting Games, here’s a creative solution: make your own custom crosshairs using toothpaste! This unconventional tip has gamers everywhere talking. It’s a fun and innovative way to enhance your accuracy, and that’s why this reel has become one of the most-watched on Instagram. Game on!

17. GTA with dog (113 M)

The Instagram reel titled “GTA with dog” by krishhhhnna has taken the platform by storm with an impressive 113 million views. Capitalising on the enduring popularity of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game series, this video cleverly incorporates the charm of a cute dog.

In the reel, content creator Krish Gawali strikes delightful poses with the adorable dog, set to the beats of “MH•Música de GTA San Andreas (Português).” This creative fusion of gaming nostalgia and canine cuteness creates a heartwarming and entertaining visual experience. With over 6.7 million likes, this reel showcases the power of combining creative trends, gaming passion, and adorable animals to capture the hearts of viewers on Instagram.

18. Batman maintenance team (112 M)

This engaging reel features two men, each in different corners of the world, dancing freely without any inhibitions. Dressed as Batman cleaners in what appears to be a garage setting, these individuals showcase their dance moves with unrestrained enthusiasm.

The video’s charm lies in their carefree and lively performance, capturing the essence of pure joy. With nearly 7 million likes, this reel has undoubtedly struck a chord with viewers, proving that genuine and uninhibited expressions of happiness resonate profoundly on platforms like Instagram.

19. You make my heart sing (101 M)

During the pandemic, the trend of striking aesthetic poses to “Runaway” by Aurora gained immense popularity. This particular reel takes the trend to new heights by adding the charm of a furry companion.

The content creator, accompanied by the adorable dog, creates a visually stunning Instagram reel. The combination of graceful poses, the captivating music, and the endearing presence of the dog has made this post exceptionally popular. With a remarkable 101 million views and over 9 million likes, it stands as a testament to the power of creativity, music, and the heartwarming presence of animals in captivating the audience on social media platforms.

20. I like my Pepsi served with ultimate precision (98.4 M)

In a remarkable partnership with PepsiCo, Lionel Messi showcased his extraordinary football skills in a highly-viewed Instagram reel. The Argentine legend demonstrated a major football trick, hitting the ball precisely at two points with remarkable accuracy.

The ball’s trajectory perfectly placed an ice cube into a glass, waiting to be filled with the fizzy drink. The reel, capturing this incredible feat, has garnered a staggering 98.4 million views and over 10 million likes. Messi’s display of skill and precision, combined with the creative concept, made this reel a sensational hit among viewers, leaving them in awe of his talent and ingenuity.

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Final Thoughts

The most viewed Instagram reel serves as a testament to the power of engaging content. Its success highlights the importance of creativity, relatability, and visually appealing elements in social media marketing. creativity, authenticity, and staying tuned to your audience’s preferences are the keys to achieving remarkable success on Instagram. So, go ahead, create your own viral moments, and let your content shine in the digital age.
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