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Mrunal Panchal - Biography, Age, Net Worth & More

Mrunal Panchal Biography

Table of Contents

Mrunal Panchal, born on November 11, 1998, emerged as a leading figure in India’s social media landscape. Initially recognized for her TikTok prowess, she amassed over 3 million followers and 60 million hearts for her engaging lip-sync videos.

Transitioning seamlessly after TikTok’s ban, she captivated audiences on Instagram with makeup tutorials and travel reels, accruing a colossal following of 6.5 million on TikTok and 2.2 million on Instagram.

Beyond her online presence, Mrunal is a fashion icon and influential content creator. Her collaborations with prestigious brands like Maybelline and Sony LIV attest to her widespread popularity and impact.

Notably, she partnered with Selena Gomez to promote Rare Beauty, showcasing her unique style and creative flair. Recognized for her fashion sense, makeup skills, and infectious positivity, Mrunal Panchal continues to captivate and inspire a dedicated fan base across various social media platforms.


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Who is Mrunal Panchal?

Originally from Gujarat, India, she entered the world on November 11, 1999. At the current age of 24 (as of 2023), she is known as “Mrunal,” a name that represents Lotus in English. Currently making her home in Pune, Maharashtra, India, she proudly claims her Indian heritage and aligns with the zodiac sign Scorpio.

The influencer had never intended to delve into the beauty domain. Before reaching 4 million followers on Instagram, she was pursuing a doctorate degree in Pune, completely unaware of the world of makeup.

Her entry into the realm of makeup happened unintentionally, without any expectation that it would eventually lead to her recognition. She gained widespread acclaim for her unique fashion sense and captivating appearances showcased through vlogs on her social media platform.


24 ( 11 November 1999)

Net Worth

$5 Million approx.


Musically star ( now Tik Tok), Fashion Blogger, Model, Social Media Influencers

Early Life and Education of Mrunal Panchal

Born into a middle-class business family in Gujarat, details about her family remain relatively private as she hasn’t extensively shared about her personal life. Her strong bond with her family, particularly her mother, is evident through the wonderful photos and videos she shares on Instagram.

She dedicated herself to achieving success to ensure her family’s happiness and provide them with the luxuries and comforts they deserved.

Mrunal is a driven individual focused on her career and stands out as one of the most academically accomplished TikTok personalities. She finished her 12th-grade education in the Science stream.

Educational Qualification



St Francis High School

College/ University

Haribhai V. Desai College of Commerce, Arts, and Science

Personal Details of Mrunal Panchal


Father –  Bharat Panchal
Mother – Neeta Panchal


Sister – Nikita Panchal

Marital Status



Anirudh Sharma


24 years (as of 2023)


Gujrat, India







Zodiac Sign



Travelling, Vlogging, Shopping, Fashion, Beauty


Left forearm: Infinity, with ‘Faith’ written

Right forearm: paws

Wrist of the left hand: Om

Right arm tattoo of an airplane

Small finger tattoos

Both biceps: arrows

Left wristband: ‘Stay Strong’

Left forearm: lion

Right bicep: ‘Always with you’

Left arm: Eiffel tower

Arm: a wave with a rose

Rib tattoo: ‘Strike’

Right leg: anchor, with ‘Adventure’ written

Right thigh: “Victory is on its way”

Index finger of the left hand: the initials of her boyfriend’s name

Right wrist: ‘Wing’

Right wrist: constellation Leo (for her dog)

Left side of the chest: Her dog’s name, Grace

Left side of the neck: ‘Live’

Right wrist: a bun

Left hand: ‘Dreamer’

Left torso: ‘Hamsa’

Right bicep: ‘Koi Fish’ in a Ying Yang form

Career Trajectory of Mrunal Panchal

Mrunal Panchal, an Indian social media personality, actress, and fashion blogger, gained prominence as a TikTok star known for her lip-sync videos. She rose to fame through her engaging and diverse content, spanning from humorous to romantic and musical videos on TikTok.

She achieved widespread recognition and success by showcasing her talents in dance, makeup, lip-syncing, comedy, and acting on the renowned platform. Initially unforeseen, her journey as an influencer and a model for renowned brands like Skechers Performance began as she indulged in creating makeup tutorials and entertaining content. This unexpected progression led her to be hailed as the top muser, illustrating her unique influence and impact.

Youtube Career and Makeup Artist

Most viewed Youtube Video

After completing her studies, Mrunal Panchal developed a keen interest in makeup. Launching her YouTube channel ‘@Gujju Unicorn’ in 2018, she gained popularity by sharing beloved makeup tutorials. By December 2022, her channel amassed 789k subscribers and 170 million views.

Transitioning to TikTok, her engaging persona and charm swiftly attracted a substantial following. Subsequently, she migrated to Instagram, boasting a current following of 4.4 million. Known for her passion for makeup, Mrunal collaborates with influencers like Amulya, Nagma Mirajkar, and Aman Darbar, sharing tutorials across various platforms.

Additionally, she’s appeared in music videos such as “Dil Ki Baatein,” “Tom Cruise,” and more, expanding her presence in the entertainment realm.

Tik Tok Journey and Instagram

Mrunal Panchal gained fame through viral content on TikTok, creating diverse videos encompassing dance, makeup, lip-sync, comedy, and acting. After TikTok's ban in India in 2020, she transitioned her content focus to Instagram, utilizing its "Reels" feature. Consequently, her devoted followers also migrated their support to Instagram. She currently has followers over 5.2 million on Instagram.

Mrunal Panchal Net Worth & Income

Mrunal Panchal primarily earns through YouTube, acting, collaborations, and brand endorsements. Besides her viral videos and makeup blogging, she frequently engages in brand promotions when not acting.

Net Worth (approx.)

Rs. 50 lakh 

Salary, Earnings, or Income

3-4 lakh per event/show

Income Source

Blogging, Acting, Endorsements, Youtube, Instagram

Youtube Income

Achievements & Awards of Mrunal Panchal

She was featured in “Humans of Bombay” for her tech-based love story with beau, Anirudh Sharma.
She also received a huge amount of love and support from her fans because it is very important for an artist to get the fan’s love.

Besides this, she has received the award as the first runner up award for Social Media Personality of the Year. She has even said that she loves to reply to her fan comments that are posted on her Instagram account. Due to this reason, her fans loved her more because of her personality. Hence the journey to her first Youtube button was a breezy yet well deserved achievement.




Mrunal has featured in various Hindi music videos like “Tom Cruise’ (2020), “Kaise Kahu (2021), and ‘Dil Ki Baatein (2021), which were sung by her boyfriend. Anirudh Sharma


Silver Youtube Button


Make-up/Beauty Influencer Of The Year 2023 (Female)


Beauty Influencer of the Year 2022 (Female) by Cosmopolitan


Mrunal Panchal’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of social media. From TikTok fame to diversifying content on Instagram and YouTube, her versatility and dedication have captivated millions.

Embracing makeup tutorials, entertaining videos, and collaborations, she symbolizes the evolving landscape of influencer culture. Her pivot from TikTok to Instagram amid the ban in India showcased adaptability, retaining her devoted fanbase.

Moreover, her personal life glimpses, like the featured tech-based love story, added depth to her public persona. Through resilience, creative flair, and a devoted community, Mrunal Panchal’s success story epitomizes the modern influencer’s dynamic path to stardom.

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