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Smart Omnichannel Contact Center Platforms for your Business

Smart Omnichannel Contact Center Platform

Do you know that today’s customer has higher expectations from the brands than ever before? They not only want a great product/service but expect great customer services as well.

In order to deliver a consistent and effective customer experience, businesses need a reliable, real-time communication system. In this blog, Find out how the Smart Omnichannel Contact Center Platform for your Business can help your business provide this customer service.

Innovation in the field of contact centers is accelerating at a blistering pace, and there is now all manner of smart, omnichannel platforms available to businesses looking to provide great customer service, without putting pressure on their own internal teams.

What are Smart omnichannel contact center platforms?

A smart omnichannel contact center is a contact center that enables executives to manage requests and share data across multiple channels like phone calls, emails, social media etc.

Such smart omnichannel makes it much easier for businesses to offer a consistent, coordinated customer experience across all channels.

For example, a customer has an issue while making a purchase of your product. They have already looked for help in the supporting queries mentioned on your website but was not able to find the solution. They then take the help of Live Chatbots on your website and ask to connect with the Executive directly.

Now, in this case, if the business has Smart Omnichannel contact center platforms, the executive will already have the customer data like customer’s history, past chat conversations and records of relevant self-help docs they’ve read.

Here, the executive will be able to quickly solve the customer’s query and hence the customer will be highly satisfied.

Benefits of omnichannel contact center platform

A smart omnichannel contact center platform will offer the following benefits:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: By providing a consistent customer experience across all channels, you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: By integrating all channels into a single platform, you can eliminate silos and improve operational efficiency.
  • Increased Sales and Revenue: By providing a seamless customer experience, you can increase sales and revenue.

6 Must Have Functions of Smart Omnichannel Contact Center Platforms

The best smart omnichannel contact center platforms will offer the following functions:

1. Cloud-based unified interface:

A Cloud-based omnichannel solution is the best solution for any business as it provides a one-stop destination for all the business’s needs. This improves employee efficiency and helps in maintaining all the customer data in one place. An easy-to-use interface and real-time update solutions are a great choice.

2. Integrated communication channels:

Customers and their needs keep evolving. Earlier people didn’t prefer using chatbots. But now, 68% of consumers like chatbots because they provide quick answers. So choosing a Cloud-based omnichannel solution that supports all popular communication channels, such as voice, chat, email, and social media is necessary.

3. Intelligent Omni-channel routing:

Offering your customers a seamless customer experience today means connecting them with the right agent in the first go. Hence, the Cloud-based omnichannel solutions should route customers to the most appropriate channel based on their preferences and needs.

4. Queue management:

The platform should provide queue management features to help agents handle multiple customers efficiently.

5. Reporting and analytics:

Cloud-based omnichannel solutions should provide reporting and analytics tools to help businesses track and improve performance. Giving deep insights will help in streamlining the operations and managing everything in one place.

6. Enhanced security:

The most important function of any Cloud-based omnichannel solution is to maintain a great level of security so that there is no chance of data piracy or theft.

Best omnichannel contact center platform

Locozbuzz is your one-stop destination. It’s the smartest of the smart omnichannel contact center available in the market. Locobuzz allows you to create a unified view of your customers, help you listen to their needs, and respond to their queries in real-time, all with a single platform. With the help of Locozbuzz, you can help your customers experience the best of customer service.

2. Content Guru

Content Guru has multiple solutions available for its customers like CRM, virtual agents etc. The best of them is the Cloud-based omnichannel contact centers. It’s an intelligent toolkit for businesses.

3. RingCentral

RingCentral Omnichannel contact center has both inbound and outbound voice, SMS, social media, email and live chat features. The platform also offers omnichannel routing.

4. 8x8

The 8×8 cloud-based omnichannel contact center is one of the most used contact center solutions available on the web. This smart omnichannel contact center offers in-depth customer analytics, advanced speech, and engagement reports. Along with this, its open API allows us to connect to third-party systems.

5. Talkdesk

TalkDesk CX Cloud-based omnichannel solution is a great option for businesses. It offers integrations, tracking, monitoring and recording facilities. Few of the best features of Talkdesk are – Helpdesk management, and Process & Workflow Automation.

Best omnichannel contact center platform

A smart omnichannel contact center is the need of the hour for businesses today. Make the right selection of cloud-based omnichannel solutions and provide your customer with a smooth experience.

Request a Demo of Locobuzz Omnichannel Contact Center Solution today!

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