Personalizing Analytics: The Spine of Social Listening

Social Listening
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    Why is Analytics Important?

    Analytics is the spine of your Digital Body, and Insights are the heart. Without them, there is no point in Social Listening and Digital Learning.

    What is Analytics?

    Analytics is the statistical and derivative representation of your digital data. With analytics, you can conduce your brand efforts into actionable and performing. This is just the first step.

    When your analytics is holding strong and your digital is hemoglobin high, your brand’s heart is being pumped by insights and comprehensive reports.

    How to Gather Promising Analytics For Your Brand?

    • Evaluate the right Customer Experience Tool
    • Always ask for a demo
    • Shortlist and finalize on ‘the one’
    • Analyze and create a set of relevant keywords for Data Mining
    • Check the delivery and presentation of the Analytics Interface
    • See if you can personalize the analytics
    • Configure alerts on attention points
    • Stay calm and keep tracking!

    What About Personalizing Analytics?

    Subtly, I think you know the answer, and you’re right! With Locobuzz, your analytics can be DIY’d with the help of over 150 widgets for personalized crafting. Locobuzz creates well-laid-out situations, priority-wise segmentation, and automated and scheduled reports as per the brand’s needs.

    The way forward is definitely custom-made analytics that gives a brand higher potential to enhance themselves in the eyes of the customers rather than just factual insights chalked out from automated data analysis engines.

    In conclusion, the distinction in the way you drive actionable analytics makes them immersive and experiential to create disruption, an unique positioning, and to establish a unified digital connection with a purpose.

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