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Social CRM Platforms and why you should use them

Customer Relationship Management is key not just for maintaining a good brand reputation but also to see steady growth in Brand-Engagement. It is, therefore, that all social media businesses want a good CRM integration system. This system is provided by Social CRM Platforms.

Table of Contents

What do social crm platforms have to offer?

Social CRM Platforms are a sub-tool offered by Social Media Management Tools and Social Listening Tools. The CRM Integration system in these tools is governed by the following features.

  • Hashtag Tracking and Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Competitor Insights
  • Real-time Alerts (one of the most important features for brand-reputation management)
  • Single-view Platform Dashboards
  • Social Media Chatbots
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Brand-User Engagement Analysis
  • Automated Data Processing

Why should you integrate social crm platforms with your brand?

If that’s the question you have been pondering upon—we have the answer to your query. Here we have all the reasons why you should use them, as well as ways in which you can get the maximum out of these tools.

1. Improves brand reputation

Any brand that answers to user complaints in real-time has a higher Brand-Reputation, known to care for its users. With the help of sentiment analysis trackers and prioritized real-time alerts, you can cater to high-priority complaints and requests as soon as a complaint is raised. This makes your brand stand out and improves your reputation among your competitors.

2. Higher Brand Reliability

When your content focuses on what users like; when you make adjustments according to your audience’s needs; and prioritize user insights, it is bound to develop an improved brand-user connect. Improved User-Brand Connect equals higher Brand Reliability.

Social Media Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence imitate the feeling of human conversation, with faster-automated responses. These not only help you in automating product purchases and register user complaints but also makes users feel heard. This develops a feeling of mutual understanding between the brand and the user, thus retaining your audience’s trust.

3. Steady increase in sales growth and reduced expense cost

AI-powered social media Chatbots enable automated product purchases. This means more orders can be placed in a shorter period of time via all social media platforms. This automation also helps you cut back on up to 30% of employee management costs, which you otherwise might have spent on hiring customer service reps for answering to DMs and taking orders on Social Media Channels.

4. Enhanced brand engagement

  • Social CRM Platforms give you Analytics of your Brand Engagement. This helps you know better what your audience engages with the most, and what they engage with the least. This lets you create more engaging content for your brand while keeping in mind the things that are least engaging, that you should bar.
  • The Hashtag Trackers also give you a range of different hashtags to choose from among the most trending ones. Using these, your content can land on the feed of non-followers who might be interested in your work niche and could become potential customers.
  • Social Media Analytics reports also bring your attention to users’ most active and engaging hours on a certain platform. You can use this information to schedule your posts, reels, important announcements, and live streams.

5. Improves customer satisfaction and brand referrals

When a brand keeps its customers’ needs at priority and makes them feel heard, it improves Customer Satisfaction. A good Social CRM Platform helps you do just that. It creates for you an ecosystem of sub-tools to cater to user needs in an improved fashion. The more satisfied your customers are, the more they talk about your brand in a positive light and fetch a high number of referred customers to your brand.

The top 3 social crm platforms

With a number of Social Media Management Tools available out there, it becomes quite difficult to know which ones offer the best hit at Social CRM Platforms. With a categorical analysis of Social CRM Platforms in the market, we have prepared for you a list of the most renowned ones out there with high performance and amazing quality standards.

1. Locobuzz

Locobuzz is a Social Media Management and Social Listening platform with a holistic Social CRM Platform integration system. It offers a single-view platform for Social Analytics and Brand-User Insights.

A Sentiment Analysis and Hashtag Tracker, helps you better understand your customers and thus build an improved Brand-User Engagement. Along with these features, it also offers you Competitor Insights and AI-Powered social media Chatbots to set your brand apart.

It strives to create a conversive, immersive, and engaging experience for both, you and your audience. A Social CRM ecosystem in itself, it is the most opted for Social Listening Tool in the market today.

2. Brand24

One of the more nominally priced tools available out there, Brand24 is known to stand right next in line after Locobuzz for its Social Listening sub-tools and categorical listing of mentions according to user sentiments.

Two main features of any Social CRM Platform are Sentiment Analysis and Hashtag Tracking, and Brand24 offers both of these in an utmost refined manner.

The dashboards created list these entries in terms of negative, positive, and neutral user sentiments, so it becomes easier for you to browse through them. Starting at $49 per month, they have three tiers of Brand Membership: Plus at $49, Premium at $99, and Max at $199.

3. BrandMentions

BrandMentions is renowned as a multifaceted Social Monitoring Tool. Most well-known for its Social Analytics and comprehensive approach to Sentiment Analysis, it tracks user engagement with your brand and helps you strategically improve upon it.

Another feature that it is great for is the analytical listing of Competitor Brand Insights and Analytics. This helps you stay at par with competitor brands in the market, following through a healthy competitive spirit for brand management and sales growth.

The Social CRM Platforms in this list have been raved about by top brand users. Locobuzz’s Social CRM Integration has been consistently rated as a leader for Social Listening, Brand Management, and reputation building. Brand24 and BrandMentions stand right next in line with some of the most authentic and consistent results for Customer Relationship Management.

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