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The Ultimate Social Media Calendar 2024 India

Table of Contents

Download 2024 Social Media Calendar for FREE

The Ultimate Social Media Calendar 2024 India

As social media managers, having a social media calendar 2024 India can turn out to be a real time-saver. One glance and you’ll know whether or not your social media campaign is on track or not relating to the important events of the year. Moreover, it empowers social media managers to:

  • Keep their content organized and timely
  • Post personalized posts on the fly and improve brand visibility
  • Curate an effective content mix
  • Spend more time on tweaking and proofreading posts and reach out to a larger, more targeted audience
  • Expend more effort into strategizing personalized content for the posts
  • Keep their workday less stressful

In this blog, we have created a social media holiday calendar that you can use to search for important days to build creative and relatable social media posts. You can also leverage Locobuzz’s social media management feature to streamline your campaign and gain more followers organically. What’s more, we’ve even added a free social media calendar template to get you going:

Social Media Calendar by Month Break Up

If you are looking for India-specific events and holidays for every month–from January to December, keep reading. We’ve also highlighted social media posts, ideas, and content themes from real-life brands that you can use as inspiration. Let’s jump right in.

1. January 2024

Holiday/Event Dates

Content Buckets/Themes

Jan 1st

New Year’s Day

  • Share a relevant and lighthearted meme that reflects the mood of starting the new year.

  • Build a collaborative playlist with your audience on music streaming platforms. Ask for song suggestions to set the vibe for the year.

  • Posts around “The first day of the year” Fun challenges such as the #365days challenge

Jan 7th 

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti

  • Share profound teachings and quotes of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Reflect on their relevance in today’s world.

  • Encourage your followers to participate in community service or charitable activities as a tribute to Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s selfless principles.

Jan 12th 

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti 

  • Share powerful and inspiring quotes by Swami Vivekananda. Use visually appealing graphics to enhance their impact.

  • Create a challenge inspiring followers to adopt a positive habit or practice in line with Swami Vivekananda’s teachings.

Jan 14th 

Makar Sankranti

  • Posts around marking the end of winter and welcoming spring

  • Driving competition and giveaways

  • Pro tip: Make sure to use the right name for this festival based on your geographic location, as this festival is celebrated under different names around the country, such as Pedda Panduga (Andhra Pradesh), Pongal (Tamil Nadu), etc.

Jan 20th

World Religion Day

  • Posts emphasizing religious tolerance, unity, and understanding among different faiths.

  • Hashtags: #WorldReligionDay #InterfaithHarmony #UnityInDiversity

Jan 26th

Republic Day,
26th January

  • Posts around reigniting feelings of patriotism within your TG with India’s Republic Day

  • Hashtags: #RepublicDay #India #ProudIndian

Jan 31st

Martyr’s Day

  • Provide historical context about significant events leading to martyrdom. Educate your audience about the importance of the day.

  • Showcase poetry, artwork, or musical tributes created by your community or professionals to express emotions related to Martyr’s Day.

Real-Life Example of a Brand Celebrating the Month of January:
1. Havmor took the best advantage of this day and created an engaging post. They not only made a good creative but also added a contest to it to get more engagement, as festive posts do not get higher engagement.

2. February 2024

Holiday/Event Dates

Content Buckets/Themes

Feb 1st

Vasant Panchami (Saraswati Puja)

  • Share highlights of Saraswati Puja, the worship of the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and arts. Showcase traditional rituals and decorations.

  • Hashtags: #VasantPanchami #SaraswatiPuja #KnowledgeIsPower

Feb 4th 

World Cancer Day

  • Share informative graphics about cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment options. Empower your audience with knowledge.

  • Post key statistics and facts about various types of cancer. Encourage your followers to reshare to amplify the reach of important information.

  • Hashtags: #WorldCancerDay #CancerAwareness #Support

Feb 14th 

Valentine’s Day

  • Mushy, romantic posts that can cater to your TG’s heartstrings

  • Share simple and fun do-it-yourself craft ideas related to Valentine’s Day.

  • Use Hashtags: #ValentinesDay #LoveIsLove #SpreadLove

Feb 19th 

Shivaji Jayanti

  • Share facts and anecdotes about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s life, leadership, and contributions to Indian history.

  • Encourage followers to share how they are commemorating Shivaji Jayanti in their communities. Foster a sense of unity and celebration.

  • Hashtags: ShivajiJayanti #MaharashtraPride #ChhatrapatiShivaji

Feb 21st 

International Mother Language Day

  • Share posts honoring various languages, their unique features, and their importance in preserving cultural heritage.

  • Share stories, anecdotes, or quotes in various languages to celebrate the beauty of linguistic expression.

  • Hashtags: #MotherLanguageDay #CulturalDiversity #LanguageHeritage

Feb 29th 

Leap Day,

  • Extra Day, Extra Goals: Focus on productivity, setting goals, and making the most of the bonus day.

  • Share interesting facts about leap years, like why they occur and historical events that happened on February 29.

  • Hashtags:
    #LeapDay2024 #RareOccurrence #MakeItCount  #TakeALeap

Real-Life Example of a Brand Celebrating the Month of February:
BharatMatrimony Uses AI To Drive Home The Message Of Perfect Valentine!
India’s matchmaking service, BharatMatrimony, has launched a cutting-edge marketing campaign, “My Perfect Valentine,” featuring an AI-generated entity named Aaditya Iyer (AI).
This marks India’s first marketing campaign utilising advanced AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney.

#theAIvalentine generated through Artificial Intelligence was named Aaditya Iyer (AI). While his words & thoughts were generated by ChatGPT, his face, image and his world were created using Midjourney.
The ‘My Perfect Valentine’ campaign gained widespread attention on social media was praised for its creative use of technology.

3. March 2024

Holiday/Event Dates

Content Buckets/Themes

4th March

Maha Shivaratri

  • Encourage your community to express their creativity by sharing drawings, paintings, or crafts inspired by Lord Shiva. Create a virtual art gallery.

  • Use hashtags #MahaShivaratri #LordShiva #Spirituality

March 8th 

International Women’s Day

  • Celebrating women’s achievements Women’s achievements, empowerment

  • Share photos or memories of moments that highlight your personal growth and the positive impact of women around you.

  • #WomensDay #EmpowerWomen #GenderEquality 

Variable date

  • Share recipes for creating eco-friendly and safe Holi colors at home.

  • Encourage followers to embrace sustainable celebrations.

  • Share Holi-themed recipes or dishes. Get creative with colorful desserts, drinks, or snacks to add a culinary twist to the celebration.

March 15th 

World Consumer Rights Day

  • Share a series of practical tips to empower consumers. Cover topics like smart shopping, product research, and understanding rights.

  •  Host a live Q&A session addressing consumer-related queries. Invite experts or consumer rights advocates to participate for insightful discussions.

March 22nd 

World Water Day

  • Encourage followers to share their water-saving practices.

  • Create a community discussion on the importance of individual actions.

  •  Host webinars or live sessions with water experts, NGOs, or environmentalists. Discuss water-related challenges and solutions.

Real-Life Example of a Brand Celebrating the Month of March:
Nykaa celebrated International Women’s Day and Holi together by encouraging women of all colors to embrace themselves in 2021.
While half of our population is darker-skinned than the rest, the unhealthy fair-skin obsession in India is real and damaging.
#Wrong thinking on a social issue raised aptly on Holi
#Change in perception targetted well

4. April 2024

Holiday/Event Dates

Content Buckets/Themes

April 1st

April Fool’s Day

  • Needs no introduction, but you can bring out the prankster in your brand with this holiday and create campaigns focused on silly, practical jokes that are not offensive.

  • You could also encourage users to share jokes/pranks by tagging your brand.

April 7th

World Health Day

  • Promote posts around health awareness and educate your TG with data-backed facts and figures.

  •  Focus on themes like mental health, the importance of exercise, the benefits of balanced nutrition etc. Share health recipes/tips.

April 10th

Eid al-Fitr

    • One of the biggest festivals for Muslims celebrate the auspicious occasion with family-oriented posts sharing meal recipes (seviyan, sheer khurma etc.), reunion messages, Mubarak greetings etc.

  • Highlight the significance of togetherness.

April 15th

World Art Day

  • Highlight incredible art and artists from around the world to engage culture/art followers.

  • Share tips for budding artists as well as art appreciation posts and conduct contests for users to showcase their art.  

April 22nd

Earth Day

  • Promote environmental sustainability with interesting facts, figures, and campaigns taking place across the world aimed at saving the planet and also encourage adoption of eco-friendly habits and sustainable lifestyle choices among users.

April 23rd

World Book Day

  • Encourage the habit of reading books with book lovers. Share recommendations, excerpts, and famous literary quotes as content ideas and conduct contests for users to share reviews.

  • You can also highlight library initiatives in your area.

April 29th

International Dance Day

  • Curate dance/music-related content – tutorials, celebrity performances, trivia, famous dances from movies etc. to engage fans of both art forms and encourage users to share their dance videos using relevant hashtags.

Real-Life Example of a Brand Celebrating the Month of April:

1. Ixigo played an amusing April Fools prank with their “bhAI” campaign. They pretended to launch an AI travel assistant accessible through earbuds, promising hand-free travel help. Hashtags hyped the power of AI and its ability to enhance trips. Unaware it was April 1st, some may have believed the futuristic buddy. But the date gave it away – it was just an inventive tech-themed joke from the travel company to celebrate the day!

5. May 2024

Holiday/Event Dates

Content Buckets/Themes

May 1st

Labour Day

  • Show appreciation for the hard workers who keep things running daily.

  • Thank individuals in different professions like security guards, farmers etc through notes of encouragement. 

May 4th

Star Wars Day

  • Geek out with fellow Star Wars fans! Get them reminiscing about memorable scenes.

  • Run a contest for best cosplay/fanart or share relatable Star Wars memes.

May 12th

International Nurses Day, Mother’s Day

  • Thank the nurses who care for us selflessly with heartfelt posts and help children showcase their love for mothers through crafts/paintings.

  • Get moms sharing fond memories for a chance to win.

May 20th

World Bee Day

  • Did you know bees play a cute but crucial role?

  • Highlight via cute bee images/videos while also raising awareness on dwindling numbers and sharing easy DIY methods to encourage pollinators.

May 31st

World No Tobacco Day

  • Smoking impacts health in bad ways.

  • Motivate your network towards healthier habits through inspirational quitting stories or lifestyle change tips from experts and challenge your friends to go smoke-free for a month!

Real-Life Example of a Brand Celebrating the Month of May:
1. Oreo.India really brightened people’s Eid this year with their festive Instagram post. They encouraged fans to start celebrations on a sweet note by grabbing cookies and staying home – sound advice during these times! Readers were then treated to a fun interactive element. By boosting their screen brightness, a wish from Oreo’s mascot family lit up wishing everyone an Eid Mubarak. It was a clever yet heartwarming way for the brand to join virtual celebrations from afar.

6. June 2024

Holiday/Event Dates

Content Buckets/Themes

June 1st

World Milk Day

  • Promote milk’s health benefits through informative graphics on strong bones & muscles. 
  • Encourage followers to try milk-based smoothies/lassis through recipe videos. Conduct a poll to find the most popular regional Indian milk-based desserts.  

Pro Tip:- For ideas, look at campaigns by Amul, Mother Dairy, and Country Delight to get your creative juices flowing.

June 5th 

World Environment Day

  • Promote sustainable living choices through impactful yet simple lifestyle switches everyone can adopt like reducing plastic usage, carpooling or switching to renewable energy.

  • Highlight citizen-led environmental protection initiatives people in your area can participate in.  

June 8th

World Ocean Day

  • Raise awareness about threats faced by marine lives through stats on plastic consumption.

  • Educate on modern fishing techniques preserving ecosystem balance.

  • Appreciate local initiatives tackling ocean pollution with user-generated videos & interviews.

June 16th

Father’s Day 

  • Celebrate the superhero dads and father figures in one’s life through heartfelt social media posts.
  • Share comics on relatable father-child moments that will make them laugh.

  • Conduct a contest for children to creatively thank their fathers.

June 21st

World Music Day

  • Discover indie musicians curating feel-good playlists for followers through streaming platform links.

  •  Share iconic lyrics & their meaning impacting generations.

  • Engage through polls on favourite genres & artists over last decade.

June 21st

International Yoga Day

  • Spread awareness about yoga’s holistic benefits on mental, physical and emotional well-being.

  • Educate followers through infographics on basic asanas they can practice at home regularly.

  • Encourage them to share photos of their yoga flows and routines for the day using relevant hashtags.

June 30th

World Social Media Day

  • Thank communities built on social networks that keep us connected everywhere.

  • Reflect on the platform’s positive impact like spreading awareness about important causes or helping people cope during tough times through shared experiences.

Real-Life Example of a Brand Celebrating the Month of June:
1. Swiggy gave dads a sweet shoutout on Father’s Day with their Instagram appreciation post. Citing how fathers always go above for silly wishes both asked and unasked, the delivery service praised these men for overdelivering where it counts – with endless love and support for their families.

7. July 2024

Holiday/Event Dates

Content Buckets/Themes

July 1st 

Internation Joke Dat

  • As the name suggests, create funny posts–the joke can be on your brand itself, which demonstrates sportsmanship and has a ‘virality’ factor to it

July 7th

World Chocolate Day

  • Putting up polls or quizzes related to chocolate preferences. 

For example: Dark, milk, or white chocolate?

  • Post a few marketing tips or strategies with a chocolate twist. 

For example: “The Recipe for Delicious Social Media Engagement.”

July 17th

World Emoji Day

  • Use emojis to showcase any recent achievements. Encouraging everyone to decode the emojis and what they mean in the comments.

  • By using emojis, represent types of brands of clients. 

For example: The Perfectionist Cilent

July 21st 

National Ice Cream Day

  • Ice-Cream Personality quizzes related to ice cream flavors. 

For example: Which Ice-Cream Personality Are You?

Related Links for Posts:

  • Share stories or anecdotes related to ice cream, tying them back to marketing lessons or strategies. For example Purchase Power Lessons From Ice-Cream Truck
Real-Life Example of a Brand Celebrating the Month of July:

8. August 2024

Holiday/Event Dates

Content Buckets/Themes

Aug 2nd

Friendship Day

  • Create posts that celebrate the ‘study buddies,’ ‘gossip buddies,’ ‘chai/coffee buddies,’ etc., and focus on this special bond.

Aug 8th

World Cat Day

  • Sharing facts about cats and linking it to aspects related to marketing.

For example: Fact: Cats communicate more with body language and vocalizations rather than meowing.

Similarly, in marketing, non-verbal cues like visual branding and user experience design speak volumes.

  • Types of Marketing Cats

For example Visionary Cat

  • To-do List of a Cat

Aug 15th 

Independence Day

  • Another must-have holiday you must feature in your social media campaign is India’s Independence Day; create posts instilling a sense of patriotism among your TG (even if it feels like everyone’s doing it, do it)

Aug 19th 

Raksha Bandhan 

  • Another super-important holiday, ‘Raksha Bandhan’ is all about celebrating the special bond between siblings–create emotional customized video posts featuring your real sibling customers and give your brand an edge 

Aug 19th

World Photo Day

  • Share tips linking visual images to branding

For example Visual Marketing: The Power of Images OR 

5 Reasons You Need Images for Building Your Brand

Aug 21st 

World Entrepreneurs Day

  • Combining a list of Top Entrepreneurs and a few lessons from them

For Example: Top 10 Entreprenuers of all times and their lessons

  • Listing out a bunch of traits or characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

For Example: What makes an Entrepreneur successful.

Real-Life Example of a Brand Celebrating the Month of August:

9. September 2024

Holiday/Event Dates

Content Buckets/Themes

Sept  5th 

Teachers Day

  • Another fun holiday, you can create ‘throwback school posts,’ teacher appreciation’ posts and more

Sept  6th

Read A Book Day

  • Share a list of marketing or business-related books that will help them grow their business

  • Linking habits of businesses, brands or marketers to habits related to books

For example: Everyday is a Book Day For Brand Managers as while flipping through pages, we explore new trends and consumer behaviors.

Sept  15th 

Engineers’ Day

  • Celebrate the distinguished engineer, Mokshgundam Vishveshsaraya, with humorous posts on engineers and their equally amusing habits

Sept  21st 

International Day of Peace

  • Also referred to as World Peace Day, celebrate this day with calming, peaceful educative posts

Sept 27th

World Tourism Day

  • Combining a bunch of travel related activities and a bunch of work-related experiences to draw parallels between them

For Example: What I Want V/S What I am Doing

  • Labeling or naming places on a quirky map using marketing terms

For Example: Branding Bay–New York

Real-Life Example of a Brand Celebrating the Month of September:

10. October 2024

Holiday/Event Dates

Content Buckets/Themes

Oct 1st

International Coffee Day

  • Create a series of fun coffee-related trivia questions and post them throughout the day.

  • Participants can answer the stories, and you can reveal the correct answers later or the next day.

  • Offer a prize or feature the participants who answer all questions correctly.

Oct 2nd 

Gandhi Jayanti

  • Celebrate the father of our nation with creative hashtags such as #rebel–you can go all out creative and think of ways to tie October 2 to your brand

Oct 4th

World Smile Day

  • Post a picture of someone smiling and ask your audience to come up with creative, funny, or heartwarming captions for the image

Oct 8th

Indian Air-Force Day

  • Share images of different aircraft used by the Indian Air Force and challenge your followers to identify them correctly.

  • We can create a collage or a carousel post featuring multiple aircraft for added engagement.

Oct 10th

  • An extremely important event, focus on removing the stigma associated with mental health; focus on building awareness, and actively speak on the importance of maintaining mental health as well as well-being

Oct 12th

Vijaya Dashmi / Dussehra / Ayudhya Pooja

  • Invite artists to share their Dussehra-inspired artwork.

  • This could be paintings, sketches, digital art, or any other form of artistic expression. Create a hashtag for the challenge and showcase the best submissions.

Oct 13th

National Cinema Day

  • Share iconic moments, classic scenes, and memorable quotes from influential films.

  • Create visually appealing posts or reels that capture the essence of diverse cinematic experiences.

  • Share personalized film recommendations based on different genres or moods. Encourage your audience to join the conversation by sharing their favourite movies and why they love them.

Oct 16th

World Food Day

  • Encourage followers to share their favourite recipes using a specific ingredient or representing a particular culture.

  • You can create a hashtag like #WorldFoodRecipeExchange

Oct 24th

United Nations Day

  • Organise a live panel discussion on social media featuring experts, activists, or individuals working towards global issues such as climate change, human rights, or gender equality.

  •  Encourage viewers to participate by asking questions or sharing their thoughts during the live session.

Oct 31st

Diwali / Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti

  • Invite your audience to share their best photographs capturing the essence of Diwali – be it fireworks, diyas, rangolis, or vibrant decorations.

  • Feature the winning photos on your page/profile.

  • Encourage followers to share their homemade Diwali decorations, rangoli designs, lanterns, or unique Diwali-themed crafts.

Real-Life Example of a Brand Celebrating the Month of October –

One example is the global food and beverage company Nestlé. They have been known to actively participate in International Coffee Day by launching campaigns and sharing informative content. In Oct 2023, they shared a post on how to make a peanut butter latte and shared a detailed recipe for its audiences, on World Coffee Day.

11. November 2024

Holiday/Event Dates

Content Buckets/Themes

Nov 1st

National Cinnamon Day / World Vegan Day

  • Organise a virtual potluck where participants can share images or videos of their homemade vegan dishes.

  • Encourage engagement by asking participants to describe their recipes or share cooking tips.

Nov 3rd

Bhai Dooj / Housewife’s day

  • Create a fun trivia quiz about famous siblings in movies, history, or pop culture.

  • Share it on your social media platform and encourage followers to participate by guessing the answers.

  • You can reveal the correct answers in a follow-up post or story.

Nov 12

Young Readers Day

  • Post excerpts or quotes from famous children’s books and ask followers to guess which book they’re from.

  • You can turn this into a series of posts throughout the day and reveal the answers later.

Nov 13th

World Kindness Day

  • Start a gratitude chain where each person tags a friend or follower and mentions something they appreciate about them.

  • Encourage them to continue the chain by tagging someone else and spreading positivity.

Nov 14th

Children’s Day

  • Ask kids to share their aspirations by dressing up as what they want to be when they grow up.

  • They can take pictures or short videos explaining their choices.

Nov 19th

International Men’s Day

  • Encourage followers to share posts celebrating the positive male role models in their lives, whether it’s a father, brother, friend, mentor, or public figure.

  • Ask them to share a photo and a short story about why they admire that person.

Real-Life Example of a Brand Celebrating the Month of October –

Campaign Name: “Dreams Come True – #DisneyMagicKids”
Objective: Celebrate Children’s Day by inspiring kids to share their dreams and creativity, fostering a sense of magic and wonder.
Campaign Description:
Disney, known for its magical storytelling, launches the “Dreams Come True – #DisneyMagicKids” campaign on Children’s Day. The campaign aims to encourage children to share their dreams, aspirations, and imaginative stories through various creative activities on social media platform

12. December 2024

Holiday/Event Dates

Content Buckets/Themes

Dec 3rd 

International Day of the Disabled

  • Another global event that must feature on your social media calendar.

  • Focus on promoting the inclusion of disabled people in all spheres of life–including that of your brand; if you have special deals and/or on-ground or online programs geared towards the disabled, make sure to highlight the same

Dec 4th 

Navy Day

  • Build honorary posts on the esteemed members of the Indian Navy and make sure to applaud their achievements

Dec 19th

Goa liberation day 

  • Create a series of trivia questions related to the history of Goa Liberation.

  • Share these questions on social media and encourage followers to participate by answering.

Dec 24th

Christmas Eve

  • Invite followers to showcase their creativity by making DIY ornaments and sharing pictures or videos of their creations.

  • Feature the most innovative ones on your page

  • Build excitement by posting hourly updates or fun activities to do leading up to Christmas morning.

  • This could be a mix of challenges, games, or even sharing holiday recipes or traditions every hour.

Dec 25th


  • Organise a virtual Secret Santa game where participants can exchange small, inexpensive gifts or virtual gifts/cards.

  • Share the excitement by reposting or sharing the unboxing or reaction videos.

Dec 26th

Shaheed Udham Singh jayanti

  • Design a quiz or a series of trivia questions related to Udham Singh’s life, his activism, and his role in India’s freedom struggle.

Dec 31st

New Year’s Eve

  • Create a fun prediction game where followers can share their predictions for trends, events, or popular culture in the upcoming year.

  • You can use polls, quizzes, or open-ended questions to engage your audience.

  • Encourage followers to create their digital time capsule by sharing photos, videos, or messages representing their favourite memories or moments from the year.

Real-Life Example of a Brand Celebrating the Month of December –

One real-life example is Starbucks’ #RedCupContest on Instagram. They encouraged customers to take creative photos with their iconic red holiday cups and share them on Instagram with the designated hashtag. Starbucks then selected some of the best and most creative photos and featured them on their official Instagram page, celebrating the holiday cheer while showcasing customer-generated content.

Enhance your Brand’s Social Media Presence Now!

Top 4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Creating a Social Media Calendar 

Let’s now look at important tips to keep in mind when creating a social media calendar from a content, marketing, and graphics perspective:

  • Do your homework to understand the kind of hashtags that are trending on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Bring creative diversity to your posts–experiment with different layouts, and formats (think: image, video, text, etc.) to keep the interest high
  • Ask your users about the kind of content they would like to see via short polls, surveys, etc., that are rolled out on Facebook, etc.
  • Make sure to choose the right social media scheduler that allows you to stay on top of your campaigns by automating some of the most routine and mundane tasks

Wrapping Up

There you go. As you can see, going viral on social media is no longer a tall order, provided you have the right tools at hand. Armed with a list of relevant global events and holidays, use this social media calendar 2024 India as your go-to guide for creating stellar campaigns. Remember that you don’t need to go ahead with the ideas outlined here as-is. Instead, add your brand’s own unique flavor and delight your target audience with personalized and targeted content. Good luck!


How to create a social media calendar?

Create a successful social media calendar by setting clear objectives, knowing your audience, and selecting relevant platforms. Maintain a diverse content mix, ensuring consistency in branding and using strategic hashtags.

How far in advance should I plan my content?

It is recommended to plan content at least 2-4 weeks in advance for better organization and timely execution.

What tools can I use for scheduling posts?

Leverage Locobuzz for seamless social media scheduling. With its maker-checker system, schedule content effortlessly across Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google My Business. Gain a preview of your posts and use built-in AI to craft eye-catching captions. Locobuzz goes beyond scheduling by offering deep-dive analytics, including sentiment analysis and influencer insights.

How do I handle negative comments or feedback?

Respond professionally and address concerns privately. Show empathy and a willingness to resolve issues. Choose a good social media management tool for a complete understanding of your audience.

What's the ideal content mix for social media post?

Aim for a balance: 80% value-driven content, 20% promotional. Include visuals, videos, and user-generated content.
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