Social Media Customer Service: A Powerful Way To Build and Maintain Relationship With Customers

Social Media Customer Service
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    Social Media has proved out to be an essential marketing tool for all types of businesses. Building relationships with potential customers has become a vital element for a brand’s success in today’s time.

    Gone are the days when people used to give word of mouth feedback; the role of social media has changed every people’s life and business sector.

    The vital role of social media is it positively influences sales and brings out brand loyalty and connection.

    Earlier, it was used for personal use and to maintain personal interactions, but it has become a crucial tool to create a community around brands with its ever-growing popularity.

    However, in today’s time, they are not just limited to feedback and interactions, but the role of social media in customer service is another major revolution.

    And if they are unable to manage social media presence, it can damage your brand and lose out on your potential paying customers.

    Thus, a company looking to transform its business should maintain flawless customer service.

    There are several ways to leverage social media in customer service to fuel your business growth. So let’s get started.

    Importance of Social Media in Customer Service

    Social Media in Customer Service
    service plays a vital role in maintaining a reputation and building a healthy relationship with your customers. But if played in the wrong manner, it can cause a major effect on your brand.

    Here’s a quote by Tony Hsieh saying

    Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company

    In today’s modern digital world, using social media for customer service can bring immense benefit to your brand. Let’s look at few essential benefits of using social media as customer service:

    1. Builds Emotional Connection

    Social media has brought the entire process of support systems to one place. Nowadays, customers are raising a complaint on several social platforms, rather than connecting with the support team to solve their queries.

    Social media helps people to interact with their brand easily to raise any queries of a particular brand. And when your staff responds to them in quick time, it drives brand engagement.

    This helps to uplift your brand and creates brand loyalty for your customers. In addition, when your customers interact with your brand on several available social channels, it boosts your image as a socially conscious brand and builds an emotional connection with your customers.

    2. Additional Channels

    Providing additional channels to your customers will help you to drive better engagement from them. Different social media platforms cater to different customer segments.

    Through LinkedIn, you’ll be serving professional customers. Through Facebook, you’ll be serving your personal network. Through Instagram, you’ll be serving the younger audience.

    With the rising trend in social media usage, it would prove out to be effective and worthy if customer support shifts to these platforms. You can also use one of the best social media management tools like Locobuzz that will help you get deeper insights and visibility on social media with its great set of features.

    3. It Helps To Strategize Your Marketing Efforts

    By using social media as customer service, you can easily strategize your marketing efforts. When several consumers talk about a specific problem on social media, your answer becomes an advertisement for your product.

    Just Think about it. Anyone tracing the comments on your product will keep a check on your niche. And when they glance at your answer, it helps them to know your product better. Thus, it’s essential to answer people’s problems by using social media as an effective solution.

    How Can You Use Social Media As A Customer Service?

    SocialMedia in Customer Service
    Using social media as customer service can help you solve your customer’s problems and gain a brand reputation. Here are some essential strategies that you can use social media as a customer service tool:

    1. Build Relationship with Your Customers

    Several businesses use social media to increase brand awareness and for self-promotion. However, they don’t think about their customers nor reply to their comments or tweet back to the customers.

    Instead of following other business practices, use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a powerful tool to build a relationship by engaging in conversation.

    According to Convince & Convert:

    42 Percent of Consumers Complaining in Social Media Expect 60 Minute Response Time

    Not responding to your customers can create a negative impact on your brand. So you must reply to all the queries posted on social media platforms within a reasonable amount of time.

    2. Put Efforts on Creating A Customer Advocate Base

    Delivering a positive experience to the customers is a primary task of all businesses. If a customer goes through a bad experience, they will likely leave a negative review online.

    In this case, you should provide excellent customer service to create a strong and loyal customer base to advocate your brand if a customer has something negative to say.

    3. Respond To All Your Customers

    When you respond to a complaint or negative review to the customer, you must closely read and respond to what the customer is trying to say about your brand.

    Paying attention to your customer’s complaint is vital, and lack of attractiveness contributes to a poor response, which negatively impacts your brand. While no response will also be called a “poor response.”

    Frank Eliason, Global Director Client Experience, Citi says

    Truly listening is hearing the needs of the customer, understanding those needs, and making sure the company recognizes the opportunity they present.

    One positive response with a thank you or emoji can significantly impact as it helps them know that your brand is listening and responding.

    The primary goal of your brand should be to assure all your potential customers, followers that you are active on all social media platforms and responding to all your customers.

    4. Set Up A Different Account For Customer Service Support

    Nowadays, every business has a different social media account, especially for customer service support.

    For example:

    Netflix has a normal account named “@netflix,” while their customer service account is named “@netflix_help.”

    This helps the business identify and focus on all customer’s problems and helps your customer service team focus on solving issues quickly.

    Make sure to include a link in your main account’s bio to direct customers for support.

    Also, respond to every customer service complaint or message from your social account even if the customer contacted the wrong one.

    Responding to every customer message will show how you address their requests and reply politely.
    Takeaway: Make sure to put effort, be responsive, build a relationship, and set up a different customer service account handle to support your customer service.

    How Locobuzz Can Help You In Social Media Customer Service?

    By adding Locobuzz platform in your customer support, it will help you monitor online conversations on multiple channels by using a single interface.

    The platform is especially designed to help you save crucial time, strategise communications, and reduce overall costs. They even have automated customer service to expand your operations without adding headcounts.

    With its 360-degree view feature it allows you to easily connect your sources of customer data with our platform. The best part in which Locobuzz will help you is its 24/7 proactive support with collaborative problem solving.

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    Final Thoughts

    In today’s modern digital world, the importance of social media is an amazing way to provide customer service. It proves to be a beneficial one for both company and customers because it’s an easy and systematic way to interact with each other.

    Social media in customer service has become an essential part of bringing success and building brand loyalty.

    By having the right set of social listening tools, social media can uplift your digital community to a whole new level.

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