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Tanya Khanijow - Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth & More

Tanya Khanijow Biography

Table of Contents

Are you ready to be inspired by one of the globe’s biggest travel bloggers? Meet Tanya Khanijow, a digital nomad who has explored dozens of countries across continents.

From skydiving in exotic locales to capturing breathtaking landscapes, Tanya shares her adventures online and in this biography, we’ll uncover the journey of how she embarked on her travelling passion after college.

Learn about Tanya’s family, her love for photography and using social media to fund her dreams and by the end, get ready to hit the road with Tanya as your virtual guide through the wonders of the world.


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Who is Tanya Khanijow?

Tanya Khanijow is a born explorer with a curious spirit. Growing up in Delhi, she spent her childhood constantly on the move as her father’s job required relocating frequently. This nurtured Tanya’s adaptability and love for new experiences from a young age.

Although she studied engineering, Tanya’s true passion was travel and she spent her vacations independently backpacking around Asia and Europe. After college, she decided to make traveling her full-time career.

Through her bubbly personality and skills in photography/videography, Tanya turned her solo adventures into a successful career online and she now wakes up each day in a new destination, sharing her journey through vibrant Instagram photos and YouTube vlogs that have earned her millions of fans worldwide.
Tanya’s zest for life and diverse cultural experiences inspires others to break out of their routines and fuel their own sense of wanderlust.


30 yrs (29th of March, 1993)

Net Worth

$1.2 – $1.8 Million


Travel Blogger, Photographer, YouTuber

Early Career

After years of backpack trips across continents during her college breaks, Tanya was itching to explore the world full-time. But first, she took on a “practical” job as a business analyst in Delhi, using her Electrical degree.

While the 9-5 gig provided stability, Tanya’s heart was never fully in it. She spent every chance traveling India on weekends and extended leaves, filling social media with vibrant photos of her adventures.

Fans were captivated by her spirited storytelling of places off the beaten path as a spontaneous vlog from Pondicherry blew up online, and Tanya realized this was her calling. With memories and skills gained from solo travels, she worked up the courage to ditch safe corporate life.
Tanya now unleashed her wanderlust, fueling others’ curiosity about far-flung destinations through her infectious passion on YouTube.





Various schools in different cities across India due to her father’s job in Indian Army


Pursued B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from Delhi Technological University 

Taniya Khanijow YouTube Income (October 2023)

Looks like Tanya’s wanderlust is proving to be one lucrative hobby! Her channel Travels With Tanya continues entertaining millions each week with trips around the globe. And thanks to those loyal viewers, Social Blade estimates Tanya raked in a healthy $2,900 – $46k just from YouTube ads alone last October.

With her bubbly persona and knack for finding adventure off the beaten path, is it any surprise she’s amassed over 1.29 million followers dreaming of her next destination? Brand deals, photographs for sale, and sponsorship dollars have also added to the pile. Based on estimations, Tanya’s net worth today likely floats between $1.2 – $1.8 million.

Tanya proves that by fueling curiosity about far-flung locales, you might just inspire others enough to help line your pockets too!

Personal Life of Tanya Khanijow

Tanya was born and brought up in Delhi, though she had to change schools frequently as a child due to her father’s job in the Indian Army and this allowed her to develop traits of adaptability from a young age.

She comes from a close-knit family comprising of her parents and elder yoga instructor sister. In her personal life, Tanya identifies as a free-spirited wanderer with a curious nature. She enjoys photography, reading and pursuing adventures around the world in her solo travels.

Tanya is also an animal lover and shares a close bond with her pet cat. While usually exploring exotic locales independently, Tanya is rumored to be in a relationship with Eshan Joshi though she has remained private about her love life.

As an outgoing personality, Tanya enjoys engaging with her huge social media following through vibrant updates from her globetrotting experiences.


Twesha Khanijow (Sister)

Marital Status



Eshan Joshi 


New Delhi






South Asian


Photography, Travelling, Reading books

Tanya is currently unmarried and focuses her time and energy on exploring the world through her solo travels. However, she is rumored to be in a relationship with fellow travel influencer Eshan Joshi.

Though Tanya has never openly addressed her dating life, some eagle-eyed fans have spotted subtle signs of romance between the two in their social media posts from joint adventurous trips and Eshan also frequently comments lovingly on Tanya’s pictures and videos. While nothing has been officially confirmed, they do seem quite close-knit.

Tanya values her privacy deeply and has chosen not to disclose details of her love life to the public so far as she let’s her vibrant travel stories and photography do all the talking when it comes to engaging her massive online audience.





Pramod Khanijow (Retired Indian Army Personnel)


Poonam Khanijow


Twesha Khanijow (Yoga Instructor)




YouTube Subscribers

Over 1.29M subscribers on her YouTube channel “Taniya Khanijow” (as of 2023)

YouTube Play Buttons

  • Silver Play Button for crossing 100K subscribers
  • Gold Play Button for crossing 1 million subscribers

Social Media Following

Accumulated a huge fan following across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter through her travel content


Featured as one of the top travel influencers to follow by various digital publications

Started Career

Launched her travel blogging and vlogging career in 2017 after quitting her job

Travel Destinations Covered

Explored over 30 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, South America through solo travels


Invited as a speaker at various travel conferences and seminars to share her experiences


Earns income through brand sponsorships, YouTube revenue and photography assignments


Inspired thousands to follow their wanderlust and break stereotypes through solo female travels

Favourite Things

Favourite Things


Travel Destination







She’s fond of animals and has a pet cat


She follows a non-vegetarian diet



Fun Facts

  1. She has traveled to over 30 countries worldwide and counting through solo trips.

  2. Tanya can speak basic level French which she picked up during her travels in Europe.

  3. She once lost her passport right before an international flight but managed to get a new one within hours.

  4. Namibia remains Tanya’s most favorite country for its rugged natural landscapes.

  5. Apart from blogging, Tanya also works as a freelance photographer and cinematographer.

  6. She holds the record of uploading travel videos every week without breaks for over 3 years.

  7. Tanya is terrified of spiders but still tries facing her fears during jungle trips and camping.

  8. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of delicious street foods she samples on the go.

  9. She sleeps with her favorite cushion regardless of where she’s staying during travels.

  10. Tanya keeps a journal to pen downcandid travel memories instead of elaborate planned itineraries.


Whew, we covered a lot about Tanya’s inspiring journey! From her wandering roots in Delhi to conquering over 30 countries, she truly embraced life on the road.

With her bubbly videos and vibrant photos fueling wanderlust worldwide, Tanya proves solo travel is an adventure waiting to be had. While some may see constant moving as exhausting, for Tanya it’s the thrill of each new sunrise in a different destination that energizes her daily.

Who knows where this globe-trotting queen will end up next – but with her curious spirit, we know she’ll continue discovering off-beat places and sharing encounters that’ll have us saying “wow, I need to visit too!” Thanks for joining Tanya on her travels through this biography.

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