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Tech Burner - Biography, Height, Age, Wife, Net Worth & More

Tech Burner

Shlok Srivastava, also known as “Tech Burner” online, has an interesting story that goes back to when he was just a regular guy from a middle-class family. He didn’t have a fancy start, but he really loved technology and wanted to share his thoughts with people.

That love turned into something big – his own YouTube channel called “Tech Burner.” Growing up in a middle-class background, Shlok faced the usual dreams and struggles. But his interest in tech became the starting point for something awesome.

His YouTube channel started small but eventually became super popular, and now lots of people know him as Tech Burner.

So, from being a regular person to becoming India’s favorite YouTuber, Shlok’s journey is pretty amazing. Let’s look at Tech Burner’s biography

Table of Contents

Social Media Handles

Social Media

Number of Followers






11.1 M

Tech Burner


Not Available 

Not Available


1.3 M

Tech Burner

Who is Tech Burner?

Date of Birth

3 December 1995


28 years

Birth Place

Noida, India



Birth Sign






Not Known


70 KG


5 Feet 7 inch

In the world of Indian tech and entertainment, Shlok Srivastava, also known as Tech Burner, is a popular figure. He was born on December 3, 1995, in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Tech Burner has a YouTube channel where he talks about tech stuff in a funny way.

He has more than 9 million people who subscribe to his channel to watch his videos. He also has another channel where he shows his daily life, vlogs, and video game sessions, and that channel also has more than 9 million subscribers.

As of 2023, Shlok is 28 years old, and his horoscope sign is Sagittarius. He grew up in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, with his parents, and he completed his studies up to graduation. In simple terms, SHOLAK, or Shlok Srivastava, is a popular online personality in India known for his funny tech videos and vlogs, and he’s gained a big following on YouTube.

Youtube Journey

His passion for gadgets, nurtured since a young age, led him to create the YouTube channel “Tech Burner” in 2014. On September 26, 2014, Shlok Srivastava initiated his YouTube journey by creating his channel, “Tech Burner.”

Just three days later, on September 29, 2014, he posted his very first video, marking the start of his YouTube career. From there, he continued to produce content, steadily gaining recognition and a substantial following. However, early in his career, he faced copyright issues, leading to a temporary name change to “Shlok Srivastava,” during which he experimented with daily life vlogs.

Unfulfilled with this content, he eventually reverted to the “Tech Burner” name, which marked the start of his channel’s smooth growth. Over the years, Shlok’s dedication and content creation skills paid off, and his channel achieved remarkable success. Presently, Tech Burner boasts more than 9 million subscribers, making Shlok a prominent figure in the Indian tech YouTube community.

He has extended his influence to Instagram, where he shares daily aspects of his life. Additionally, he has become a sought-after choice for brand endorsements, partnering with renowned companies like Sony, Samsung, and others.

Today, Shlok is celebrated as one of India’s premier Tech YouTubers, with more than 5 million subscribers who eagerly anticipate his content. His videos consistently amass over 1 million views, a testament to his enduring popularity in the tech community.

Total Number of Subscribers


Youtube Gold Play Button

1 M

Youtube Silver Play Button

1 Lakh

Best Tech Influencer Award


Forbes 30 Under 30

In the List

Tech Burner’s Education


Delhi Public School, Delhi, India


Delhi University, Delhi, India

Educational Qualification

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)

Tech Burner’s Career

Shlok Srivastava kicked off his career as a YouTuber, he started making videos and sharing them on YouTube. He did a great job at it. To become a successful YouTuber, he worked really hard for six whole years. Today, Shlok’s main job is making YouTube videos, and he plans to keep making similar videos in the future.

But here’s the interesting part: Shlok is not just a YouTuber; he’s also a businessman. He noticed that his YouTube channel was growing really fast, so he decided to start his own brands or companies. This was a big step, and he officially became an entrepreneur in 2020. In 2021, he started another company called “Overlays Clothing Private Limited.” So, Shlok is not just about YouTube; he has several companies to his name, such as Burner Digital Private Limited, Layers Electronic Private Limited, Enterprises SJS Dil Se Private Limited, IBurner Digital Private Limited, and Cruxcel Infratech Private Ltd.

In short, Shlok began his career as a successful YouTuber, and he later became a businessman, running multiple companies alongside his YouTube channel “Tech Burner.”

Tech Burner’s Net Worth

Net Worth

$3 Million

Monthly Income And Salary

$20,000 +

Yearly Income And Salary

$250,000 +

Shlok’s YouTube success is a significant source of his income. With more than 9 million subscribers on his channel, he has earned a reputation for creating distinctive and engaging content. His YouTube channel alone has pushed his net worth to an estimated $3 million.

Shlok Srivastava’s income doesn’t rely solely on YouTube earnings. He diversifies his revenue through various channels. Brand endorsements, virtual entertainment ventures, and YouTube ad revenue all contribute to his financial success.

In a recent interview, he revealed that he earns a significant amount from Google Adsense, showcasing the substantial income he generates through YouTube advertising.

Apart from his online presence, Shlok has established several businesses, including Overlays Clothing Private Limited, Layers Electronic Private Limited, and Burner Digital Private Limited.

These ventures provide him with additional income sources, further bolstering his net worth. Shlok is a sought-after figure for promoting mobile phone brands like Vivo, Samsung, Mi, Motorola, and others. These brand partnerships add to his income, solidifying his position as a high-earning YouTuber and entrepreneur.

Shlok Srivastava’s financial success continues to grow steadily. His net worth experiences an annual increase of approximately 12.02% to 25.33%, showcasing his enduring popularity and expanding income.

Tech Burner’s Personal Life


Not Known


Not Known


Sister: Riya Srivastava


Not Known

Shlok Srivastava was born into a Hindu middle-class family, with his mother working as a housewife. He has a younger sister named Riya Srivastava, and they share a close family bond.

During his early days as Tech Burner, Shlok had around 10,000 subscribers when he uploaded his first video on Instagram. Despite being part of a middle-class family, Shlok displayed a strong sense of self-belief and was driven by a genuine passion for his work rather than the pursuit of money. His journey took an interesting turn when he persuaded his parents to let him skip his college placements.

Shlok simply requested his parents to allow him to continue what he was doing for at least two years. Although he faced some initial challenges, when money started flowing in from his YouTube channel, his parents recognized that he was indeed pursuing something valuable and meaningful.

Shlok’s early content creation days were marked by resourcefulness. He used to borrow a camera and microphone from friends to make videos, with acquiring a camera being one of the most challenging aspects of his profession.

Regarding his personal life, as of the available information, Tech Burner is unmarried. However, he is in a relationship, although the name of his significant other is not known.

Tech Burner’s Favorites

Favorite Singer

Neha Kakkar

Favorite Colors

Blue and Green

Favorite Foods



French fries

Spring rolls



Watching movies


Reading Novels

Favorite Sport


Holiday Destination

Goa, London


Shlok’s journey is really inspiring. He began his YouTube adventure with just a small start but put in a lot of effort and believed in himself.

Now, he’s a big deal with over 9 million fans. What’s even more impressive is that he doesn’t just have fame; he’s also really good at turning his videos into money.

His story is like a guide for anyone who dreams of becoming a YouTuber or making a mark online.

It’s a cool example that in our ever-changing world, if you follow what you love and work hard, you can achieve amazing things.

Tech Burner, through Shlok’s experiences, shows that your passion and dedication can lead to not only personal success but also financial success in the online world.

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