The Locobuzz Mobile App is Here! Here’s all you need to know

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      A Brief Introduction to Locobuzz

      At Locobuzz, we unify Customer Experience (CX) by converging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data, Automation, and Analytics helping leading brands forge stronger relationships with customers. Locobuzz increases efficiency across business processes, and creates seamless CX. In short, Locobuzz is the most advanced customer management suite out there!

      The Locobuzz App: An Announcement

      A giant leap in easing your CX needs, the Locobuzz mobile application is now available to download from the Google Play Store. Loaded with features that will further simplify business processes, the Locobuzz app is convenient and easy to use. It allows you to manage almost everything – from social media mentions to customer queries – right from your mobile device without any hassles or confusion.

      You can now rest easy on those extremely busy workdays as all your social data, statistics, chatter, and mentions are being meticulously monitored by Locobuzz for instant invaluable insights only a touch away!

      What You Get: Features

      There are various reasons why the Locobuzz app should be your go-to choice for all brand monitoring and CX needs, but let’s list out a few of these to help you make up your mind faster.

      Locobuzz prioritizes security over everything else. Our app is super reliable protected by 2-step factor authentication. A username and password are a must to be able to log in. Registering an official email and phone number is necessary to create an account. Locobuzz verifies the user by sending a one-time password directly to their phones. Without this password, no one can log into any account on the app, as seen below.

      Also, the app has the optional feature of social media posts requiring approval before uploading. The approval can be given by the team leader/supervisor.

      Stay Updated With Tickets in Real-Time

      Downloading the Locobuzz mobile app will keep your brand, client, and/or agency at the top of all ticket updates and developments. The app instantly provides important statistics and information through features such as First-Level Response (FLR), Turnaround Time (TAT) to Closure, About to Breach, Already Breached, and Average Handling Time.

      First-Level Response

      Easily viewable, the FLR is the average time to send in the first response to a customer query. With our app, you always know the FLR and are informed every time it fluctuates.

      Turnaround Time to Closure

      The TAT is a vital part of overall customer satisfaction. Our app allows you to always keep a check on the TAT to closure in real-time.

      About to be Breached/Already Breached

      When you don’t respond to a customer query within a specified time limit, determined by the FLR, it has been breached. Our app shows the exact number of queries that have been already breached or are about to be breached. Notifications for the same are sent straight to the user’s phone.

      Average Handling Time

      The average handling time is, as the term suggests, the average time taken to resolve customer complaints from the first response to its closure. Our app displays the average handling time thus helping you stay on top of the most pertinent aspect of your CX.

      Mobile App 2There’s also the most simplified ticket manager interface. Features like ‘filters’, ‘transla

      There’s also the most simplified ticket manager interface. Features like ‘filters’, ‘translate’, and the ability to view both detailed and non-detailed tickets make it extremely easy to use.

      All-In-One Integrated Messaging

      The Locobuzz app gives you the ability to track and respond to customer queries from different digital channels in one place. This increases the response time significantly and helps keep a keen eye on what the users are questioning or complaining about the most.

      Be it website queries, WhatsApp chats, or inquiries through Facebook Messenger, our app integrates all channels under one screen. Replying to queries and escalating issues is just a ‘touch’ away with our friendly user experience (UX) and easy-to-navigate interface.

      The Locobuzz app also lets the user create multiple canned responses based on the nature of the most common queries. A bank can create standard canned responses for issues about card loss, credit or debit card queries, loan inquiries, etc.

      Reports On-The-Go

      Accessing reports has never been as easy as it is with the Locobuzz mobile application. You can not only view reports right from within the app but can also generate reports. You have the option of filtering reports by different criteria, and generating HTML reports.

      The app also has a ‘User Profile’ where you can view your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Sentiment Score. The user gets access to Locobuzz’s Smart Single Response Engine that leverages a higher standard of AI for a fast response without compromising the quality.

      So, now that your mind’s made up, download the application here right now!

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