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The New Widget Of Digital Marketing In Real Estate: Chatbot

Table of Contents

Why are chatbots important?

The role of chatbots in digital marketing is of high importance today! Chatbots help manage the digital customer experience in a highly competitive sector. One such sector is Real Estate. Locobuzz has helped Experts from the Real Estate sector to excel and achieve milestones in their journey with the incorporation of chatbots in their system.
Real Estate Chatbots have proved itself to increase sales in this ever evolving field.

Locobuzz has helped one of the most prominent brands in Indian real estate to enhance its customer experience.

The idea was to help the brand in their campaign and CX management by deploying bots, which helped in advancing their after-sales service and further enhancement of customer satisfaction with the brand.

The many uses of chatbots

Another such example is the use of chatbots in smart home automation. This service is designed to put customers at ease. It is a concept of touchless entry and the use of smart home scenes (Lights ON etc.). Locobuzz has helped them to adapt future-ready technology for business enhancement. The incorporation of Chatbots has helped them get:

  • Feedbacks & can negotiate via chatbot
  • Access to multiple properties
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Connect to Live Agent or send a problem report
  • Upsell to Current or Prior Customers
  • Get access to User Behaviour Data. Identify user preferences
  • Design custom campaign

How chatbots help customers?

The busyness and routine make it difficult for buyers to take out time and make wise decisions while buying a home. Now, imagine, if the answers to the buyers’ queries were a click away. A chatbot for the real estate industry fills this gap. With a real estate business, chatbot buyers get immediate access to information without waiting to meet real estate agents. Real estate chatbots has proved to be the game changer for the businesses.

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The pandemic has certainly hit businesses so much so that the real estate segment has been in a crash. For years, property selling and buying have been physical work wherein the buyer meets the agent and goes to visit the properties. The decision of whether to buy or not is made later. The chatbot for the real estate industry provides a seamless experience to buyers who can use it to interact and clarify their doubts 24/7.

The reboot of the real estate business

The latest trend of the digital platform is the chatbot for the real estate industry. A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence-powered human interaction program software. It is an in-built app that is user-friendly and, these days, you can find it on most websites.

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Real estate has incorporated online agents who are available in the form of a real estate business chatbot to answer customer queries 24/7. This simplifies the sale process giving the buyers a personalized experience. Integration of  chatbot for the real estate industry enhances the customer experience thus increasing the chances of conversions.

Reasons to use chatbot in real estate

Support prospects after hours

Once the prospect has inquired about the details there are chances that they would have any queries. Property deals involve huge investments hence anyone would be insecure and have a lot of questions and using the chatbot technology can provide huge support to the prospects in this. 
Real Estate Chatbot can increase the lead generation & provide all the required information to the potential clients anytime.

Real-time inquiry

The chatbot is not only an app, but it also allows users to have a real-time experience online. E.g.: – if the prospect wants to know more details about the real estate property, he can get access to the pictures, videos, and other details easily.

Available 24/7

When customers buy a new property sometimes, they are unable to connect to the customer care number and this annoys them. A chatbot for real estate can help them with immediate solutions to their property-related questions. It gives them an instant reply without any delay as it is available 24/7. Ability to serve the prospects at any time has been one of the biggest strengths of the chatbot for real estate sector.
Whatsapp chatbot for real estate has proved to be a boon!

Collect rental applications

Paying dues online is now the new norm. A real estate business chatbot helps customers with hassle-free payments online. With the inbuilt app, this feature is an add-on to avoid the delay in payments and involves less paperwork instead of having to send mailers for confirmation after the payment is done.

Schedule property viewing

Now choose to view the property at your own convenience. While investing in a real estate property everyone has the eagerness to look into the features of the property from how it looks to the size, space, and design. This can also be scheduled as per the convenience of the buyer so that the buyer gets a real-time preview.

360 Degree virtual tour

What could be more exciting than getting a virtual tour sitting at home with family and having a view of your dream home? At times, customers don’t get the real feel from the pictures so the chatbot for the real estate industry provides a 360 Degree Virtual tour to the customers.

Search MLS listing

The real estate business chatbot offers customers a choice to choose the broker/agent with the MLS Listing feature. They provide the data about the properties. To access this search, the buyer has to pay some amount of fee or membership fee, and then the agent would provide the details about the house, area, and sq ft, etc.

Automate your follow-up process

It allows you to easily interact with customers. The conversation can for sure convert into a business which is a win-win situation for businesses. The important aspect of any sales process is follow-up. Through the chatbot for the real estate industry, one can understand the type of inquiry. And, after the conversation, the mailer can be sent for a follow-up process.

History of interaction

Chatbots help cut down the confusions which usually happens in one-to-one conversation and on calls. A real estate chatbot records the conversation and can track it whenever needed. The history of what has been inquired eases the confusion and helps the businesses to take care of buyers’ needs. Thus, it can be said the chatbots for real estate 

Choose the best chatbot developer

Choosing the right chatbot developer is very crucial. Businesses need to check up on their business needs and then decide upon which chatbot technology will suit their business? There are many chatbot developers in the market and a few of the examples can be – Locobuzz, Flow XO, Mobile Monkey, TARS, Pandorabots, etc. So, before choosing one, make sure you choose the right one which helps the marketing strategy of your company.

Questions a real estate chatbot can ask customers

  1. Which city you are looking for property investment in?
  2. Do you want to buy or sell the property?
  3. Which one do you want an Independent house or a Flat?
  4. Do you need a fully furnished or unfurnished one?
  5. What is the budget you are looking for?

Future of chatbot in real estate

As Artificial Intelligence is combined and with the development of 5G technology, businesses, employees, and consumers are likely to enjoy enhanced chatbot features. A digital marketer would love to have such chatbots as a part of their business services. This will not only help in the reduction of manual force but also help the company to enhance its marketing strategy digitally.

Locobuzz can help you build trust and gain loyalty for your brand. Incorporation of the chatbots can help you with better Customer Engagement and Time Management. Assistance in saving money and additional sources. It can help you enhance your customer service, can help you to collect and convert leads into customers. Generate Real-time Enquiries and deal with User Specific Data

Chatbots make the world a more efficient and connected place to live and work in. So, if you want to be digitally smart and are looking for more efficient technology that can improve the customer service standard then you can look upon Locobuzz Chatbots, Mobile Monkey and Pandorabots, etc.

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