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Top 5 Customer Intelligence Platforms to Gain Actionable Insights

In this digital era, an empowered customer makes a company powerful. Knowing your customers’ wants and preferences is crucial to creating an efficient product or service. It’s humanly impossible to collect, clean, organize, and analyze the entire digital customer data to use to your advantage. Customer intelligent platforms help businesses get valuable insights about their customers and can use that information to provide a seamless customer experience.

Customer intelligence platforms have multiple capabilities like feedback management, A/B testing, survey analysis, etc. With such customer experience tools, you can quickly analyze customers’ preferences and deliver personalized and improved services.

Table of Contents

Benefits of Customer Intelligence Platforms

1. Moving towards an omnichannel world

With advancing digital transformation, the marketing channels keep increasing. However, the customers don’t want to start from scratch every time they switch channels. These platforms use an omnichannel approach to provide a seamless experience to the customer across multiple marketing channels. 

2. Increased demand for personalized services

Every customer is different and therefore needs personalized services. Your business can use the automated machine learning algorithms from customer intelligence platforms to give your customers personalized services showing them that your company cares!

3. Pocket-friendly marketing option

It’s difficult for marketing and IT teams to run ad-hoc campaigns using customer data from multiple channels. In addition, marketing prices are increasing daily, creating problems in measuring ROIs. Using customer insights platforms can help in saving both time and money.

Top Customer Intelligence Platforms for 2022

Following are some of the top customer intelligence tools presented with extensive research and analysis. These customer experience tools will help you boost your customer experience and add value to your customers.

Here is the list of top customer intelligent platforms:

  • Locobuzz
  • SAS Customer
  • Intelligence
  • Funnel
  • UserVoice
  • Qualtrics
  • Yotpo

Locobuzz is an analytics-based omnichannel marketing platform that supports various options like social media analytics, digital strategy, CRM analytics and much more. Being AI-powered, Locobuzz leverages automation and analytics across multiple marketing channels facilitating improved customer relations and efficiency in business processes.

Why Locobuzz?

  • Uses omnichannel approach
  • Rich customer intelligence
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Reputation and crisis management

SAS customer intelligence is for you if you are a large enterprise and want to take advantage of the extensive customer data. Its interface is technical, so you may require an IT team to work on it. It can pre-process and analyze a large amount of data in no time to give you valuable insights.

Why SAS Customer Intelligence?

  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Creates OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cube
  • Robust activation of customer journey and marketing planning
  • Has open API

We all know that customer data is not stagnant; it keeps updating every second. Funnel collects and centralizes data from multiple sources like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. The process is repeated multiple times daily so that your data is fresh and your analysis is up to date.


  • Helps in data visualization
  • Allows platform manipulation without breaking the data model
  • Stores original historical data for future references
  • Centralises data in one place, making it ideal for eCommerce businesses

You can turn customer feedback into valuable insights using UserVoice. It collects feedback from multiple channels and directs them to a central database making other processes more manageable. It’s not limited to feedback management; you can also analyze customers’ needs and how they can affect your product’s features.

Why UserVoice?

  • Allows segmentation of product feedback
  • Uses market intelligence to capture customer feedback
  • Has a modern analytics platform to facilitate analysis, comparison and testing of products
  • Overcomes geographic barriers

Qualtrics uses high-end predictive analysis capabilities to understand customer data better and predict their behaviours. In addition, it works on an omnichannel approach to allow seamless customer experience across multiple marketing channels. Furthermore, it facilitates data collection from various sources like social media, email or website engagements.

Why Qualtrics?

  • An agile marketing platform
  • Has drag and drop simplicity
  • Automated statistical analysis and translation
  • Facilitates sentiment and open text analysis

You can build a delightful customer experience and a strong brand positioning with Yotpo a CX analysis tool. Yotpo generates content with artificial intelligence and allows you to collect data in multiple forms like likes, images, videos, captions etc., from social media. It offers you a consolidated dashboard presenting you the big picture at a glance.

Why Yotpo?

  • Robust analytics and insight generation
  • Facilitates analysis of user-generated content
  • Uses sentiment and natural language analysis
  • Allows customer performance visibility


As we have seen, these customer intelligence platforms have become so popular considering their benefits and ease to businesses. These platforms help you to collect, clean, model and analyze customer data from all over the world to gain valuable insights. These insights are comprehended and implemented to make the customer experience seamless and retain long-term customer loyalty.

These platforms are the best option if you want to keep ahead of your competitors by constantly improving and innovating products and marketing strategies.
Which platform became your favourite? Let us know!

Still, have questions? Looking for professional help? Do connect with Locobuzz and get the best CX tool to rid of all your CRM issues.

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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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