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InstaStars: Top 25 Instagram Influencers Shaping India's Social Media Scene

top influencers in IndiaAre you curious about the most influential personalities on Instagram in India? Look no further! This list showcases the top influencers in India who are revolutionizing the digital landscape.

These individuals have mastered the art of captivating their audience with engaging content across various niches.

Prepare to be inspired as you explore their stunning visuals, insightful captions, and unique perspectives.

Whether you’re seeking fashion inspiration, makeup tutorials, fitness motivation, or wanderlust-inducing travel experiences, these Indian influencers have got you covered.

Stay in the loop with the latest trends and insights by following these dynamic individuals who are shaping the future of social media.

Discover their stories, be part of their journey, and let their creativity inspire you. Keep scrolling to find out who made the cut for the top 25 Instagram influencers in India.

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Top 25 Instagram Influencers In India

Table of Contents

Bhuvan Bam

BB KI VINES is a famous and most viewed youtube channel in India.BB KI VINES is a started by the famous youtuber Bhuvan Bam with who is a youtuber,singer and singer.
Bhuvan himself performs the majority of the comedy sketches, monologues, and parody songs on BB Ki Vines.

In his videos, he plays a variety of characters, frequently mirroring real-world events and contemporary social issues. Bhuvan has a devoted following because of his talent for engaging audiences with smart storytelling and humorous timing.BB Ki Vines currently has 26.3 million subscribers on youtube

Bhuvan Bam currently has 17.2M Subscribers on Instagram.

Bhuvan Bam’s YouTube success has not only made him famous, but also given him a sizable financial reward. He has amassed millions of followers and countless billions of views on his videos, making him one of India’s highest-paid YouTubers. Bhuvan’s inventiveness, commitment, and capacity for audience engagement have elevated BB Ki Vines to a household brand in the Indian YouTube community.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is a prominent Indian cricketer and one of the most influential sports personalities in India. He was born on November 5, 1988, in Delhi, India. Kohli is widely regarded as one of the best batsmen in the world and has achieved numerous records and accolades throughout his career.

Kohli made his international debut for the Indian cricket team in 2008 and quickly rose to prominence with his exceptional batting skills and consistency. He has been a key player in all three formats of the game, including Test matches, One-Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is).

Virat Kohli has a lot of achievements in the field of cricket.Virat Kohli has received many awards for his contribution to the field of cricket.
Virat Kholi is currently having 254 Million Followers on Instagram and he is among the
most followed Instagram influencers in India.

In addition to his accomplishments on the field, Virat Kohli is well-known on social media, especially Instagram. He has a huge following and frequently posts glimpses into his personal life, workouts, and endorsement deals. Kohli’s Instagram account (@virat.kohli) offers details on his workout regimens, wardrobe preferences, and charitable endeavors.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is a highly acclaimed actress, singer, and producer who has achieved global recognition. She was born on July 18, 1982, in Jamshedpur, India. Priyanka Chopra initially gained fame as Miss World 2000 when she won the prestigious beauty pageant.

Priyanka Chopra made her acting debut in Bollywood with the film “The Hero: Love Story of a Spy” in 2003. She went on to star in several successful Hindi films, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Some of her notable Bollywood movies include Fashion, Barfi,Mary Kom, and Bajirao Mastani.

Priyanka Chopra is well renowned for her charitable work and has supported numerous organizations. She participates actively in campaigns for women’s empowerment, education, and child rights as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.
Priyanka Chopra’s Instagram account currently has 88.3 Million followers .

Priyanka Chopra frequently shares updates about her work, personal life, and social causes. She uses her platform to advocate for important issues and promote inclusivity and diversity.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is a highly acclaimed Bollywood actress and one of the leading personalities in the Indian film industry. She was born on January 5, 1986, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and raised in Bengaluru, India. Deepika is known for her versatility as an actress and her captivating performances on screen.

In 2007, Padukone made her Bollywood acting debut in the movie “Om Shanti Om,” for which she won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. She has since appeared in a number of profitable films and made a name for herself as one of India’s most in-demand actors.

Deepika Paadukone is currently has 74.5 Million followers on Instagram.

Deepika Padhukone frequently posts glimpses into her personal and professional lives. She makes use of her platform to interact with her followers, advertise her work, and promote vital causes.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar, born as Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia on September 9, 1967, in Amritsar, Punjab, India, is one of the most popular and influential actors in the Indian film industry, often referred to as Bollywood. He has established himself as a versatile actor known for his action-packed roles, comedy, and socially relevant films.

Akshay Kumar started his career in Bollywood as an action hero in the late 1980s. He became well-known for his roles in films like “Main Khiladi Tu Anari,” “Mohra,” and “Khiladi.” He eventually played a variety of roles in many genres, including romantic comedies, tragedies, and patriotic movies, showcasing his flexibility.

Akshay Kumar currently has 65.2 Million followers on Instagram.
Akshay Kumar is known for his disciplined lifestyle and physical fitness, Akshay Kumar has often performed his own stunts in movies, earning the nickname “Khiladi Kumar” for his action-oriented roles. He has been part of numerous successful films such as “Hera Pheri,” “Singh is Kinng,” “Rowdy Rathore,” “Bhool Bhulaiyaa,” “Airlift,” “Toilet: Ek Prem Katha,” and “Mission Mangal,”

He uses his instagram to give updates on his career, workout regimens, personal life, and movie promotions.

Gaurav Taneja

Gaurav Taneja, popularly known as “Flying Beast,” is a well-known Indian YouTuber and social media influencer. He was born on July 9, 1986, in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Gaurav gained significant popularity through his YouTube channel, where he shares vlogs and content related to fitness, aviation, and his personal life.

Gaurav’s YouTube channel, Flying Beast, has garnered a substantial following and millions of views on his videos. His content resonates with viewers due to his authenticity, humor, and the unique perspective he brings to his vlogs.
Gaurav Taneja currently has 3.8 Million followers on Instagram and 7.95 Million Subscribers on Youtube.

Gaurav Taneja connects with his followers, shares updates about his life, and provides glimpses into his travels, fitness journey, and family.

Gaurav Taneja is a well-known social media influencer in India thanks to his relevant content, down-to-earth demeanor, and love of fitness and flying. Through his YouTube channel and social media presence, he continues to inspire and amuse his fans.

Ajey Nagar

Ajey Nagar, popularly known as CarryMinati, is a renowned Indian YouTuber and social media influencer. He was born on June 12, 1999, in Faridabad, Haryana, India. CarryMinati gained significant popularity for his unique content style, including roast videos, rants, and comedic sketches.

CarryMinati’s rise to fame began with his YouTube channel, which features comedic and satirical videos on various topics. His witty commentary, humorous style, and bold approach to content creation have garnered him a massive following. He became widely known for his viral video titled “YouTube vs TikTok – The End,” which garnered millions of views and created a significant impact in the Indian digital space.

Ajey Nagar Instagram page is named as Carryminati and has 17.8 Million followers on Instagram.Ajay Nagar also has a youtube channel known as Carry Minati.Carry Minati is also a No 1 Youtube channel in the country.Carry Minati channel has 38.5 Million subscribers.

He has also delved into music and released several rap songs, further showcasing his creativity and versatility as an entertainer.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, often referred to as the “Master Blaster,” is a legendary Indian cricketer and one of the greatest batsmen in the history of the sport. He was born on April 24, 1973, in Mumbai, India. Tendulkar’s cricketing career spanned 24 years, during which he achieved numerous records and became a national icon.

At the age of 16, Tendulkar earned his debut for the Indian cricket team in 1989. He gained notoriety right away, displaying his remarkable talent and skill. Having amassed an astounding total of more than 34,000 international runs, Sachin Tendulkar holds the record for most runs scored in Test and One-Day International (ODI) cricket history.


Tendulkar, who is renowned for his flawless batting technique, has achieved many records and significant milestones throughout his career. He set the record for the most runs scored in both Test and ODI matches and became the first player to score 100 international centuries.
Sachin Tendulkar currently has 41 Million Followers on Instagram.

Tendulkar made a significant contribution to Indian cricket.
He was essential in helping India win important competitions, such as the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, where he helped the team win the crown. He has won a plethora of honors and recognition, including India’s highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna.

The fame and significance of Sachin Tendulkar go far beyond his playing career. He continues to be a global icon for millions of cricket fans and is regarded as an inspiration for aspiring players. It is impossible to compare his impact on the sport or his standing as a cricketing icon.

Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer Allahbadia, popularly known as BeerBiceps, is a well-known Indian YouTuber, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast. He was born on June 2, 1993, in Mumbai, India. Ranveer gained significant popularity through his YouTube channel, where he shares content related to fitness, grooming, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

BeerBiceps aims to spread a holistic philosophy of physical exercise and good living. Ranveer offers educational films on subjects including exercise regimens, food diets, mental health, and general lifestyle enhancement. His writing is renowned for its relevance, relatability, and upbeat attitude.

Ranveer Allahbadia’s instagram page named as BeerBiceps has 2.5 Million followers on Instagram.BeerBiceps Youtube Channel has 5.64 Million Subscribers.

He communicates with his followers through his platforms, shares updates about his life and career, and offers more fitness and lifestyle information.

Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is an influential Indian motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and YouTuber. He is widely recognized for his inspiring talks and seminars, which aim to empower individuals and help them achieve their goals and aspirations.
Sandeep Maheshwari’s journey began in 2003 when he launched his own photography company.

However, after facing numerous challenges and setbacks, he decided to share his experiences and life lessons to motivate and guide others. In 2012, he founded ImagesBazaar, an online platform for stock images, which became one of the world’s largest collections of Indian photographs.

The adventure of Sandeep Maheshwari began in 2003 when he established his own photography business. He made the decision to share his experiences and life lessons, nevertheless, after going through a number of hardships and setbacks, in an effort to inspire and mentor others.

He established the stock image website ImagesBazaar in 2012, which grew to house one of the biggest collections of images from India.

Sandeep Maheshwari has more than 27.8 Million Subscribers on his youtube channel and 4.8 Million Followers on Instagram.
His dedication to social problems has strengthened his standing as a kind and powerful person.

Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish Chanchlani is a renowned Indian YouTuber, comedian, and social media influencer. He was born on December 7, 1993, in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, India. Ashish gained significant popularity through his YouTube channel, where he creates comedic sketches, parodies, and relatable content.

Ashish Chanchlani is a popular Indian YouTuber, actor, and content creator known for his hilarious comedy sketches and vines. He has amassed a significant following and has become one of the most popular digital creators in India.
Ashish Chanchlani started his YouTube journey in 2009, but it was in 2014 that he gained substantial attention and recognition. Ashish Chanchlani Vines is the name of Ashish Chanchlani Channel.

His channel features a variety of comedic content, including skits, parodies, and funny videos that often center around relatable everyday situations. Ashish’s videos are known for their energetic performances, humorous dialogues, and quirky characters, all of which have resonated with his audience.

Ashish Chanchlani Vines currently has 29.7 Million subscribers and 14.6 Million Instagram followers.
Ashish Chanchlani’s journey to glory on YouTube exemplifies his humorous aptitude, originality, and capacity for engagement with viewers. He is adored in the Indian internet entertainment scene thanks to his accessible humor and contagious enthusiasm.

Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor is a popular Indian actress and singer who primarily works in Bollywood films.

She was born on March 3, 1987, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, into a family with a strong connection to the film industry.
She made her acting debut in the movie “Teen Patti” in 2010, but she won widespread praise for her work in “Aashiqui 2” in 2013.

She became well-known thanks to the film’s success and received numerous nominations and awards. Since then, she has acted in a number of popular films, exhibiting her talent in a variety of genres like romantic comedies, action thrillers, and comedies.
Shraddha Kapoor has 81.4 million subscribers on Instagram.

Shraddha Kapoor is active on social media sites like Instagram, where she interacts with her followers and posts updates on her projects and personal life.

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma is a renowned Indian actress, film producer, and former model. She was born on May 1, 1988, in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Anushka made her acting debut in Bollywood with the film “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” in 2008, opposite Shah Rukh Khan. Since then, she has established herself as one of the leading actresses in the Indian film industry.
Anushka Sharma currently has 64.4 Million Subscribers on Instagram.

Anushka Sharma has made a name for herself in the Indian film business with her talent, charm, and devotion to her profession. She has a devoted following and the respect of critics and audiences because of her work as an actor, producer, and activist.

Mithila Palkar

Mithila Palkar is a talented Indian actress and singer known for her work in films, web series, and music videos. She was born on January 12, 1993, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Mithila gained popularity through her appearances in Marathi web series and short films before making her mark in the mainstream entertainment industry.

Her ground-breaking performance in the Marathi online series “Girl in the City” (2016–2017), in which she played the title role of Meera Sehgal, Mithila Palkar gained notoriety. Her portrayal of a small-town girl negotiating life in Mumbai was well-received by critics and resonated with a sizable audience.

Mithila Palkar currently has 4 Million followers on Instagram.
Mithila Palkar has gained popularity in the Indian entertainment sector thanks to her acting prowess, musical skills, and down-to-earth behavior. She keeps working on various projects, such as movies, web series, and music, enthralling audiences with her adaptability and contagious enthusiasm.

Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushmann Khurrana is a renowned Indian actor, singer, and television host. He was born on September 14, 1984, in Chandigarh, India. Ayushmann began his career in the entertainment industry as a radio jockey and later ventured into acting and singing, where he gained significant recognition and success.

In the 2012 movie “Vicky Donor,” Khurrana made his acting debut as the main character of a sperm donor. He won the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut for the critically and financially successful movie. Since then, Ayushmann has acted in a number of outlandish and socially significant films, garnering attention for both his acting choices and talents.

Ayushmann Khurrana currently has 17.5 Million Followers on Instagram
In the Indian cinema industry, Ayushmann Khurrana has established himself as a specialist. He keeps enlightening audiences with his provocative performances and his commitment to pushing boundaries in his work.

Prajakta koli

Prajakta Koli, also known as MostlySane, is a popular Indian YouTuber, content creator, and social media influencer. She was born on June 23, 1993, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Prajakta gained significant popularity through her YouTube channel, where she creates comedy sketches, vlogs, and relatable content.

Due to her funny and relevant videos, Prajakta immediately developed a sizable following on YouTube after beginning her channel in 2015. Her writing frequently focuses on commonplace events, social issues, and her experiences as a young Indian woman. Prajakta is a fan favorite among viewers because of her sharp humor, upbeat demeanor, and capacity for audience connection.

Prajakta Koli currently has 7.7 Million followers on Instagram and 6.98 Million Followers on her Youtube channel.
Prajakta is one of India’s top female content providers thanks to her appeal and relatability. Her work appeals to a diverse audience, particularly young viewers who value her genuineness, humor, and capacity to tackle serious subjects in a compelling way.

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt is a popular Indian actress and singer who primarily works in Bollywood films. She was born on March 15, 1993, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, into a family associated with the film industry. Alia made her acting debut in Bollywood with the film “Student of the Year” in 2012, directed by Karan Johar.

Alia Bhatt has showcased her versatility as an actress by portraying a wide range of characters in various films. Some of her notable performances include films like “Highway,” “Udta Punjab,” “Dear Zindagi,” “Raazi,” “Gully Boy,” and “Kalank.” Her performances have been appreciated for their depth, intensity, and natural acting skills.

Alia Bhatt currently has 78.1 Million Followers on Instagram.
Alia Bhatt has become one of the most sought-after actresses in Bollywood. Her versatility and ability to bring depth to her characters have earned her a significant fan following and critical acclaim.

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is a popular Indian actor known for his energetic performances and charismatic personality. He was born on July 6, 1985, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Ranveer made his acting debut in Bollywood with the film “Band Baaja Baaraat” in 2010, and since then, he has become one of the most prominent and successful actors in the industry.

Ranveer Singh is renowned for his adaptability and capacity to play a variety of roles. He has acted in films of several genres, such as historical dramas, romantic comedies, and action thrillers. Some of his well-known roles have been in films like “Padmaavat,” “Bajirao Mastani,” “Gully Boy,” “Dil Dhadakne Do,” and “Simba.” He has received accolades for his performances for his intensity, vigor, and commitment to his characters.

Ranveer Singh currently has 43.6 million subscribers on instagram
He continues to amuse viewers with his on-screen presence and is still one of Bollywood’s most important and admired performers.

Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh, is a highly acclaimed Indian playback singer. He was born on April 25, 1987, in Jiaganj, Murshidabad, West Bengal, India. Arijit Singh gained widespread recognition and popularity through his soulful and melodious singing voice.

Arijit Singh began his musical career by competing in reality singing competitions. In 2005, he won the reality competition “Fame Gurukul,” which catapulted him to popularity.

But it was his breakthrough song “Tum Hi Ho” from the 2013 movie “Aashiqui 2” that propelled him to popularity and cemented his reputation.

His talent to express strong emotions through his singing was on full display in the song, which became a huge hit.

Arijit Singh currently has 8.2 million followers on Instagram and 3.33 M followers on his youtube channel.

Arijit Singh has emerged as one of the most adored and prosperous playback singers in the Indian music industry thanks to his captivating voice and capacity to express a wide range of emotions. He is a well-known character in the music industry thanks to his heartfelt performance he has now become one of the key personalities in the field of music.

Gaurav Chaudhary

Gaurav Chaudhary, popularly known as Technical Guruji, is an Indian YouTuber, tech influencer, and internet personality. He was born on May 7, 1991, in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. Gaurav gained fame through his YouTube channel,

Technical Guruji, where he provides technology-related content, gadget reviews, and tech news in a simplified and informative manner.

Technical Guruji is the channel is a famous youtube channel which is run by the
Gaurav Chaudhary who is also known as ‘guruji’ and gained a wide range of following on his youtube channel and has gained a prominent position in the Indian Tech Community.

Technical Guruji covers a wide range of tech-related topics, including smartphone reviews, unboxings, technology news, app reviews, and gadget comparisons.

Gaurav provides detailed and informative videos that help viewers understand the features, performance, and value of various consumer electronics products.The channel has 23M on his youtube channel and 2.6 million followers on Instagram .

Gaurav Chaudhary has worked effectively and consistently to keep people updated about the latest trends in the field of technology.


Badshah, whose real name is Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, is a renowned Indian rapper, music composer, and singer. He was born on November 19, 1985, in Delhi, India. Badshah gained prominence in the Indian music industry with his unique style of rap and catchy beats.

Beginning his career, Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah were both members of the underground rap crew Mafia Mundeer. He first came into prominence as a result of his work with Honey Singh, which included the hit song “Brown Rang.” But afterwards, Badshah made the decision to go solo and started putting out his own tracks.

Badshah currently has 12.3 million followers on Instagram and 6.83 million subscribers on youtube.

Badshah has released multiple chart-topping singles and has worked with other well-known musicians thanks to his energizing rap verses and blend of Punjabi and Hindi lyrics.

A few of his well-known songs are “DJ Waley Babu,” “Kar Gayi Chull,” “Mercy,” “Paagal,” and “Garmi.” His tracks are well-liked by listeners with various musical preferences because they frequently combine traditional and urban Indian sounds.

Vicky Kaushal

Vicky Kaushal is a popular Indian actor who predominantly works in Hindi films. He was born on May 16, 1988, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Vicky comes from a family with a strong background in the film industry, as his father, Shyam Kaushal, is a renowned Bollywood action director.

Vicky Kaushal made his acting debut in the Neeraj Ghaywan-directed movie “Masaan” in 2015. He received favorable reviews for his work in the movie and the prestigious IIFA Award for Best Male Debut in recognition of it. Since then, he has given standout performances in a number of films, displaying his acting range.

Vicky Kaushal currently has 15.8 million subscribers on instagram.
Vicky Kaushal made his acting debut in the Neeraj Ghaywan-directed film “Masaan” in 2015.

He was praised for his performance in the film and honored with the prestigious IIFA Award for Best Male Debut. Since then, he has delivered noteworthy performances in a variety of films, showcasing his range as an actor.

Sunil Chhetri

Sunil Chhetri is a professional Indian footballer and the captain of the Indian national football team. He was born on August 3, 1984, in Secunderabad, Telangana, India. Sunil Chhetri is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers in Indian history and has made significant contributions to the sport in the country.

With one of the most prominent football clubs in India, Mohun Bagan, Chhetri started his professional career in 2002. Later on, he played for a number of teams both domestically and internationally, including JCT FC, Dempo SC, Kansas City Wizards (now Sporting Kansas City) in Major League Soccer (MLS), Bengaluru FC, and Mumbai City FC in the Indian Super League (ISL).

Sunil Chhetri currently has 5.2 million followers on Instagram.

The popularity and growth of Indian football have been significantly influenced by Sunil Chhetri’s contributions to the game. Young football players have been motivated by him, and he has helped Indian football get more recognition in the world.

Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is a popular Indian YouTuber and comedian known for his entertaining and humorous content. He was born on September 7, 1991, in Faridabad, Haryana, India. Amit gained massive popularity through his YouTube channel, which focuses on creating comedy sketches, vines, and humorous storytelling.

Amit Bhadana is an Indian Comedian and Youtuber who started his youtube journey in the year 2017 and his channel currently has 24.4 million subscribers and 9 million followers on Instagram.

His distinctive Haryanvi accent and use of regional references in his videos, which make them approachable to a broad audience, set Amit Bhadana apart from other YouTubers.

He explores a variety of social and cultural issues in his writing, frequently highlighting the peculiarities and idiosyncrasies of Indian families, relationships, and everyday interactions.

With his YouTube popularity, Amit Bhadana has gained not only fame but also money. He is among the highest-paid YouTubers in India thanks to brand partnerships, sponsorships, and commercials.

Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor is a renowned Indian chef, entrepreneur, and television personality. He was born on April 10, 1964, in Ambala, Haryana, India. Sanjeev Kapoor is widely recognized as one of the most prominent faces in the Indian culinary world.
Kapoor began his culinary journey with a diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology from the Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa, New Delhi.

He then honed his skills and gained experience working in various hotel kitchens in India. Kapoor’s passion for cooking, combined with his creative flair, led him to become a pioneer in popularizing Indian cuisine both in India and internationally.

Sanjeev Kapoor 1.4 million followers on instagram and 7.28 million followers on his youtube channel Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana.

Sanjeev Kapoor has motivated innumerable home cooks and aspiring chefs with his friendly demeanor, culinary prowess, and dedication to promoting Indian cuisine.

He is a well-known figure in the food sector thanks to his love of cooking and his efforts to popularize Indian cuisine worldwide.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the world of Instagram in India is buzzing with talented individuals who have mastered the art of influence.

From fashionistas and beauty gurus to fitness enthusiasts and travel adventurers, these top influencers in India are taking the social media scene by storm.

With their captivating content, unique perspectives, and massive followings, they have become trendsetters and role models for many.

By following these influencers, you can stay updated on the latest fashion trends, beauty hacks, fitness routines, and travel destinations.

Their stories and journeys are an endless source of inspiration, motivating us to explore our own passions and embrace our individuality.

So, join the Instagram revolution in India and let these influencers ignite your imagination, push your boundaries, and empower you to live your best life. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with these incredible personalities who are shaping the future of social media. Start following them today and get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, creativity, and inspiration.

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