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Top 25 PR Agencies in Delhi - 2024

top pr agencies in delhi

As of 2024, the capital city boasts an impressive array of Public Relations firms, each with its unique approach and expertise.These agencies are not merely entities; they are the architects of brand narratives, the orchestrators of communication strategies, and the custodians of reputation. The 25 top PR Agencies in Delhi – 2024 are listed below:

PR Agencies in Delhi

1. Crosshairs Communication

Crosshairs Communication is recognized as a leading boutique agency in India, specializing in PR, social media, and influencer marketing. They provide tailored, innovative solutions to a diverse range of pioneering brands across sectors such as fashion, beauty, F&B, lifestyle, luxury, media, entertainment, wellness, alcoholic beverages, and hospitality. The agency boasts a dedicated, well-connected, and proficient team, fully committed to delivering top-tier services to their esteemed client portfolio.

Crosshairs Communication’s guiding principles are innovation, strategic thinking, and an entrepreneurial spirit, consistently yielding impactful results that exceed expectations. Their comprehensive suite of services encompasses public relations, media outreach, strategic consultancy, communication strategy, press release creation, content development (written and digital), influencer management, social media and digital strategy, event planning, guest list management, and cross-brand collaborations.

2. Shakya Technology

Shakya Technology, a prominent web development and digital marketing service provider, operates from its bases in Dubai and India. Their core services encompass web development and digital marketing, offering businesses the means to establish a strong local presence while expanding their global reach. The company is dedicated to implementing innovative strategies aimed at enhancing their clients’ business growth.

Shakya Technology’s platform excels in internet marketing, offering comprehensive solutions that include organic growth, keyword research aligned with the latest market trends, mobile app promotion, online reputation management, online brand promotion, social media optimization and management, as well as pay-per-click advertising. At the heart of Shakya Technology’s vision is the goal to empower small businesses, startups, corporations, and organizations by establishing a robust online presence through website development. Their primary aim is to deliver quality results to clients. They aspire to become a global IT and internet consultancy, consistently striving for high levels of efficiency and innovation. In essence, Shakya Technology is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital age.

3. Techtra Digital

Techtra Digital Marketing Agency, a prominent player in the digital marketing landscape, offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), website development, mobile app development, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and more.

Driven by a mission to deliver excellence, Techtra Digital aims to optimize ROIs and foster overall business growth for its diverse clientele. Their vision is to assist clients in crafting brands that draw customers and generate substantial revenue, all while ensuring a top-notch customer experience. They prioritize timely delivery, competitive rates, and, most importantly, complete client satisfaction. With a global client base, Techtra Digital is a trusted partner for businesses seeking top-tier digital marketing services. Whether it’s SEO, website development, or other digital solutions, Techtra Digital is synonymous with excellence and commitment to helping clients achieve their goals.

4. The PRactice

The PRactice is a dynamic and integrated service provider that excels in helping clients navigate the intricacies of today’s hyper-connected and discerning marketplace. With a core focus on articulating brand identity and fostering trust, they offer a range of specialized services that empower businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape. The company’s comprehensive solutions and programs are designed to empower clients to seize unforeseen opportunities and effectively address unexpected challenges. They excel in delivering authentic and clear messaging that resonates with key stakeholders, regardless of their location or platform.

With over two decades of industry presence, The PRactice has earned its reputation as a seasoned PR firm. The PRactice places a strong emphasis on building lasting relationships with all stakeholders and ensuring that the client’s message reaches the right audience with precision and impact. Their unwavering dedication to excellence and client-centric approach sets them apart in the realm of integrated communications and PR.

5. Endorphins Entertainment

Endorphins Entertainment is a dynamic force in artist management, digital marketing, and creative design. Their expert team connects clients with the perfect artists for events, ensuring seamless execution. In the digital marketing realm, they excel in maximizing value regardless of budget or scale.

With a talented pool of designers, they redefine creativity, leaving lasting impressions. Since 2017, they’ve executed 100+ collaborations with artists and created 1000+ creatives for international organizations. Their core values of trust, ownership, and innovation drive their success. Established by Ayesha Singh Bhatia in 2015, Endorphins Entertainment aims to infuse storytelling, celebrity management, and digital marketing into corporate entertainment.

6. Khushi Media

At Khushi Media, a deep passion for the craft drives their commitment to partnering with creative minds. They specialize in bringing fresh, innovative ideas to align with clients’ goals, timelines, and budgets. From conceptualization to execution, Khushi Media is dedicated to realizing clients’ marketing plans. Their comprehensive services include Audio Production, Video Production, Graphic Designing, Translation, Script Writing, and Concept Development. Khushi Media leverages cutting-edge technologies to empower organizations in achieving their objectives while enhancing customer and employee experiences.

Khushi Media stands out due to its extensive design and implementation capabilities, supported by a team of highly skilled professionals. They prioritize understanding clients’ visions and requirements, ensuring projects are tailored to current needs and future growth.Dedicated to excellence, Khushi Media’s Professional Services team manages all facets of projects. Their award-winning experts recommend and design cost-effective solutions that align with objectives, timelines, and collaboration requirements. As a trusted and reliable media management company, Khushi Media excels in helping clients craft and promote their brand messages effectively.

7. Brandholic

Brandholic is a firm believer in the paramount importance of brand recognition in making a mark in any industry. With a dedicated focus on B2B marketing and sales, they provide the crucial boost that brands need to establish themselves.

Their mission is to craft lasting, powerful impressions of brands on customers, fostering trust and credibility. They strategically integrate brands with customers, emphasizing quality services to build trust and, ultimately, brand equity. Brandholic understands that exceptional branding creates memorable impressions, turning potential customers into loyal ones. They also excel in influencer marketing and digital PR, offering comprehensive solutions to boost brand awareness and ROI.

8. Akartha

Akartha is a dynamic creative agency driven by a passionate team of professionals with a shared belief in conquering the advertising world. Their portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of projects, including branding, strategy, advertising, marketing, packaging, and film production. Akartha is dedicated to nurturing the growth of businesses through their creative expertise, making them a force to reckon with in the world of advertising and marketing.

9. Media Striker

Media Striker is dedicated to helping clients shape their online reputation, manage their brand, and boost public relations to drive business growth. They specialize in transforming negative online reputations into positive ones, promoting a favorable image for their clients.

Through strategic online promotion and digital marketing, Media Striker elevates businesses into powerful brands. Their services encompass online reputation management, brand management, review management, PR, website and app development, and outsourcing solutions. With expertise and commitment, Media Striker is a trusted ally for businesses seeking success in the digital realm.

10. Carat

Carat, a dentsu company, is a driving force in the world of brand, media, and digital communications solutions. Their work is rooted in the deep understanding of humanity. In an era where media’s significance has surged,

Carat recognizes the longing for genuine human connection, truth, and unity. Their commitment is clear – to foster deeper relationships through authentic human understanding. With a global presence spanning five continents, 24 time zones, and over 40,000 experts, Carat collaborates with renowned brands worldwide.

They bring scalability, specialization, and integration to the table, making them a trusted partner in the industry. Carat’s success is built upon its people – 12,000+ human experts who form the bedrock of their achievements. They believe in nurturing talent, creating an environment for growth, and placing their people at the core of their triumph. Carat is more than an agency; it’s a commitment to designing solutions that resonate with real human experiences.

11. Flags

Flags, an accredited marketing communications agency, has been a stalwart in empowering businesses with top-notch services for over a decade. Their practical approach to companies’ communication needs has propelled them to establish exemplary brands. Offering tailor-made, result-oriented 360-degree solutions, Flags is the go-to partner for out-of-the-box solutions.

Their industry presence is all-encompassing, spanning from Engineering to Horticulture, Fitness to Finesse. With a considerably large clientele, including clients of over a decade, Flags has fostered mutual growth, resulting in success, prestige, and expansion. Flags takes pride in transforming the fortunes of over 50 business entities, a testament to their enduring commitment to excellence.

12. Market Genics

Market Genics leads the way in marketing and research. Committed to excellence, they bridge the influencer-business divide, unveiling priceless consumer insights. Their distinctive approach, internal management of data collection and research, sets them apart, ensuring precision and cost-efficiency.

Amid a crowded market research landscape, Market Genics shines as a beacon of authenticity, fueled by real-time consumer feedback. Their mission is to empower businesses with actionable data, enabling informed decisions for unrivaled success. With Market Genics, businesses gain a competitive edge in understanding and catering to their target audience.

13. ARM Worldwide

ARM Worldwide stands at the forefront of digital innovation, dedicated to ushering in a new era of transformation. As trusted partners, they cater to organizations of all sizes, from SMBEs to large enterprises, guiding them through the ever-evolving market landscape. Their core philosophy places consumers at the center, enabling agility through innovative strategies, advanced technology solutions, and immersive experiences. Collaboration is their cornerstone, fostering a diverse community committed to positive change.

With a focus on growth, sustainable advantages, and societal impact, #ARM Worldwide combines cutting-edge technology, design, and digital expertise to craft holistic, award-winning strategies that drive business success.

14. Mediagraphix PR

In 2000, Neena Gulati, a seasoned PR professional with over two decades of expertise, founded MediagraphixPR. Teaming up with Communications Director Vihan Gulati, they assembled a cadre of well-connected communication experts. Their mission at MediagraphixPR is to deliver top-tier PR solutions to every brand they engage with, fostering robust brand presences and distinctive market positions.

They craft innovative content and results-driven PR campaigns that enhance market visibility and amplify uniqueness. Whether clients seek increased investments or long-term business growth, MediagraphixPR empowers them to stay ahead in their respective markets.

15. Curvearro

Curvearro is dedicated to elevating digital engagement for businesses across the globe. In an era where customers prioritize meaningful interactions over mere channels, Curvearro’s digital solutions are finely tuned to resonate with audiences at every touchpoint. By partnering with brands, Curvearro harnesses the power of connectivity to drive progress and foster positive change.

In an evolving marketing landscape where simplicity and interactivity are paramount, Curvearro combines expertise and innovation to meet customers’ ever-increasing expectations. Curvearro understands the importance of mobile accessibility, delivering services and content to customers whenever and wherever they need it. With specialists adept at navigating the diverse avenues of digital marketing, Curvearro unites them into a cohesive strategy. With the customer at the forefront, the goal is clear: to facilitate substantial growth and transformation for businesses through effective digital engagement.

16. Promarcom

ProMarcom Inc. is your go-to agency for integrated marketing solutions. Their seasoned specialists offer comprehensive services, including Integrated Marketing, Brand Identity, Digital Marketing, and Innovative Marketing Strategies.

In the digital realm, ProMarcom excels with services in Technology, Social Media, Paid Marketing, and E-Commerce. They help clients optimize media assets and boost online presence.

Creativity is their forte, covering Content Design, Videos, Radio, Print, and more. Their BTL Marketing services include Event Management, Brand Activations, and Visual Merchandising.

ProMarcom is also a leader in display and digital signage, offering cutting-edge solutions. Plus, they specialize in CSR and ESG campaigns, creating a lasting impact.

17. Lexicon World

Lexicon World understands the power of real audience engagement and brand storytelling. They specialize in digital communications, enabling brands to authentically connect with their audience. As a unique offering, Lexicon World allows clients to set their own pricing for PR services, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and results.

They take pride in their commitment to delivering on promises, making them a trusted partner in brand communication. Lexicon World is truly a center of excellence, dedicated to helping brands shape their narratives and succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

18. Kenscio

Kenscio is a global digital marketing agency headquartered in Bengaluru, with offices in Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Delhi NCR. With ISO/IEC 27001/2013 certification and GDPR compliance, they’re dedicated to customer success.
Since their founding in 2009 as an Email Service Provider, Kenscio has grown into a comprehensive digital marketing technology and services company. They offer cloud-based solutions for Email, SMS, Push, and more, including omni-channel options for web, SMM, SEO, SEM, SMO, and mobile.

Their services cover Campaign Management, Deliverability, user experience research, design, creative, content, web and mobile development, enhancing marketing ROI. Kenscio’s cutting-edge products include Marketing Cloud, Real-Time Personalization, SMTP Server, Analytics Platform McMIS, Email Intelligence, Email Validator, Mobility Cloud, Customer Engagement Platform, and AI-driven Predictive Analytics. Kenscio leads the way in digital marketing.

19. Brandsandu

Brandsandu stands out as a premier Branding and Digital Marketing agency in Delhi NCR. They offer a comprehensive suite of services encompassing Branding, Social Media, Public Relations, Media Buying, and interactive solutions such as Website and App development, catering to diverse businesses ranging from startups to corporate giants.

Renowned as one of India’s top branding companies, Brandsandu excels in crafting compelling narratives for brands. Their expertise spans from concept creation to promotion, including art direction, photography, and creative execution. They specialize in translating concepts into visually appealing content that drives sales.

Brandsandu is committed to creating enduring value for clients, enhancing customer engagement, and fostering business growth. In today’s landscape, brands are shaped by what people say about them, and Brandsandu is adept at shaping those conversations in a positive direction.

20. B.R. Solutions

B R Solutions has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in recent years, characterized by a robust company culture that they proudly represent. Since their inception in 2010, B. R. Solutions has been at the forefront of creating exceptional apps for some of the world’s most innovative brands.

With a highly skilled team of technical professionals well-versed in cutting-edge mobile and web technologies, they offer adaptable IT solutions to a global clientele. At B R Solutions, they boast a team of professionals who possess deep expertise in the latest mobile and web technologies. Their proficiency enables them to provide versatile information technology solutions, catering to the diverse needs of their clients worldwide.

21. AJ Marketing

AJ Marketing stands out with its unique approach. They are not just another agency; they are your strategic partner in unlocking the full potential of influencer collaborations.

With a dedicated focus on the Asia-Pacific region, AJ Marketing helps brands tailor marketing strategies that resonate with diverse audiences across Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan.

They bring authenticity to every campaign, ensuring that influencer partnerships align seamlessly with a brand’s values. Leveraging the latest advancements in ad tech, AJ Marketing delivers stress-free campaign management, helping brands amplify their presence and engage over 1 billion consumers in the region. When it comes to influencer solutions that work, AJ Marketing is the agency with a twist. Contact them today to revolutionize your brand’s influencer marketing game.

22. ADS Factor PR

Established in 1997, Adfactors PR has rapidly risen to prominence, becoming the youngest firm among its top competitors. As a multi-specialist, full-service firm, they have a remarkable presence, serving a vast portfolio of over 500 retained clients scattered across 40 cities in India. Their clientele is as diverse as it is impressive, encompassing large corporations, conglomerates, financial institutions, government bodies, and a thriving community of innovative startups and unicorns.

Adfactors PR stands out for its ability to excel in handling intricate and demanding PR assignments. These tasks are often characterized by high stakes, tight deadlines, and a cloud of uncertainty regarding potential outcomes. With a proven track record of success, Adfactors PR has firmly established itself as a trailblazer in the field of public relations.

23. Trace Presence

Established as a forward-thinking enterprise, Trace Presence operates at the cutting edge of technological innovation. With a mission to transform the digital landscape, this company provides comprehensive solutions to enhance online visibility, brand recognition, and customer engagement. Specializing in web optimization, SEO, and digital marketing, Trace Presence empowers businesses to navigate the competitive digital realm.

Their services encompass everything from website enhancements to tailored marketing strategies, all designed to boost online presence and drive meaningful growth. In a fast-paced digital world, Trace Presence stands as a dependable partner, helping businesses leave a lasting imprint in the digital space.

24. Heylinspark

Heylin Spark emerges as the go-to solution for businesses aiming to thrive. This PR and digital marketing powerhouse excels in media relations, reputation management, and much more. With a focus on innovation, Heylin Spark crafts unique strategies tailored to individual clients, leveraging data-driven insights.

The team’s unwavering dedication and creative prowess drive exceptional results, ensuring clients connect effectively with their target audiences. Whether it’s PR, digital marketing, or strategic advocacy, Heylin Spark stands as a reliable partner,
committed to delivering top-notch services aligned with each client’s specific needs.

25. Teamwork Communications Group

As the premier branding agency in Delhi, this multiple award-winning integrated communications and PR company takes pride in its contemporary and adaptable approach. With over 13 years in the industry, they have earned a distinguished reputation for their innovative communication strategies that cater to the evolving needs of their clients. This agency offers specialized divisions in Brand Transformation, Crisis Communication, Influencer Marketing, Strategic Consulting, and Public Relations to accommodate the diverse requirements of businesses at various growth stages.

They believe in engaging audiences through impactful narratives and ideas, creating lasting brand connections. With a broad clientele spanning corporates, healthcare giants, educational institutions, governments, startups, and unicorns across 55 Indian cities, they emphasize the importance of goodwill and effective communication skills in the PR landscape, earning a strong word-of-mouth reputation over the years.


In essence, the Top 25 PR Agencies in Delhi – 2024 are not just service providers; they are architects of influence, sculptors of reputation, and champions of meaningful communication. Collaborating with any of these agencies is not merely a business decision; it is an investment in a partnership that transforms visions into realities and narratives into legacies.

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