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Top 30 Tech Youtubers in India

top tech youtubers in India
Tech YouTubers play a significant role in today’s digital world. They simplify complex tech concepts for everyone, acting as educators and guides. By reviewing, comparing, and explaining gadgets, they empower viewers to make smart tech choices, preventing costly mistakes. These YouTubers also shape trends, highlighting what’s good and bad, influencing both consumers and the tech industry. In essence, they’re invaluable in helping us all navigate the digital world, making tech more accessible and enjoyable.

1. Technical Guruji: – Gaurav Chaudhary

Technical Guruji, is a YouTube channel that aims to simplify tech topics in Hindi. Gaurav Chaudhary is driven by the mission of making technology accessible to everyone, ensuring that anyone with an interest in tech can easily grasp it. Technical Guruji consistently delivers two videos daily, covering the latest in technology and tech news. For those seeking Hindi-language content to stay updated in the tech world, subscribing to Technical Guruji is a smart choice.

2. Tech Burner

TechBurner by Jaskirat Singh is dedicated to simplifying complex tech concepts while maintaining a formal and educational approach. Whether you’re a seasoned tech enthusiast or someone looking to stay informed about the latest tech trends, TechBurner’s videos provide an insightful and structured exploration of the world of technology.

3. Technology Gyan

Become Keyboard Master With These 20 Useful Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys With a mission to educate and enlighten, Technology Gyan, hosted by Manoj Saru is a trusted resource for tech enthusiasts seeking comprehensive insights. The channel maintains a professional and methodical approach in its content, making it a reliable destination for individuals looking to deepen their understanding of the tech world.

4. CodeWithHarry

Code With Harry is all about making coding easy. Harry, the creator, teaches coding in a straightforward way, and he shares code and resources on his website, You can also find the code in the video descriptions. The best part about this channel is that Harry also teaches programming in Hindi, so it’s accessible to a wide audience.

5. Prasadtechintelugu

Prasadtechintelugu is the go-to Telugu technology channel, offering a variety of content ranging from technology and smartphone reviews to gadget unboxings and electronics insights. With a focus on providing informative gadget reviews, tech videos, and engaging tech Q&A sessions, this channel is your destination for all things tech-related. Prasadtechintelugu is committed to educating the Telugu-speaking audience about the latest advancements in technology and gadgets.

6. Tamil Tech

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7. Techno Ruhez

Ruhez Amrelia specializes in delivering reviews of the latest smartphones, ensuring that viewers receive a thorough understanding before making tech-related decisions. Beyond this, his channel also disseminates up-to-date mobile and PC Tech News. Recognizing that technology can be complex, Mr. Amrelia aims to make it easier through helpful tips.

8. Geekyranjit

On this channel, you can find in-depth reviews of various gadgets and smartphones, along with practical tips on how to incorporate them seamlessly into your daily routine. With a rich experience spanning over three decades in the field of computers and a self-proclaimed geek, the Ranjit has a wealth of knowledge to offer to its viewers.

9. Gogi Tech

Gogi Tech, with a dedication to offering valuable tech insights, presents daily, high-quality video content in Hindi. The videos encompass unboxings, reviews, first impressions, and more, all shot with a professional touch. Gogi provides information focusing solely on what viewers need to know before making informed choices.The channel features only those products it has direct access to, ensuring utmost credibility.

10. Beebom

The channel strives to provide straightforward tech information in a friendly manner. Beebom covers everything from gadgets, reviews, and tutorials. Their team is passionate about technology and shares their expertise through easy-to-understand videos. The channel ensures that the viewers stay updated on the latest tech trends and innovations.

11. Technical Sagar

Currently employed by renowned international brands, he’s deeply passionate about the internet and ethical hacking. Abhishek’s mission is to assist people by sharing his extensive knowledge and skills honed over the past 13 years. For him, learning is an integral part of life, and he now imparts this knowledge to his community through his channel. Teaching technical subjects in Hindi adds a unique and engaging dimension to the learning experience.

12. Gyan Therapy

GyanTherapy is deeply committed to personal development and believes in sharing wisdom and learning with the audience. Rakesh’s channel serves as a platform for educational discussions and meaningful discourse, with the goal of inspiring positive growth and self-discovery.

13. Technical Dost

The creator behind Technical Dost is on a mission to demystify the world of technology, ensuring that complex concepts are made accessible to all. With a commitment to fostering digital literacy, this channel serves as a hub for informative discussions, hands-on tutorials, and tech-related wisdom, all geared towards equipping individuals with the skills they need to thrive in the digital age.

14. Sharmaji Technical

The channel believes in making technology accessible to all and building a community of tech enthusiasts. Sharmaji Technical is a platform for meaningful discussions and knowledge sharing and helps people stay updated with the technology world.

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15. Mr Perfect Tech

Mr Perfect Tech is a hub of engaging tech content in Malayalam. From gadget unboxings, reviews, and comparisons to previews of upcoming gadgets, tech explanations, and tips and tricks – it’s all here.

16. The Nutri Gurl

The Nutri Gurl, hosted by Natasha Singh features engaging mobile unboxings, comprehensive mobile testing, insightful mobile comparisons, and thorough mobile reviews. As a dedicated tech YouTuber, the channel is committed to providing their audience with valuable insights and entertainment within the realm of mobile technology.

17. My Smart Support

My Smart Support, hosted by Dharmendra Kumar, is a YouTube channel with a substantial following of 1.38 million subscribers and a library of 1.5K videos. Dharmendra Kumar is a notable social media influencer and blogger, and his channel is dedicated to creating and sharing tech videos on a wide range of topics. These topics encompass blogging, website development, Android app development, SEO, and video creation for platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

18. PratapG T

PratapG T is your go-to destination for gadget and smartphone reviews, as well as helpful app tricks. Prathap G is a dedicated full-time YouTuber, committed to providing timely tech information.

19. Gizmo Gyan

Gizmo Gyan was created with the purpose of enhancing knowledge about gadgets and online shopping, simplifying complex topics. Anuj is dedicated to saving viewers valuable time while providing insights, reviews, and tips.

20. Vineet Malhotra

Vineet Malhotra, a Tech & Electronics Enthusiast from Delhi NCR, brings unique reviews to his channel by avoiding sponsored content. He purchases and rigorously tests products, delivering truthful insights with pros and cons. His reviews include buying links (affiliate) that support the channel without altering prices for viewers.

21. Nabeel Nawab

Through his videos, Nabeel Nawab strives to help viewers maximize the potential of their devices. Covering various topics including technology, mobile phones, routers, range extenders, and cars, Nabeel offers insights through reviews, unboxings, and comparisons.

22. C4ETech English

C4ETech, a tech channel, specializes in smartphones and Android-related content. Ash provides a wide range of videos, including reviews, comparisons, tests, app/game recommendations, mods, and tutorials. With a prolific output of 20-30 videos per month, they are committed to keeping viewers informed and engaged in the world of technology.

23. Tech Wiser

TechWiser, founded in 2012, makes tech solutions enjoyable and easy. They help people solve common tech problems in a fun and simple way, ensuring everyone can understand and resolve tech-related issues with ease.

24. 91Mobiles

91mobiles, India’s leading gadget research portal, is dedicated to aiding viewers in making well-informed tech choices. Their channel offers a comprehensive range of content, including the latest tech news, live event coverage, reviews, unboxings, hands-on experiences, speed tests, comparisons, app reviews, camera comparisons, gaming evaluations, deals, Q&A sessions, and interactive content.

25. iGyaan

iGyaan stands as India’s original technology review channel, dedicated to assessing the latest tech trends. Their extensive reviews cover iPhones, Android smartphones, laptops, home entertainment gear, televisions, tablets, and cars. iGyaan’s mission is to empower Indian viewers with informed buying decisions, guiding them toward suitable products.

26. GadgetsToUse

GadgetsToUse was founded by Abhishek Bhatnagar, with a commitment to providing valuable insights and recommendations for a tech-savvy lifestyle. GadgetsToUse is dedicated to helping you maximize the potential of your gadgets. Our mission is to guide you towards the best gadgets for everyday use.

27. Gadgets 4 You

Amit Satwani introduces you to the latest in technology as he explores unboxings, reviews, technical specs, and in-depth information on cutting-edge gadgets, all presented in both Hindi and English.

28. Gadgets 360

Gadgets 360 is the premier destination for technology enthusiasts in India. This comprehensive platform offers the latest reviews of mobile devices and a wide range of gadgets, along with valuable tips, how-tos, and an array of informative content. It keeps its viewers updated and connected with the dynamic world of technology.

29. Utsav Techie

Utsav is a passionate techie who delves into the world of technology, sharing news updates, conducting in-depth reviews, and crafting top-notch tech videos. With a commitment to quality content, this creator invites you to explore the exciting world of technology through his expertise.

30. Gadget World

This channel is your gateway to the world of gadgets, offering unboxings, reviews, and expert opinions. With a goal of delivering two high-quality videos each day, it’s all about keeping you informed and entertained in the realm of technology.


These Tech YouTubers are not just valuable resources; they are pillars of the tech community, empowering many people to embrace and excel in the digital world. They truly empower us all to harness the full potential of technology and navigate the digital age with confidence and enthusiasm.
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