Understanding The World Of Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Why data visualization is important?

Ever thought of bringing your campaign alive? A ‘3D’ point of view of all the data points? An immersive overview of all the insights on your Campaign’s Performance?

If this is what you are looking for, then right now is the best time to gift your brand a Digital Command Centre.

What does a DCC aka war room do?

It collects all your data points and monitors your campaigns live. Taking you beyond the surface of just knowing the performance, into the depths of exploring insights to understanding the emotion created by your Campaign.

With comprehensive graphs made up of Campaign Analytics, you can pick from 16+ screens, to suit your needs. So, which one calls out to you?

Monitoring your brand heartbeat

This screen takes you to the pulse of your Campaign, symbolizing your performance like a heartbeat, you can understand where you peak or fall in a jiffy

Managing influencers

This screen takes you from being just a spectator to a brand that is informed of every action by your influencers. This also gives you the sentiment count and live engagement that they have created.

Mentions tracked in 3D

This one is special! The screen has a 3D globe to represent demographic-wise tweets and the people behind them; all in one! Whenever someone tweets about you, the mention and the area pop up in real-time.

It not only drastically improves your response time and engagement level, but also helps you know your customers’ thought process every sense of the way. For consumer-facing brands wanting to build a solid image, the tool is especially helpful as you can spot upcoming trends and tailor content accordingly.

Measuring your content efficiency

With our UGC and Brand Posts Screen, you can track all your visual content and its performance again in real-time. So if you go viral you know it, and if you are being criticized, you know it.

Make the most of words

With our Dynamic keyword and emoji cloud, understand the adjectives and emotions surrounding your campaign. The power of words tagged with sentiment colors will enable you to create hashtags and increase your engagement or can also lead you to an idea or product development.

Maintain those public relations

The PR Dashboard represents all the incoming and outgoing data in real-time, with all the configured channels. So this gives you an overview of all the data points, to make actionable before, during, and after your campaign is outlived.

Campaign Management? The Digital Command Centre is here! Remember, with Locobuzz, the best is yet to come!

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