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Vikas Khanna - Biography, Height, Age, Wife, Family & More!

Vikas Khanna Biography

Table of Contents

One name that sticks out both figuratively and literally in the colourful tapestry of Indian cuisine is Vikas Khanna. Admired as a culinary maestro, a Michelin-starred chef, a writer, a filmmaker, and a humanitarian, Khanna’s ascent from a small Indian town to international acclaim is evidence of his unwavering talent, passion, and perseverance.

Many find inspiration in Vikas Khanna’s journey from conquering physical obstacles to rising to the top of the culinary world. His philanthropic activities and unshakable dedication to presenting the varied tastes of Indian cuisine on a worldwide scale solidify his reputation as a caring humanitarian in addition to a skilled chef, who is redefining boundaries as a culinary maestro.

Watch some of his most-watched YouTube Video recipes here – Materchef vikas khanna recipe 1 Shahi Paneer And Nutella French toast by chef vikas khanna


Social Media Links

















Who is Vikas Khanna?

Indian chef and restaurateur Vikas Khanna is based in New York City and has been awarded a Michelin star. He has cooked for celebrities and dignitaries like Barack Obama, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, and Narendra Modi. Khanna is not just a chef but also a writer, filmmaker, humanitarian, reality TV judge, and restaurateur. Around the age of 40, Khanna, who was born with misaligned legs, was crowned New York’s Hottest Chef. This account of chef Khanna’s trip from Amritsar to America teaches us a great deal.

In addition to writing cookbooks, Vikas Khanna has penned other books and made appearances on television programmes, including Twist of Taste, Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef Australia and India. He recently published his book ‘Imaginary Rain’, which Shabana Azmi is set to star in as the film adaptation.


52 years (2023)


November 14, 1971

Net Worth

$15M (approx.)


Masterchef, author, filmmaker, entrepreneur

Instagram Reel LinkThere is a country that is your DNA

Personal Details about Vikas Khanna


Father –  Davinder Khanna

Mother – Bindu Khanna


Sister – Radhika Khanna

Brother – Nishant Khanna

Marital Status





Amritsar, Punjab, India







Zodiac Sign



Doing Yoga, Listening to Music, Travelling, Writing


Hindi, Punjabi, English

Food Habit


Education History


St. Francis school, Amritsar, Punjab, India


  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education
  • Cornell University, the Culinary Institute of America
  • Hotel Welcomegroup Graduate School of Hotel administration, Manipal, India

Doctorate in culinary arts

GD Goenka University

Work History

Opened Lawrence Gardens Banquets

To host weddings and family functions

Taj Hotels, Oberoi group, Welcome group, and Leela Group of Hotels

Served as a chef 

Salaam Bombay


The Café 

Rubin Museum of Art, New York 

MaterChef India (season 2 to season 4)


MaterChef Australia

Season 6

Show Twist of Taste 

Hosted 4 seasons

Holy Kitchens and Kitchen of Gratitude

He produced these documentaries

Additionally, he has collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned and celebrated chefs. Among many others, some of them include Bobby Flay, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Eric Ripert, and Gordon Ramsay.

Get up close with chef Vikas Khanna

His mentor

Sagar Rajani

Favourite Actor

Amitabh Bachchan & Shah Rukh Khan

Favourite Actress

Madhuri Dixit

Favourite game


Favourite player

Kapil Dev

Favourite food

Aloo Methi, Creamy Chicken & Tikka Masala

Favourite beverage


Favourite destination


Early Life and Childhood

Vikas Khanna was born in Amritsar, Punjab, on November 14, 1971. His passion for cooking began at a young age. His passion in the culinary arts was ignited by his grandmother’s cooking and his family’s culinary customs.

It wasn’t an easy path for him to enter the culinary world, though. Due to a condition known as misaligned feet (clubbed feet), Vikas Khanna was born with misaligned legs. As a child, he underwent numerous surgeries and faced physical challenges

Vikas had uneven legs from birth, which caused his leg bones to seem to be flipped sideways and misaligned at the joint. He was unable to run and experience childhood as other kids did as a result. Due to this illness, he was unable to walk until he was 13 years old.

Relationships & Personal Life

Chef Vikas Khanna is still single and unmarried as of 2023. Rumours about his romantic relationship abounded.
There were rumours circulating that he was dating MasterChef India’s second-season winner, Shipra Khanna.

He was also suspected of having extramarital encounters with Padma Lakshmi, a model. However, Vikas has refuted every rumour. Despite expressing in an interview that he was eager to start a family, he is now unmarried and does not currently have any children.

Additionally, a lot of people believe Vikas to be gay. This rumour gained traction after Vikas published a piece about young people shifting their perspectives and accepting same-sex issues in Bombay Dost, India’s first LGBT magazine. But the rumour is untrue.

Vikas Khanna’s grandmother - his inspiration to cook

Chef Khanna was able to stay in the kitchen by remaining at home. It gave him inspiration and serenity to see his grandma prepare meals for his family. Khanna became obsessed with eating by the time she was seven years old.

He felt strong and confident rolling the dough, and his grandma had always encouraged him to pursue his passion for cooking.
During his initial days in the kitchen, he would constantly follow the same routine: wash the veggies, chop the okra. There was a counter in his grandmother’s tiny kitchen where she prepared a lot of food. This is what he learned: kneading the dough, making ‘phulkas’.

He got to spend more time with her than the other grandchildren, due to the fact that he was unable to play outside for the majority of his youth. The only place he felt like he belonged was in his grandmother’s kitchen.

She used to prepare pickle packets and mail them to everyone in the family. She used to respond, “This mango tree belongs to all of them,” when the chef asked her why she was making it for the whole family. So her kitchen is beyond his definition. It was a temple to him.

Vikas Khanna’s restaurant Junoon

Specifically, Chef Khanna launched his own bistro, Junoon, in Manhattan’s Flatiron District on December 2, 2009. Over time, his restaurant gained popularity and got a lot of good feedback.

It is a classy Indian eatery located in Manhattan’s Flatiron neighbourhood. In addition to earning a star from the Michelin Guide for six years running since 2011, it was given a positive review by Sam Sifton in The New York Times during its opening year.

Khanna’s deep-seated passion for the power of food and his vast schooling across multiple continents and institutions come together at New York City’s Junoon, where Khanna creates beautiful, soulful Indian cuisine. His food elevates the dinnertime experience to a new plane of enjoyment.

Vikas Khanna’s 40th Book ‘Imaginary Rains’

The novel is a semi-autobiographical story that he wrote with inspiration from his grandmother, who is also the reason he started cooking.

He discussed the underappreciation of women’s labour in the kitchen, the forgiving nature of food, and his desire to utilise literature to share tales of Indian kitchens, cuisines, and cultures with a global audience.

His perspective is that of an NRI. He has been an NRI (non-resident Indian) in New York for almost 20 years, so he has a unique viewpoint on India. It tells the tale of a woman who cooks with such soul food at a tiny, traditional mom-and-pop eatery in America.

But nobody finds it meaningful. The patrons simply desire inexpensive fare, feeling at home, “What’s the main concern? She is merely preparing supper”. He thus narrates a story through the perspective of what it takes to manage a restaurant, particularly for an Indian lady. Otherwise, the struggles faced by women in the kitchen are often disregarded.

Prerna is portrayed by Shabanaji Azmi in the movie that is based on the book. She’s having emotional difficulties. A few hours before they close her lifeline, on the last day of the restaurant, is when both the novel and the movie begin. She experiences several bouts of sadness, and when the emptiness begins to kill her, she makes the decision to travel to India. That is the beginning of the second part of the book.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Kitchens of Gratitude – documentary


South Asian Kid’s Infinite Vision (SAKIV) 


Cooking for Life (2001)


Smile Foundation

Goodwill ambassador

Feed India (2020-post COVID)


Vikas Khanna Net Worth

Vikas Khanna is thought to be worth $15 million. He reportedly makes $1 million a year in income from his business and television exploits, according to sources.

Not to be forgotten, he has made a respectable living from the lucrative restaurants and eateries he has opened, and has written 40 books till now, the most famous of which is ‘Buried Seeds’.

His year-wise net worth is as follows-

2023 (Nov)










Awards and Recognitions

‘Junoon’ restaurant

Michelin Star for 6 consecutive years

Top 10 Chefs in the world

Deutsche Welle News and Gazette Review list

Doctor of Philosophy Degree

GD Goenka University

Doctorate in literature

DY Patil University

James Beard Foundation Awards nominee

for his book Return to the Rivers in 2014

Rising Star Chef Award by Star Chefs

for his role in shaping the future of American Cuisine in 2011

The GQ India Man of the year” award


The access to Freedom Award


He was listed as one of the “Sexiest Men Alive” by People magazine.


Vikas Khanna Humanitarian Projects and Philanthropy

Vikas Khanna’s charitable endeavours demonstrate his compassionate nature. He led the Feed India campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic, which supplied millions of meals to impacted vulnerable communities during the crisis. His efforts brought him recognition on a large scale and awards for his dedication to helping the community.


Beyond the confines of the culinary world, Khanna’s unwavering spirit, culinary skill, and humanitarian endeavours continue to inspire people all over the world, including aspiring chefs. Vikas Khanna is still a shining example of talent, tenacity, and charity in today’s world as he pursues his culinary adventures and helps those in need.

Vikas Khanna’s rise in the food industry was quick. Early in his career, he gained recognition for his captivating personality and inventive cooking. His big break came when he was appointed executive chef of New York City’s Junoon restaurant, which under his direction quickly attained the coveted Michelin star.

This culinary mastermind’s legacy goes beyond his accomplishments and includes the impression he makes on plates and hearts all over the world—a monument to the ability of food to bring people together, promote healing, and spark change.

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