What is image recognition and Its benefits?

Image Recognition
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    What’s image recognition?

    Image Recognition refers to technologies that identify places, logos, people, objects, buildings, and other variables in digital images. It’s a way to track, endorse and secure branding and identity.

    A digital image is composed of pixels. Each pixel comes with a finite, distinct numeric value representing its intensity or grey level. Hence, a computer sees an image as numerical values of these pixels. In order to recognize a certain image, the patterns and regularities in this numerical data have to be recognized.

    But why should you have Image Recognition on your bucket list?

    Here are a few benefits of keeping your visuals in check!

    Your brand could be left ‘untagged’

    Your followers keep increasing as they experience your services. In time, they’ll use images, videos, text, and audio to create something their own followers may love, but oh snap! They often forget to ‘tag’ you. Tracking brand images can step up your affiliate marketing game and add more Social Media loyalists.

    Popularizing on visual branding

    Want to monitor and monetize branding? Now you can! Visuals only work when they mean something. Amplify your branded content by tracking its visual popularity. Whether you are quirky or minimalist on social media, with Object Detection, your images will have the power of persuasion.

    Identifying the use of symbols & emojis

    Symbols & emojis engage users. They help identify your brand as unique. Leveraging and tracking symbols and emojis increases the various ways in which data can be gathered and understood. It also aids in the accurate Sentimental Analysis of customers.

    Security from trademark misuse

    And, the most important point: Image Recognition secures brands from trademark and copyright breach. The world might try to play with you for persona benefits, but you must protect yourself.

    Every misuse hampers brand image. Use Locobuzz’s technology to be your ‘watch dog’ and safeguard your brand.

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