What is Omnichannel Customer Experience? Importance & Benefits

Customers generally research a product on multiple channels like Google, mobile apps, social media, live chat, business websites, and offline stores. Most businesses generate leads when customers connect with them through these touchpoints.

When businesses incorporate an Omnichannel Strategy, they experience smooth Customer Engagement and Retention. This results in increased sales as customers purchase and spend more frequently creating an Omnichannel Customer Experience.

What is omnichannel customer experience?

Omnichannel customer experience is the online interaction of individual customers over multiple channels as part of one uninterrupted customer purchase experience. 

These channels are connected with promotions, sales, customer care support, and in-store experiences so a customer can effortlessly switch from one channel to another. For instance, Decathlon provides online shopping as well as a store pick-up facility. According to Google, omnichannel customers have 30% more lifetime value than those using a single channel.

One great example of Omnichannel Marketing Strategy is Amazon. What began as an online marketplace started providing users with an omnichannel experience. Consumers got access to their profiles through the Amazon website, mobile app, Alexa devices, and smartwatches! They also offer an in-store experience with the Amazon Card service where buyers can make a purchase virtually anywhere. Along with Placing and Tracking Orders, Amazon also provides home deliveries.
Its omnichannel customer experience approach is seamless because if the customer wants to repeat the order or add new products, they can do so manually via smartphones or Alexa.

Why is omnichannel customer experience important?

An omnichannel customer experience strategy can considerably influence customer convenience and business sales conversions providing a bird’ eyes view of your customer’s journey. It is observed that customers who frequently use multiple channels to communicate with the companies had a 250% higher purchasing frequency rate than single-channel users. Omnichannel customer service creates 30% more valuable customers due to two main protocols:

  • Personalized experience with their brands through the medium of their choice. Whether it’s shopping online or in-store or connecting with them via live chat, customers can simultaneously use these options to fulfill their personal needs. For example, if you’ve gone shopping in the Nike store, you can show the employees the picture of the Nike shoes you found on its website and help them find the same in the store. This results in an improved personalized customer experience and enhances the chances of potential customers to buy the product.


  • Customer loyalty due to the exceptional customer experience obtained via an omnichannel interaction. Customers usually don’t get frustrated when a brand provides uninterrupted customer service. This results in customer retention meaning one-time customers become regular customers. 

Prime reason to use omnichannel customer experience | benefits

1. Increased choice for customers : Giving variety of integrated channels interests them to interact with you and is helpful for them while maintaining relevance.

2. Reach to larger number of audiences : The more prominent quantity of channels you have, the more potential customers you can attract.

3. Higher customer retention and income : Omnichannel customer experience leads to improved customer experience as businesses provide multiple channels resulting in better communication as well as retention and profits.

4. Measure & Collect customer data : Omnichannel customer experience journey gives a rich wellspring of data. This Data and analytics empowers you the ability to view and learn the results of your efforts, allowing you to improve your strategies.

5. Make your own omni-channel universe : With all the data and information acquired from omnichannel customer experience journey, you can create thoughts on the most proficient method to make the customer journey more systematic. By fine-tuning your process you will likely generate more revenue.

Omnichannel customer experience vs. omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing is sending promotional messages to users and focusing on branding consistently across several digital and conventional marketing channels that are interconnected. For instance, when a customer abandons a product in the cart, they may receive a constant reminder on emails and retargeting advertisements on Facebook or Instagram. 

Whereas, an omnichannel customer experience entails a multi-channel strategy for business sales, customer care support, customer retention, and marketing. For example, Starbucks cards- Customers can use their Starbucks card, which is linked to their mobile app, website, and in-store services to buy Starbucks items and get rewards. So that if a customer uses the card via one channel, it automatically and immediately gets updated across the other Starbucks channels. Whether it is reloading the card on the mobile app while waiting in line or receiving rewards points, customers feel comfortable and stick to the brand.

Locobuzz as a platform provides a complete omnichannel solution and enables brands and businesses to produce an overall view of their consumers. It pays attention to customer feedback and responds to their concerns and queries in real-time all from a single dashboard. It develops the brand’s image as a consumer-centric brand by streamlining its actions from one multifeatured interface. It mainly focuses on social listening, customer profiles, effective contextual engagement, modern communication, and ticket management. 

Which is the best omnichannel customer experience platform ?

Locobuzz is one of the best omnichannel customer experience platform or tool. Here’s how locobuzz can be a reliable platform for businesses and brands to create a seamless omnichannel customer experience and improve their sales and customer retention.

  • Creates an uninterrupted experience on phone by making your website/app mobile-friendly with large and attractive visuals along with uncomplicated navigation to guide mobile users to find what they are looking for instantly. 
  • Focuses on customer understanding and provides a personalized experience at all the possible steps by incorporating social listening tools to collect insights and generate a detailed customer profile.
  • Creates an effective contextual engagement by providing quick access to the customer history of interaction, data, and insights. This aids in easily identifying the customer journey stage all at once on a systematic ticket-view timeline. 
  • Collects data and statistics from various social network APIs for structuring data, verifying email addresses, birth dates, unstructured data, customer interests, likes, etc.
  • Covert’s customer interaction into tickets so that a dedicated team can further address it on priority through powerful escalation models and ticket workflows. This guarantees timely assignment, query resolution with the help of various automated features and improves TAT scores. 
  • Manages user data by sorting through and classifying the ‘important data’. As it will systemize all information collected from several social webs to enhance the potential of personalization. It will simplify the scaling of marketing efforts, and target the right customers, at a perfect time.
  • Actively engages with users across multiple channels to enable user-generated content, upgrade SEO, improve referrals, user screen time on the site, and conversions. It generally uses techniques like running a social contest over social apps or on the website, interacting with users on the web regarding ratings, feedback, and reviews, and plans rewards for users for cross-promotion. 
  • Uses the latest technology that includes video chat, voice calls, chatbots, and other social listening tools that help customers connect with customer service agents on several channels.
  • Pays attention to all the feedbacks collects reviews and invites customers to rate their experiences online. They also generate a popup that allows users to rate their experience and write comments and suggestions.


Omnichannel customer experience is the future of sales. Since it’s an online process, users expect a fast and effortless way to purchase products regardless of channels. 

Omnichannel customer experience makes communication smooth across various channels to assist customers with improving their experience. Whenever consumer satisfaction improves, word spreads rapidly between companions, family and online media, empowering others to contact your business who never knew about the possibilities offered by omnichannel customer experience.

Locobuzz equips brands to provide their customers with unified solutions and extensive customer care experience across multiple channels and devices all at once. This improves customers’ encounters with the business and brand and increases sales.

Frequently asked questions

Omnichannel refers to the concept of giving customers and prospects consistent, integrated experiences and encouters across multiple channels. In other words, it’s about connecting various channels used by your business to support a non-stop customer journey.

An omnichannel consumer experience strategy gives businesses an elevated perspective of their client’s journey. Omnichannel clients are 30% more important to your business throughout their lifetime. It also builds satisfaction and goes about as the best client retention strategy.

Customers today have more alternatives than before. As a result, they have a much better understanding of what they want and how to get it. Apart from building fail-proof products and services, businesses have to focus more on delivering unbeatable customer experience to enhance profitability. Hence, business requires an omnichannel customer experience strategy to deliver a great customer experience.

The 5 great businesses that have been delivering omnichannel customer experience are:

2. Amazon
3. REI
4. Starbucks
5. Nordstrom

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