Advanced Workspace Analytics

Insights that inspire

Expand the boundaries of analytics and draw insights that inspire

Leverage deep learning and AI to transform raw customer data into powerful insights.

What is AWA?

Introducing the Advanced Workspace Analytics dashboard by Locobuzz.

The virtual analyst that democratizes big data and provides groundbreaking insights in a few clicks.

AWA reduces the time spent in collation, enrichment and data visualizations from multiple digital channels. Sifting through the heavy volumes of all your online engagement, AWA presents you with reports, charts and visuals, drawing insights that help your teams make data-driven business decisions.

AWA delivers

Seamless communication and interpretation of complex data

Birds-eye view of customer data

Cutting-edge AI-enriched data models

Customizable report templates

3-tier crisis insight reports

User-friendly dashboard

Watch what AWA does for you

AWA humanizes your data

Get familiar with what Advanced Workspace Analytics has in store.

Explore the finer details of your customer data

Fine-tune insights and analytics with various filters, and eliminate all blind spots in your data pool. 

Apply a plethora of descriptive attributes to categorize your digital chatter and understand your audience better.

Bridge the data gap between your brands and your customers

Discover the limitless potential of data and amplify your digital presence.

AWA delivers powerful consumer insights that strengthen brand-customer relations.

Revolutionize how you represent your data

AWA generates a spectrum of visuals that give you a birds-eye view of your data insights.

The variety of graphing options makes your customer data palatable to everyone, from marketing agents to tech executives.

Millions of permutations on an easy- to - navigate dashboard

Slice and dice your insights to compare how individual target groups influence your engagement.

Understand the details of your data, and derive powerful insights

Deep-dive into the specifics of individual engagements to help bring your customers closer.

Discover definitive attributes that demystify your data!

Get answers to the questions that matter

Multiple Perspectives For Multiple Purposes

Influencer Analysis

Identify the people through whom you can maximise your reach. You can view a comparison between the mentions and engagements between influencers, category analysis, and employ an AI tagging feature to categorize them based on profession, hobbies, political affiliation, etc.

Category Analysis

Monitor and track free-flowing conversations and learn where the buzz is happening, as it happens. You can categorize and sub-categorize comparisons, understand sentimental categories, and filter through author characteristics.

Campaign Analysis

Identify strengths and weaknesses in all stages of your campaign. You can evaluate their impact and reception, along with the sentiments associated with them. You can further learn about your target audience, and the effectiveness of your calls to action.

Brand Analysis

Use KPI tracking to gauge the reach and perception of your brand.. You can get an overview of your brand’s analysis and engagement, along with sentiment and brand-wise author characteristics.

Crisis Insights

Use intelligence to provide sound and speedy counsel, identify and manage concerns in real-time. Get alerted when your data shows patterns of negative activity to predict and prevent crises before they arise.

AWA at work

We’ve got you covered, start to finish.

Complete solutions for your consumer insights.

The AWA workspace and graph engine collects and enriches data at lightning speed, saving you time, effort and a lot of money.

It’s the perfect solution for both businesses and market researchers to leverage data in more ways than one.

Minimize the need for manpower.

Advanced Workspace Analytics harnesses AI to create extensive reports from enriched data automatically.

Evaluate your competitors, measure campaign effectiveness and identify influencers on the fly!

Access data securely.

AWA eliminates the need of hardware with cloud-based data processing for a unified user experience.

Insights that inspire

Let the power of simplified data be the mark of your success.

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