5 Best Social Media Automation Tools To Save Your Time in 2021

Social Media Automation Tools in 2021
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    In today’s time, social media is all about being responsive and quick. So if you’re looking to save your crucial time while working to boost your social media game, you must go for social media automation tools.  

    Adding social media automation tools in tour life will make your entire process more manageable and hassle-free. From planning to scheduling and posting, these tools will help you improve your relationship with customers. However, there are tons of tools out there that will help you without paying any hefty amount, so how do you select the correct one for you?

    Well, here are the five best social media automation tools we believe you should check out in 2021 to achieve your social media goals. 

    Top 5 Best Social Media Automation Tools in 2021

    1. Sprout Social
    2. Locobuzz
    3. Hootsuite
    4. Social Pilot
    5. Coschedule

    1. Sprout Social

    Sproutsocial Social Media Tool
    Name Sprout Social
    TypeSocial Media Automation Tool
    PriceStarting at $99 per month
    Free Trial30 Days
    Social Network SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

    If you’re looking for a tool that automates your social media without any hassle, you should try Sprout Social. 

    This tool comes with tons of quality features to use, especially for your social media. By adding Sprout Social to your work, you’ll be able to schedule posts, track keywords, identify competitors, discover mentions, and analyze your statistics. 

    However, the only drawback is the number of platforms supported. This tool has the least number of social media platforms supported compared to Hootsuite, Buffer, and other media. 

    Nevertheless, its multi-level access feature makes it one of the most impressive features to get on board with your team members for coordinating and mitigating tasks. 

    Believe me! This software is affordable and easy to use, especially for small-scale businesses.

    2. Locobuzz

    Locobuzz Social Media Tool
    Name Locobuzz
    TypeCustomer Experience Management Platform
    Free Trial14 Days
    Social Network SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

    The best thing you’ll like about this customer experience management platform is their automation chatbots. These chatbots, once trained, can be applied on all platforms ensuring brand uniformity. 

    You don’t have to care about anything because this platform will streamline everything from answering simple messages to quickly solving complex cases. 

    It also creates crystal clear approval processes in seconds by catching rogue posts, spelling errors, and off-brand content before they’re published.

    This tool is designed to help you save time, strategize communications, and reduce your costs through effortless optimization.

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    3. Hootsuite

    Hootsuite Social Media Tool
    Name Hootsuite
    TypeSocial Media Automation Tool
    PriceStarting at $29 per month
    Free Trial30 Days
    Social Network SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

    Hootsuite is a popular and one of the best social media automation tools that you’ll ever find. However, it primarily focuses on large enterprise and medium-sized companies because of the complex features and pricing pattern.

    Additionally, this tool helps you monitor social media platforms with its social media streams. And the main thing is, you can keep a close eye on all your brands to get real-time updates. 

    Not only this, but Hootsuite also gives you the ability to track various social media channels in one place. The tool has inbuilt analytics that can help you determine the best time for content posting.

    It also comes with pretty impressive features like sentiment analysis, location-based search, tracking updates, and more. 

    Users can easily check their brand mentions, reply, post content and do so much more under one roof. And the last thing it has an advanced analytics feature that will generate advanced, in-depth reports within less time.

    4. Social Pilot

    SocialPilot Social Media Tool
    Name Social Pilot
    TypeSocial Media Automation Tool
    PriceStarting at $25 per month
    Free Trial14 Days
    Social Network SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

    Social Pilot brings all your social media platforms under a single roof. You can collaborate with your entire team and work on a dedicated campaign efficiently with this platform.

    It allows you to operate a maximum of 200 social media posts with a sharing of 500 posts. However, the social media calendar maintenance and bulk uploading content feature make Social Pilot one of the best automation tools for social media. 

    Additionally, it doesn’t matter which social media you are using because Social Pilot will help you in every way, which means that you can easily connect this tool with several other social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. 

    By adding this social media automation tool, you can sit back and enjoy tons of features at an affordable price tag. 

    5. CoSchedule

    Coschedule Social Media Tool
    Name Co Schedule
    TypeSocial Media Automation Tool
    PriceStarting at $29 per month
    Free Trial14 Days
    Social Network SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

    CoSchedule, known for scheduling social media content, is a highly useful tool, especially for content marketers. As the name suggests, this tool lets you organize your posts on several social media networks in a simple way. 

    With its interactive interface, you can easily schedule 60 posts at once without any hassle. You can also use this tool to make your social media calendar or directly reply to all queries from its interface. 

    Also, if you’re an entrepreneur, influencer, or business leader, you can manage multiple marketing activities simultaneously to deliver a consistent experience for clients. 

    Apart from scheduling posts, you can identify which content worked well and how much content needs to get revamped. 

    It has plenty of other stunning features like staff management, WordPress compatibility, req-queue and can also be used to perform customer support efficiently. 

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re looking to create and maintain a healthy social media life of creating individual posts and content to share with your users every day, then social media automation is a must. 

    The above-given social media tools can simplify your social media process, and believe me! They can make your social media game strong. 

    All you have to do is dedicate crucial time and energy to staying on social media and keeping your audience happy. Without an automation tool, you’ll eventually turn into a robot. 

    Let these tools do all the manual and tedious tasks so that you can use your spare time in curating appealing content and adding more meaningful interactions with your followers.

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