Fit Tuber (Vivek Mittal) - Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth & More!

Fit Tuber Biography

He started his fitness journey driven by a strong desire to learn about Ayurveda and modern nutrition science and has read a gamut of books about the same. His goal was to demystify the complexity of holistic well-being, nutrition, and fitness. Fit Tuber’s distinct strategy struck a chord with viewers, and his channel took off right away.

According to Mittal, since there are already so many problems in the world, we should treat our bodies with kindness and refrain from making fun of one another’s physical characteristics. His most recent video, “Meet My Family,” makes people laugh and offers comfort and happy moments.

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Who is Fit Tuber?

Vivek Mittal, popularly known as Fit Tuber, is the person behind a massive YouTube channel ‘Fit Tuber’, whose health and workout tips, product reviews, and homemade remedies are running in every Indian home. He has made a name for himself in the wide world of fitness influencers by consistently advocating for a healthy way of life.
Fit Tuber is a household name, thanks to its ever-growing fan following, which motivates millions of people to lead active lifestyles. Let’s delve into his life, covering his age, net worth and Fit Tuber biography.

Born in India in Bathinda, Punjab in 1989, Vivek Mittal as of 2023, works in Delhi. He is equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and later went on to clear the SSC exam. He worked in Infosys, Hyderabad for 3 years, where he also did theatre, hence his engaging acting. He is a certified Nutrition coach, and certified fitness coach from ISSA.
He launched the YouTube channel Fit Tuber in 2016. He started his fitness journey driven by a strong desire to learn about Ayurveda and modern nutrition science and has read a gamut of books about the same. His goal was to demystify the complexity of holistic well-being, nutrition, and fitness. Fit Tuber’s distinct strategy struck a chord with viewers, and his channel took off right away.


34 years (2023)

Net Worth

$90 Million 


Indian Fitness YouTuber, Content Creator, Software Engineer

Fit Tuber Youtube Income (October 2023)

Fit Tuber releases about 2 videos each month, with an average viewership of 3M for each video. His approximate income is thus mentioned below-

Last 7 days


Last 30 days


Last 3 months


Last 6 months


Personal Details about Fit Tuber (Vivek Mittal)


Father – Civil Engineer (Name unknown)
Mother – Economics Lecturer (Name unknown)


Brother – Software Engineer (Name unknown)

Marital Status





34 (as of 2023)




65 Kg


Bathinda, Punjab








Reading, Travelling, Mimicry, Sports (State level Badminton and Table Tennis Player)

Education History


Bathinda (School Unknown)


Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi (B. Tech)

Fit Tuber Fitness Philosophy

Fit Tuber is well-known for his evidence-based dietary and exercise regimens. He advises staying away from severe exercise regimens and fad diets in favour of natural, sustainable practices. He has turned vegetarian recently, and doesn’t even eat eggs.

His carefully considered videos give viewers trustworthy information on anything from efficient fitness routines to wholesome eating habits. Fit Tuber’s commitment to encouraging a healthy lifestyle has won him the respect and confidence of his followers. Fitness enthusiasts looking for reliable guidance now frequently visit Fit Tuber’s YouTube channel.

Fit Tuber YouTube Success

Vivek’s channel has become quite popular with more than 7 million subscribers that account for almost 280 million views on his videos, because of his ability to make difficult subjects understandable to people from all walks of life. His video content frequently includes doable training programs, meals, and helpful advice for preserving general health.

The community of fit tubers is quite vibrant. They comment on each video, revealing how popular his content is. Fit Tuber offers productivity and self-improvement tips along with videos on mental health. With over 19 million views, the video “15 minute daily yoga routine for beginners” is one of the channel’s most watched content, with 20M views.

Fit Tuber Net Worth

Fit Tuber’s success as a content provider has clearly translated into financial affluence. Fit Tuber has certainly accumulated a sizable net worth from brands’ sponsorships, clothing sales, and advertising money from his YouTube channel. His achievements attest to the significance of his contributions to the fitness sector.

As of 2023, Vivek Mittal’s net worth is projected to be approximately $ 314K – $ 1.88M. With over 7.3 million subscribers, the YouTube channel’s success is primarily to blame for this. Fit Tuber’s annual net income on YouTube ranges from $58.8K to $1.3M USD.

Fit Tuber YouTube Impact and Influence

Founded in 2016, FitTube is a well-liked fitness channel. Fit Tuber has an impact that goes beyond the internet. Viewers from a variety of backgrounds find his positive messages inspiring and are motivated to adopt healthier lifestyles. Vivek has created a community of health-conscious people by enabling people to make educated decisions about their diet and exercise regimens through his videos.

Fit Tuber Growth and Challenges

Like any well-known person, he has faced scrutiny and criticism, despite his success. But Vivek’s development has been greatly aided by his capacity to rise above criticism and concentrate on his goal.

Fit Tuber Awards

YouTube Gold Play Button

1M subscribers

YouTube Silver Play Button

1 Lakh subscribers

Rashtriya Gaurav Award, 2019

In recognition of the exemplary services they have provided in their respective domains

Even though his videos are very informative and enlightening, he has received criticism for his work from many international FMCG companies. Specifically, he received multiple legal notices for his “worst to best” series, had five of his videos taken down from YouTube, and was the focus of a trial in the Bombay High Court. He lost almost a year’s worth of wages in the process.

Additionally, he discusses unconventional subjects that might be considered taboo in society. He doesn’t let criticism or issues get to him; instead, he believes in reading his viewers’ comments whenever he feels low.


In conclusion, Fit Tuber, also known as Vivek Mittal, is a shining example of inspiration in the fitness and wellness industry.

Millions of people have come to love him because of his unwavering commitment to encouraging a balanced lifestyle and his sincere desire to help others.

Fit Tuber continues to be a dependable source of information and inspiration in a world full of contradicting data, helping his audience on their path to ideal health and well-being.

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