ResponseGenie: GPT-powered response generator for your CX

I’m always with you, day and night,
Your every move, I’m in your sight.
I’m not a stalker, not a spy,
But without me, your brand could die.
Who am I?

Answer: Customer!

If you’re involved in any business, you’re in the realm of human interactions. The key to success lies in having the right conversations. Crafting precise messages and delivering ideal, timely responses is crucial, but real-time execution often requires additional support.

Some may argue, “ChatGPT can address our customers’ queries with the right prompts.”

ChatGPT is many things, but it’s important to acknowledge that it’s not human.

As a member of the customer success team, you encounter the following challenges:

  1. Knowledge erosion due to the high turnover rate within the customer success team.

  2. Lack of consistency and personalisation stemming from this high turnover.

  3. Absence of data decentralisation.

  4. Lengthy response times.

  5. Occasional inaccuracies or grammatical errors in customer conversations.

So, can it ensure your customers’ happiness?

Not really.

For these complex challenges, you require a solution that goes beyond ChatGPT.

Enter Response Genie, which seamlessly integrates automation with a human touch, resulting in more natural and efficient customer support – far from the robotic interactions of the past.

What is Response Genie?

ChatGPT does not know about your brand or your customer base. Consequently, extracting relevant answers quickly can prove challenging, rendering prompts ineffective in such scenarios.

This is precisely where Response Genie distinguishes itself.

It acts as the vital link to bridge the gap between your brand knowledge and ChatGPT, facilitating the delivery of contextually relevant responses to your customers.

How does it accomplish this?

Through its utilisation of the Knowledge Base.

Within the Locobuzz platform, users can input brand-specific information, guidelines, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) into a designated section called the Knowledge Base. This capability empowers Response Genie to formulate or refine responses that are not only aligned with the customer’s needs but also reflect the unique characteristics of your brand.

For instance, if a customer wants to inquire about a refund, here’s how Response Genie can help.

Customer Query: How do I check the status of my refund?
Response Genie (post sifting through the Knowledge Base): To check your refund status, click on “My Profile”, scroll down to “My Orders”, and click on it. You will be directed to a new page with information regarding your order. Look for “Refunds” and click on it to check the status.

Response Genie takes cues from customer queries and utilises them as prompts to curate pertinent responses, enhancing the personalisation and effectiveness of GPT-powered answers in addressing customer inquiries. This streamlines the resolution process and optimises time and resources, which can then be allocated to other critical cases.

In a similar case, one of our clients, a leader in the digital industry, has high customer queries that need immediate resolution. The sheer volume of these tickets adds a lot of pressure on the existing customer success team, and they require the power of automation to sail through.
Customer support agents can generate more effective and efficient responses by leveraging our GPT-powered Response Genie (backed by a solid knowledge base).

The result?

  1. Productivity surged by an impressive 40%, thanks to swifter and more accurate responses.
  2. Customer engagement rates saw a remarkable 20% boost, as clients received responses that were not only more relevant but also highly valuable, subsequently driving increased app usage and transactions.

Exciting news! We’ve joined forces with Microsoft Azure and OpenAI to shape the future of Customer Experience. Learn more here.

Why should you use Response Genie?

Response Genie offers a comprehensive solution for improving your customer support processes. This makes it an invaluable tool for enhancing your customer support operations, and here’s why you should consider Response Genie.


Response Genie ensures that all customer interactions adhere to the predefined brand standards and guidelines. By referring to the Knowledge Base, it can generate responses that maintain a consistent tone, style, and messaging, which is crucial for building a solid and uniform brand identity across all customer touchpoints.


While maintaining standardisation, Response Genie also understands the vision and tone of your brand. This means it can craft responses that feel personalised to each customer. It goes beyond generic replies and tailors messages to individual queries, creating a more engaging and customer-centric experience.

Multilingual Capabilities

In our globalised world, communicating with customers in their preferred language is essential. Response Genie is equipped with multilingual capabilities, enabling it to respond in various languages. This ensures your brand can connect with a diverse customer base, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Time Efficiency

Response Genie is designed to save time and effort for your customer support team. It generates responses quickly and accurately, reducing the need for manual input and extensive training for support agents. This efficiency can significantly improve response times and customer support experience.

Create from Scratch or Enhance

Whether you want to create responses from scratch or need assistance refining existing content, Response Genie can handle both. This flexibility allows you to adapt to various customer scenarios, whether you must draft a new response for a unique query or refine an existing template.

Learn from Past Data

One of the most valuable features of Response Genie is its ability to learn from past interactions. It can analyse the effectiveness of responses, considering customer feedback and outcomes. Doing so continuously improves and evolves, ensuring customer support becomes more efficient and effective.

Steps to use Response Genie

Okay, you’ve read this far, so something tells us that you’re convinced about how awesome Response Genie is. Now, to simplify your life, here are a few quick steps to set it up.

P.S. You don’t have to worry about Response Genie adding to your CX team’s work!

Step 1: Add brand-related details to Locobuzz and build your knowledge base. You can use FAQs, brand guidelines and others to enrich your data repository.

Step 2: Implement this knowledge base in your Response Genie configuration page.

Step 3: Response Genie uses this knowledge base to curate responses.

Step 4: Turn on suggestions to automate your responses via Response Genie.

And voila! You’re done!

Use Case: Streamlining Customer Inquiries with Response Genie

Consider a customer support agent at a tech company, “TechSolutions Inc.,” which handles several inquiries. They seek ways to streamline their responses while maintaining a consistent, brand-appropriate tone.

Step 1: Integration
The customer support agent logs into Locobuzz and fires up Response Genie.

Step 2: Receiving a Customer Inquiry
The agent receives a query from a customer inquiring about a common issue: resetting their password.

Step 3: Accessing Response Genie
The agent clicks on the Response Genie and is prompted to input the query or select the category of the inquiry.

Step 4: Generating a Response
The agent briefly describes the customer’s issue in Response Genie. For instance, they might type: Customer needs help resetting their password.
Response Genie instantly reviews the query and refers to the Knowledge Base, where the brand’s password reset guidelines and responses are stored.
Response Genie generates a response tailored to the customer’s query while adhering to the brand’s guidelines and maintaining a friendly and informative tone. For example, it generates a response like Dear [Customer Name], To reset your password, please follow these steps…

P.S: You can choose the tonality to make it sound casual/professional, etc., to suit your conversation style.

Step 7: Sending the Response
The agent clicks “Send” to reply to the customer.

Step 8: Learning from Data
Over time, Response Genie learns from the data, continually improving its response generation capabilities. This empowers customer support managers with the ability to churn faster resolutions.

Step 10: Handling Variations
Suppose a customer’s inquiry deviates from the norm or requires a unique response. In that case, the agent can still use Response Genie and the Knowledge Base as a reference, modifying or creating a response from scratch.

Make CX success possible with Response Genie

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer experience, finding the right tool to enhance your brand’s connection with its audience is like solving a puzzle. Response Genie emerges as the missing piece that transforms ordinary interactions into extraordinary customer experiences, as we’ve explored.

The customer experience landscape is changing and you need to ensure that you are on top of your game. Response Genie is the missing piece of the puzzle that makes up for an amazing customer experience.

Go for Response Genie if you want:

  1. Standardisation to ensure your brand’s voice remains consistent across all interactions.
  2. Personalisation to tailor responses to individual customers, making them feel seen and valued.
  3. Multilingual capabilities to enable your brand to connect with a diverse customer base.
  4. Time efficiency to streamline the customer support process.
  5. Flexibility to create new responses or refine existing ones.
  6. Continuous improvement where you can learn from past data and enhance your response quality.

Join the ranks of businesses that have already witnessed a revolution in their customer support operations.

Are you prepared to take your customer experience to new heights? Try Locobuzz’s Response Genie and unlock the potential of extraordinary customer support.

Want Response Genie to supercharge your customer experience?

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