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The Top 15 Most Popular Emojis in 2023

popular emojis Locobuzz
Emojis have revolutionized the way we communicate in the digital age, offering a colorful and expressive language of their own. These tiny characters, often more expressive than words, add a delightful layer of emotion and context to our text-based conversations. 



Grinning Face


Rolling on the floor laughing


Heart Eyes




Smiling Face with Hearts


Raising Hands


Party Popper


Thinking Face


Face with Tears of Joy


Thumbs Up


Partying Face




Unamused Face


Smiling Face with Halo


Folded Hands

1. Grinning Face

The ”Grinning Face” emoji is a classic and versatile emoji that is often used to express happiness, joy, friendliness, and a light-hearted mood. It’s a simple way to show that you’re in a positive state of mind or that something has made you happy.

It will help you communicate your feelings in a charming and interesting way, whether you’re sharing good news, cracking a joke, or just feeling cheerful.

It’s frequently used to make a conversation feel welcoming and approachable.

2. Rolling on the Floor Laughing

The “Rolling on the floor laughing” emoji shows a yellow face with an open mouth and closed eyes that is leaning to the side and appearing to be rolling on the floor from laughter.

It’s frequently used as an expression of laughter and amusement that can’t be controlled. The intensity of the laughter is emphasized by the closed eyes and the wide open lips.

Extreme humor can be expressed using this widely recognised and used emoji in internet communication. It’s a lighthearted approach to express that something made you laugh.

3. Heart Eyes

The “Heart Eyes” emoji can be used to express love, infatuation, admiration, and enthusiasm in a variety of situations.

It’s a flexible emoji that, depending on the conversational environment, can be used to convey humor, romance, or honesty.

Use the “Heart Eyes” emoji to add more emotion to your messages, whether you want to convey sincere praise, express enthusiasm, or add a little humor.

4. Sunglasses

The “Sunglasses” emoji is frequently used to express coolness, self-assurance, or a carefree attitude. It frequently serves as a metaphor for feelings of style, ease, or casualness.

Keeping in mind that based on the circumstances and your relationship with the beneficiary, emojis can be taken in a variety of directions.

Use the “Sunglasses” emoji to express a sense of cool confidence or an easygoing attitude since it is flexible and can add an element of laid-back flair to your messages.

5. Smiling Face with Hearts

A smiling face with heart-shaped eyes is represented by the “Smiling Face with Hearts” emoji, that expresses a warm and tender sentiment of love, admiration, and joy.

Keep in mind that this emoji is extremely friendly and that, whether employed in a romantic or friendly context, it often communicates a strong, nice sentiment.

It’s a terrific way to express your profound affection for someone or the fact that you’re extremely happy and content with everything.

6. Raising Hands

The “Raising Hands” emoji depicts two hands raised above the head, often in a celebratory or enthusiastic gesture. It’s used to convey a sense of excitement, praise, applause, or gratitude.

The emoji depicts two hands raised above the head, palms facing each other. It can stand for a variety of good feelings and actions.

Use the “Raising Hands” emoji to express excitement, happiness, support, or thankfulness in your communications as it is all about positive feelings and expressions.

7. Party Popper

The “Party Popper” emoji depicts a colorful party popper, often used to symbolize celebrations, festivities, and exciting events. It’s a fun and lively emoji that’s commonly used to convey the spirit of a party or to mark special occasions.

The party popper emoji, which typically looks like a little cylinder with a vibrant paper streamer bursting out of it, represents the excitement of a celebration.

Use the “Party Popper” emoji to convey passion, joy, and the spirit of a particular event or occasion because it is a happy and festive emoji.

8. Thinking Face

The “Thinking Face” emoji is frequently employed to express feelings of thought, reflection, or inquiry. It’s frequently employed to convey that you’re giving anything serious thought or weighing all of your options.

The emoji shows a face with a raised eyebrow and a hand touching the chin, as if in a thoughtful or pondering pose.

This emoji is flexible and may be used in a variety of situations whenever you’re thinking, debating, or considering different points on view.

It’s a terrific approach to make your opinions seem thoughtful and reflecting.

9. Face with Tears of Joy

The “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji is one of the most commonly used emojis and is often used to convey a strong sense of laughter and amusement.

It’s recognized for its portrayal of hearty laughter and is used to express extreme joy, humor, and the kind of laughter that brings tears to your eyes.

The emoji symbolizes an uncontrollable laugh with a face with tears running from closed eyes.

Keeping in mind that the “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji is used to express humor and the capacity to laugh wholeheartedly at jokes.

Use it when something truly makes you laugh and you want to pass on that joy to others.

10. Thumbs Up

The “Thumbs Up” emoji is a widely recognized symbol of approval, agreement, and positivity. It’s often used to show support, indicate that things are good, or express agreement with a statement or action.

The thumb on the hand appears raised in the emoji, indicating approval or agreement.

This emoji is used to convey authorization, support, or to indicate that a particular thing is going well.

11. Partying Face

The “Partying Face” emoji depicts a face with a party hat and a blowout, symbolizing celebration, joy, and having a good time.

It’s commonly used to convey the spirit of partying and excitement.

Use this emoji to give your conversations more excitement and festive spirit.

12. Star-Struck

The “Star-Struck” emoji depicts a face with starry eyes and a wide grin, symbolizing extreme admiration, excitement, and being captivated by something or someone. It’s often used to convey a sense of wonder and amazement.

The face-shaped emoji expresses shock and amazement by having open lips and twinkling eyes.

Use it when you want to convey to people that you’ve been genuinely amazed by something or someone.

13. Unamused Face

The “Unamused Face” emoji depicts a face with a flat, skeptical expression, often used to convey dissatisfaction, annoyance, or a lack of amusement. It’s commonly used to express mild irritation or disappointment.

A feeling of doubt or mild disapproval is expressed by the emoji’s raised eyebrows, downturned mouth, and slightly narrowed eyes.

The “Unamused Face” emoji, like all emojis, can be perceived differently according to the situation and the relationship between the communicators. It’s a helpful tool for expressing complex feelings while providing text-based communication a deeper meaning.

14. Smiling Face with Halo

The “Smiling Face with Halo” emoji depicts a face with a beaming smile and a halo above its head, symbolizing innocence, goodness, and angelic qualities.

It’s often used to convey a sense of purity, kindness, or when someone is being well-behaved or exceptionally good-hearted.

The smiley face emoji displays a brilliant crown above it, indicating that the user is acting in an angelic or righteous manner.

It’s a wonderful approach to show gratitude for compassion, convey innocence, or fill your communications with an aura of heavenly charm.

15. Folded Hands

The “Folded Hands” emoji depicts two hands pressed together, palms touching, and fingers pointing upward. It’s commonly used to symbolize praying, gratitude, reverence, and a sense of mindfulness or spirituality.

The emoji features two hands pressed together, usually in a praying gesture, often representing various spiritual and respectful sentiments.

The emoji “Folded Hands” shows respect, gratitude, and thoughtfulness. Whether in both philosophical and religious contexts, it’s frequently used to express real emotions and best wishes.


Emojis allow us to express our feelings and reactions visually, promoting deeper understanding and connection in our online chats. Emojis can make communicating your emotions more successful, whether you’re expressing love, joy, agreement, or any other emotion.
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