Are you ready to maximize your CX
potential with GPT-3?

Supercharge it with Locobuzz CX Suite

Leverage GPT for Automated Insights

Presenting for the first time in the industry, a unified CXM dashboard with GPT3 integration, empowering you with automated AI-led insights and real-time analysis.

Time to insight = Real-time.

accurate data

More accurate and in-depth insights without manual efforts

GPT-3-powered analysis provides a more accurate understanding of social media data

Increased efficiency in data analysis

Automated analysis and insights that help businesses save time and resources


Ability to identify patterns and trends in social media data

Helps businesses make informed decisions in the blink of an eye

How does it work?

The Charts are analyzed with a deeper understanding of the data on all your dashboards.

Insights on demand, All you need to do is CLICK.

Insights that are easy to consume and take action on

Export these insights in PDF or PPT as your own report

Our state-of-the-art dashboard is designed to be a decision-making powerhouse, providing you with all the data and insights you need in one convenient location.

Say goodbye to manual data analysis and hello to a more efficient and streamlined decision-making process.

Leverage GPT for Automated Insights

Get AI-Led Insights on Every Chat for Real-Time Analysis and Reporting

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