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Increase the lifetime value of customers with Locobuzz; a CX platform you can truly rely on! Leverage Locobuzz’s holistic social media management tools to unify all your social, review, and messaging channels on an omnichannel CX platform.

ALL-IN-ONE platform for

Social Listening
Gather all customer conversations from across social media and the web. Monitor your brand, competition, and influencers; basically any topic!

Reduce Time-to-Insight with AI-powered analytics tools to understand the market and consumers better. View operational metrics to improve team and content performance.

Instantly engage customers and manage the community in minimum time — one inbox, prioritize, respond, and delight!

Take mundane manual processes out of the equation. Save time with Smart Routing, Auto Responses, and Intelligent Alerts.

Extend your CRM and CDP
Locobuzz augments existing transactional and contact data in CRM with behavioral and conversational insights. Give a unified view of customers to your front office enabling them to create consistent customer delight on digital channels. Empower your analytics team with attributes-rich customer data to explore customer insights.

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Here are some powerful advantages of upgrading to Locobuzz

Data consistency – With an accurate representation of data on both reports and dashboards, you never have to struggle with discrepancies in data again.

Complete coverage – 100% coverage by Locobuzz AI and ML ensures no loss of any data, even if your brand is improperly tagged.

Real-time visualizations – Experience an incredible view of real-time insights and study comprehensive stats through a powerful Digital Command Center.

Partner with The Best – Seamless technology, incredible business intelligence, and unbeatable returns of investment. We are growth partners that don’t compromise.

Speak every language – Locobuzz supports all prominent global languages and several Indian languages with accurate sentiment analysis and contextual analytics.

Exponential scale and quality – 25 of the top 50 brands in the country trust Locobuzz and we are rapidly winning the confidence of businesses in South East Asia, Middle East, USA, and many more regions.

Get Best-in-class support – Having a great platform isn’t enough. With Locobuzz, leverage the support of a dedicated team that aids in the optimum utilization of the platform.

Why make the switch?

Because great brands are remembered for great customer experience. With Locobuzz, you WILL understand your customer better:

  • Great ROI with world-class product support and a delightful onboarding experience.
  • Advanced ORM capabilities , detailed reports, and actionable insights.
  • Powerful artificial intelligence that delivers 95% sentiment accuracy.
  • Avert crisis situations with versatile inbuilt alerts and escalation models.
  • Impressive real-time data fetching and Historic Social Data abilities.
  • 99% Uptime that guarantees an unbreakable connection with your customers.

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