Locobuzz is trusted by the leading agencies

Locobuzz empowers agencies with smart tools, advanced technologies, and digital intelligence necessary to win and retain clients while reduced cost and excelling at social media strategies.

Retain clients & win new ones with the Locobuzz Agency Partner Program

With Locobuzz, agencies gain the edge required to win every pitch with a new client. Locobuzz provides a much-needed headstart that impresses clients while outpacing the competition.

Utilize the valuable insights Locobuzz provides while innovating new ways to constantly improve your clients’ social media performance.

For Agencies of All Sizes – Our Partner Program is for agencies of all sizes

Use Locobuzz to discover new opportunities in prospective clients’ current campaigns while perfecting strategies for present and future campaigns. All of this is just a few clicks away!

Single-View for Social Media Management Needs

Locobuzz unifies all necessary features and tools of social media management into a single platform. Brand listening, competition benchmarking, campaign analysis, reputation management; all available in a single-view platform providing the agencies with efficiencies and allowing better process management.

Online Reputation Management – Enhance brand image and representation while outperforming competitors, engaging customers, and preventing crises with real-time and detailed analytics.

Campaign Analytics – Generate easy-to-access DIY reports in real-time. Track and analyze social media campaigns in real-time and gain valuable actionable insights that improve the overall performance and deliver high-yielding strategies.

Trouble-Free Publishing – Plan social media posts and campaigns with social insights and cross-channel content publication.

Collaboration – Collaborate with your colleagues and brand teams to create perfect brand communications much faster.

Digital Intelligence for Agencies

Equip your agency with the latest emerging technologies and offer more to your clients. With Locobuzz, you’ll stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

Power of Big Data – Access to valuable consumer, social, and CX operational insights in real-time dashboards

Leverage AI & Automation – Address your clients’ every need by using best-in-class technologies at an affordable price. Deliver efficient service with our AI & Automation capabilities.

Level-Up Performance – Deliver ROI to clients and become an indispensable extension of their team while using less-than-usual resources.

Help your clients reach new audiences and boost revenue. Stay ahead and keep winning with Locobuzz! Our agency partners love us!
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