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From retail and consumer brands to digital marketing agencies, Locobuzz has been the ladder of success for all! Our partnership with businesses of varying shapes and sizes and at different stages of growth has rendered fruitful results.
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Accelerating Growth Through Locobuzz

Locobuzz empowers agencies by equipping them with the new-age solutions to catapult growth.
Here’s a quick overview of how we can help.

Businesses may have a wealth of data, but can they use it to generate industry insights or perform competition benchmarking? They can with Locobuzz! As technology enablers, we equip and onboard agencies with tools and technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Language (ML) for gaining actionable intelligence. It is no secret that digital intelligence can prove to be an effective weapon in staying ahead of the competition!

As social media emerges as a viable and cost-effective platform for a wide range of activities, from branding to lead capturing to making sales, businesses are trying to establish a solid online presence through it. With Locobuzz Plus, they can schedule posts and automate engagements to nurture deeper customer relationships.

That connects them to opportunities. What's more is that it helps with customer retention, which means repeat business and sustained revenue no matter the time of the year! It also doubles as a platform for experts and leaders as well as fresh go-getters to network, exchanges ideas, and foster a growth-driven ecosystem.

Locobuzz's listening and analytics capabilities are one of the most sought-after  functions of the tool. From real-time campaign analysis to automated client reporting and alerts - there is virtually nothing that Locobuzz cannot deliver! All the insights are presented in visual and bite-sized packets to cut out the fluff and offer hard cold facts. Based on these insights, businesses can leverage Locobuzz to formulate future strategies or review the existing ones and live the dream of continuous development.

Driving Organizational Goals and Beyond: Customer Success Stories

India's leading watch manufacturing brand, Titan, wished to establish an omnichannel presence by tapping into non-traditional channels, such as WhatsApp, to build customer relationships. Locobuzz delivered to this expectation by integrating all digital communications over a unified platform to drive brand, platform-agnostic, and consistent conversations. Such an impetus made outreach campaigns more effective and bolstered lead generation activities to drive tangible results for Titan.

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After the lockdown induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, fast-fashion brand Forever 21 turned to Locobuzz for online reputation management. The brand harnessed the power of social listening and sentiment analysis to engage with customers meaningfully, share order updates in real-time, and issue refunds seamlessly. Social media platforms like Instagram turned out to be a game-changer for the company as they maintained responsiveness, availability, and accessibility despite operational issues.

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Retain clients & win new ones with the Locobuzz Agency Partner Program

With Locobuzz, agencies gain the edge required to win every pitch with a new client. Locobuzz provides a much-needed headstart that impresses clients while outpacing the competition.

Utilize the valuable insights Locobuzz provides while innovating new ways to constantly improve your clients’ social media performance.

For Agencies of All Sizes – Our Partner Program is for agencies of all sizes

Use Locobuzz to discover new opportunities in prospective clients’ current campaigns while perfecting strategies for present and future campaigns. All of this is just a few clicks away!

Single-View for Social Media Management Needs

Locobuzz unifies all necessary features and tools of social media management into a single platform. Brand listening, competition benchmarking, campaign analysis, reputation management; all available in a single-view platform providing the agencies with efficiencies and allowing better process management.

Online Reputation Management – Enhance brand image and representation while outperforming competitors, engaging customers, and preventing crises with real-time and detailed analytics.

Campaign Analytics – Generate easy-to-access DIY reports in real-time. Track and analyze social media campaigns in real-time and gain valuable actionable insights that improve the overall performance and deliver high-yielding strategies.

Trouble-Free Publishing – Plan social media posts and campaigns with social insights and cross-channel content publication.

Collaboration – Collaborate with your colleagues and brand teams to create perfect brand communications much faster.

Help your clients reach new audiences and boost revenue. Stay ahead and keep winning with Locobuzz! Our agency partners love us!
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