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5 Best & Simple Paid Search Strategies To Drive More Customers

To increase website traffic, businesses use paid search advertising, a digital marketing approach, to deliver search engines to position their adverts higher on pertinent Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The most popular type of paid search is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Companies who use PPC campaigns don’t pay anything until someone clicks on their advertisement. As a result, it is a cost-effective method of advertising and guarantees that users actively looking for your company’s goods or services will see your ads. Where your ad appears on Google SERPs is determined by many distinct factors. These consist of:


Businesses place bids on terms or phrases associated with their brand, line of goods, or services. The search results page awards greater rankings to the highest bidders.

Ad extensions

Businesses list their contact numbers and links to other helpful information on their website, such as contact pages. The effect of these extensions may affect where your advertisement appears in SERPs.

Quality of ads and landing pages

Google will evaluate your landing pages’ usefulness and relevance and assign your ads a Quality Score.


The number of keywords you use in your ads and how frequently you utilise them can affect where your ads appear in SERPs.

Other considerations

The phrase that is searched, along with the time, location, competing ads/other search results, and device type, are some other aspects that are taken into account.

Are you now prepared to advance your Paid Search Strategy and Increase Your Return On Investment (ROI)? Continue reading if you want to learn straightforward PPC methods that will increase your company’s PPC revenue.

Paid Search Strategies

A Paid Search or PPC Campaign is not successful until you don’t employ a perfectly curated strategy that outshines the worth of your efforts and gives the best Return on Investment. Here are the few Paid Search Strategies you may use to boost your campaign.

Use SKAGs in your advertising initiatives.

Create hyper-targeted adverts for your goods or services using a ‘Single Keyword Ad Group’ (SKAG). Your business targets a single term using SKAGs by utilising various match kinds, such as exact, broad, and phrase matches. For instance, if your company provides 24-hour plumbing services, you might focus on the following terms:

Emergency plumbing services
“emergency plumbing services”
+emergency +plumbing +services

Although aggressive, this paid search technique enabled your business to create customised ad copy for your audience’s unique problem and desired answer. Higher click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates are the results for your company. However, if you decide to employ SKAGs, take your SKAGs from current ad campaigns.

Without any performance or campaign data, launching a SKAG can result in a loss of time, energy, and money spent on advertising. You can, however, make data-driven decisions regarding your paid search if you concentrate on current campaigns. Start with about five SKAGs for the best results.

Constantly check the copy of your advertisements.

Copy is a crucial component of your PPC strategy, whether you’re launching display or search advertisements. Getting the desired results from your paid search ads might be challenging without some appealing, must-click ad language. Users won’t click if you always utilise generic, unoriginal copy.

You can anticipate the same outcomes from wordy content that uses buzzwords to complicate your goods and services. You must therefore strike a balance between being original and being innovative.

Although it can take extra effort and time from your team, testing your ad wording can help your business create a standout marketing campaign. With material that holds users’ attention and engages them, you can enhance the performance of your ads. Consider these inquiries before beginning to develop several ad copy versions:

What needs or wants does our target market have?
What distinguishes our company from rivals?
What are distinguishing qualities essential to our audience?
How well does our copy match the tone of our landing page?

Additionally, you must A/B test your advertisement copy. But don’t stop with just one test. Launch a new experiment as soon as the first one is complete.

Design unique voice search campaigns

There are more than 1 billion voice searches per month. In your paid search strategy, your business can make use of that. Your firm is successful if you incorporate voice search into your PPC strategy and your SEO plan.

By reviewing your previous campaigns, you may develop a voice search campaign. A high-traffic ad campaign is beneficial for the best outcomes since it gives you access to more information and more opportunities for voice search queries. Once you’ve chosen your ad campaign, retrieve the ‘Search Terms’ report from the Keywords menu.

A voice search is indicated by “Ok Google”. Once you’ve downloaded your report, you can look through the information for the word “OK Google.” That’s alright. It’s wise to check to see if you do, as your business might discover a brand-new (and underutilised) route for addressing your market.

Include remarketing in your paid search plan

Remarketing is a fantastic means of increasing sales. A remarketing campaign gives your firm a second chance to persuade a customer or business buyer to get in touch with you, buy your thing, or go to your store again. Remarketing is frequently left out of businesses’ paid search strategies, though.

A remarketing campaign may give your business access to a smaller audience, but it also gives you access to people who are already interested in (and aware of) your business. In the online market, that is a huge advantage! With display or search remarketing campaigns, you may increase the effectiveness of your PPC approach.

Prepare your campaign for launch by investigating your target market, examining your marketing objectives, and analysing the data from your website in Google Analytics. Create a remarketing audience in Google Analytics once you’ve finished these steps. Your team might need to wait before launching your campaign, such as on Google Ads, depending on the volume of visitors to your site and the characteristics of your target audience.

This is due to Google Ads’ requirement that remarketing campaigns have a specific minimum audience size. For instance, a display remarketing campaign needs 100 viewers. A search remarketing campaign requires 1000 audience members, in contrast.

Many companies prioritise display remarketing over search due to the vast differences in needs. Remarketing campaigns are a practical approach to enhance your paid search strategy in any case.

Refresh your PPC strategy by getting a PPC audit

Yes, PPC is complicated. You’re not alone if you’ve tried launching several campaigns and reading dozens of articles on PPC methods without results. Many businesses struggle to develop profitable campaigns that are also effective.

For this reason, a PPC audit is a paid search tactic to take into account. A PPC consultant or firm will carefully examine your campaigns and strategy as part of a PPC audit. They assess your keyword research, audience targeting, bid, budget, and more to identify the factors hindering your campaign.

Their analysis offers your company practical suggestions for enhancing your advertising. Not to mention, your team gains knowledge of some additional paid search techniques tailored to your sector, range of goods, and services.

Your business can tweak your campaign based on the advice of your consultant or agency, which could lead to a higher CTR, reduced CPC, and a better ROI.

Need a unique paid search plan for your company?

Contact a PPC Consultant if you want a unique paid search strategy that generates a strong return on investment for your company. The most successful paid search strategy is to avoid attempting to do everything.

Limitless opportunities are available to you through digital marketing. Winning tactics narrow the focus and pinpoint the metrics you want to maximise. Instead of attempting to accomplish everything simultaneously, go all the way to excel in those crucial areas.

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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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