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All about omni-channel marketing

Omnichannel Marketing

Table of Contents

It’s consumer-centricity that’s the diamond on the crown of your customer service. Hear it from a pro in the field:

A1 Omni-channel meets the customer along their buyer's journey. No matter how or where they interact w you, there’s continuity. #SEMRushChat

Rebekah is the Chief Marketing Officer of Post Planner and an award-winning content marketer. She knows what she’s talking about! 

Omnichannel, by its name, signifies an engagement channel present on every platform a potential/current client is active on. However, there is a world of difference between multichannel and omnichannel marketing. We often see companies using various social channels  and other digital platforms to engage people with their campaigns, messaging, etc, however,  they operate separately and deprive the user of consistent brand experiences across channels and devices.

Companies operating in an omnichannel method create a seamless, unified experience so the modern user that jumps between platforms can carry out interactions trusting that the brand knows exactly what he’s talking about, and can personalise his experience.

social media icons

What to keep in mind

Again, a single customer lies at  the center of an omnichannel marketing approach. Regardless of the channel the customer uses, their interaction should be smooth and uninterrupted. Nothing should feel out of place.

How can an omnichannel marketing strategy help companies personalize customer experience?


  • Stay in sync with your customers: A keen eye and regular reflection on consumer behavior is a great way to stay in the loop of how your brand is being perceived, what your client base is talking about, and what you can cater to. 
  • Get personal! Engage with your clients in their platform comfort zones: The more open and accessible your channels are, the better your customer experience will be. With an omnichannel approach, customers are able to demonstrate which means of interaction they steer towards, and on the platforms they prefer. These behavioral insights are extremely valuable when optimizing and targeting your marketing strategies.
  • Choices are empowering and comfortable: When you have various interaction methods with a converging result, you can cohere to larger demographics of users- because they can always pick the path they find more comfortable. This creates a unique yet fulfilling customer experience that works effectively and provides market research data at the same time.
  • Don’t let your customers forget about you: Much like royalty, a good omnichannel marketing strategy ensures your brand’s consistent image and product across all platforms and devices. When something is familiar, it is easier to remember and refer to. For eCommerce inhabitants, this increases the chances of purchase among your consumer base.

A1: without #omnichannel you risk having your marketing become stagnated within a bubble & increasingly diminishing returns #semrushchat

Designing an omnichannel marketing strategy

Let’s explore some areas of consideration when designing an omnichannel marketing campaign.

1. Prioritize your consumer

A primary tip for succeeding lies in analyzing your consumers’ journey. Evaluate the points of interaction, and gauge whether there is a consistent experience. The engagement up until the purchase should be clear, smooth, and familiar across platforms. 

2. Know your customers

Consumer behavior is a data goldmine that, once leveraged, can make your company fluent with your client base. Marketing teams must understand their customers. Such data can be in the form of identifying target audiences based on wants, needs, behaviors, preferences, goals, and demographics. Using the right tool to leverage this data makes it a cakewalk to deliver excellent marketing. Locobuzz has a swift tool to manage and visualize your social insights and online image. Try a demo today!

  1. Get Tech friendly

Identifying the digital solutions and tools to aid your customer experience is the next step for a flawless campaign. Finding tailored tools can be a challenge, however here are some pointers to keep in mind: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

  • A Fully Integrated Customer Engagement Platform
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Social Media Management Solutions
  • Data Analytics Tools

Since you’re here, check out Locobuzz’s website and the various digital solutions we offer. 

4. Categorize your users

Categorizing your consumers based on data points and audience behavior can help meet your business objectives. You can segment buyer personas, subscription status, paths to purchase, etc. 

5. Track your performance visually and numerically

This lets you deliver actionable insights. Gaining real-time, accurate information on the response to your brand’s activity can help you evaluate your performance, and never miss out on an improvement.

6. There’s always room for optimization!

Keeping your marketing modern, up-to-date, and exciting is what will keep your brand circulating. With consistent engagement, you are likely to get valuable insights on what to tweak or sustain within your online presence. Changes could be anything from image size alterations to a different website layout; the list is inexhaustive. This is a simple way to keep being rewarded by your company’s campaigns.

7. Shoppable posts- a new window of opportunity

Facebook and Instagram have streamlined the use of shoppable posts. This feature can be a game-changer for eCommerce companies, where targeted ads and campaigns on multiple platforms can redirect a user straight to the product page. Such a transaction is a perfect example of an omnichannel strategy.

Instagram Shopping
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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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