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Instagram Analytics: Ultimate Guide To Enhance Your Instagram Analytics Strategy

Instagram analytics

What do you mean by instagram analytics?

Instagram Analytics comes under the broad category of Social Media Analytics. However, unlike other Social Media Platforms, Instagram, due to its visually pleasing interface and constantly growing audience, has many more features to offer.

An Instagram Analytics Tool should be chosen with precision, keeping in mind the most exquisite and attention-grabbing features of this Social Media platform, for maximum brand-user engagement.

Table of Contents

Features of a social media analytics tool

Now we will discuss, how to turn your business into a brand on Instagram using these features of the social media analytics tool.

Choosing the right Instagram Analytics Tool from a host of Social Media Analytics Tools available out there can be tricky business. So many Social Media Management and CX Tools brands seem to promise a hyper-increase in audience engagement. This makes it difficult to sift through and find the best one that suits your specific needs to establish your brand on Instagram. To make it easier, here are the top 5 features and parameters to look for in a Social Media Analytics Tool to enhance your Instagram Analytics strategy.

Hashtag tracking and analysis

One of the most renowned features of a great AI-Powered is Hashtag Tracking and Analysis. It’s the top priority feature you would want in any Instagram Analytics Tool. More than 90% of Instagram users use and follow dozens of different hashtags. These can be related to what’s trending and the area of user interest.

A good Instagram Analytics tool tracks trending hashtags among your most active and potential customers/followers. Having access to a crisp Hashtag Analysis, you can use these trending hashtags in your Instagram bio, posts, reels, and stories to be visible to more Instagram users, and hence expand your follower base. Even if this doesn’t instantly spark up a great number of followers, this will expand the reach of your content to a larger audience who might turn into potential followers and possible future customers.

Sentiment analysis

Analytics Tool that gives you Sentiment Analysis already sets itself up among the ones you would want to reach out for. What is Sentiment Analysis and why is it so important? To break it down, any tool that works for brand management and Social Media Management is essential. To substitute what originally would have been a customer service rep’s job, a tool has to go beyond machine-like capabilities and analyze customer sentiments

With AI-Powered features like Sentiment Analysis, you can track and analyze how followers and consumers feel about your brand through keyword analysis of sentiments across Instagram.

Brand-user engagement tracking

The primary analytics feature of an Instagram Analytics tool is to track Brand-User Engagement or the way in which Instagram users interact with your brand. This can be done by tracking active hours spent on Instagram as well as the most active engagement hours with your brand. Another thing it tracks for you is the kind of audience actively engaging with your brand; a particular age group or gender, people interested in a certain niche, and similar things. You also receive an analysis of the type of content your users engage with most.
Brand-User Engagement Tracking is the most essential feature you need from a Social Analytics Tool. This data helps you plan brand content, decide uploading time, and make live sessions better.

1. Social media chatbots

Integrating an AI-Powered Social Media Chatbot into your Instagram will be one of the best additions you can make to your Instagram Analytics strategy. The importance of social media chatbots in increasing your sales growth is massive. It not only gives your brand a boost by Automating Product Purchases, Data Compilation, and Analysing Customer Purchase behaviors but also enhances Customer Experience by making customers feel valued and heard by your brand.

Taking on multiple tasks that would have required a team of customer service reps, these Social Media Chatbots help you cut back on over 30% of employee-management costs. Thus, yet again, helping you improve your financial analytics for Instagram

2. Customer-relationship management

CRM Integration is essential for a good Instagram Analytics Tool. Much like a Brand-User engagement feature, CRM Integration helps retain the customer base by focusing primarily on customer-brand relationships. With the help of Sentiment Analysis and Social Listening features, an Instagram Analytics tool prioritizes attention on customer reviews, complaints, feedback and automates instant responses through an AI-Powered technology. This makes your customers feel valued, and the instant alerts for priority customer-feedback management helps you retain an engaged audience and regular buyers/followers.

Which social media management tool should choose?

The combination of the above-mentioned features of a good Social Media Analytics Tool, especially for Instagram Analytics, can be easily found in different CX Tools in the market. However, integrating dozens of different tools for different Social Analytics features can be heavy on the pocket. The most versatile and profitable solution to integrate these features with the help of a single tool is through the use of a good Social Listening Tool.

It is no secret how greatly Social Listening can help finance industries. To strategically improve upon the financial as well as user-engagement aspects of Instagram Analytics, choosing from among the out there would be the wisest choice to make.

Locobuzz Engage is top Social Listening Toolsone of the best-rated Social Listening Tools in the market with the highest compatible Social Media Analytics features to suit all your Instagram Analytics needs. It has an Engaging, Immersive, and Conversive user interface best integrated as an AI-Powered Social Media Chatbot. It gives you real-time insights into Brand-User Engagement through Hashtag Tracking and Sentiment Analysis features, all on a single-view platform! The CRM Integration and Competitor Insights provided by Locobuzz make it the most loved Social Media Management and Analytics tool out there.







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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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