How Customer Experience Drives Digital Transformation?

The major need of transforming into modernizing systems and introducing personalized Customer Experience is becoming crucial. Several organizations are building a digital strategy to attract potential customers as a part of this business transformation.

For several years, technology has been delivering worldwide assistance in every aspect of life. From healthcare to businesses, digital transformation has proved to be helpful for every major sector.

But one question remains unspoken in every organization: Can such transformation really count when there’s magnified Customer Experience?

In today’s time, with apps and high internet connectivity, there’s a significant improvement in Customer Experience and Satisfaction. We’re making advanced progress towards digital transformation as it offers opportunities to understand the customer and deliver as per their expectations creating a multi-channel Customer Experience.

Thus, every organization is stepping into the digital world and offering an enhanced Customer Experience through an online presence.

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What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is when an existing business transforms old technologies and systems into modern and advanced ones to meet customer expectations and change completely how businesses operate and the value sent to customers.

Nearly half of all organizations implemented digital transformation strategies and mentioned Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience as major influences.

Companies transforming digitally and investing in Customer Experience will create highly engaged customers. According to the study by MIT, it was found that

companies adopting digital transformation are 24% more profitable than their peers.

How to interact with digitally savvy customers?

Digital technology has awakened customers. From machine learning to automation, customers are getting what they want at the right moment.

Modern digital technologies have caused a massive shift in consumer expectations. Today, customers are aware of the things that can be done through technology.

If you’re an organization adopting digital Customer Experience, you need to make a plan and revisit the entire process of interacting with customers.

Here are three departments where you can use digital transformation for enhanced Customer Experience:

B2B sales

B2B sales teams have to think modern by replacing cold calling with social interaction. Potential customers are active on several social platforms, and that’s where your team should be. You have to reach out to customers and build a strong relationship by educating them. This can be easily done by sharing essential information as a solution to their problem.


Marketing teams have to reduce expenses on offline marketing activities like TV ads, billboards, direct mail, and more.

Nowadays, potential customers need direct, personalized messages which can be completed based on a data-driven marketing approach.

To keep sending highly targeted messages, the marketing team has to use several digital channels to implement email, search engine, and marketing-based strategies.

Customer service

Ever since the pandemic has arrived, the customer service teams no longer wait for phone calls. Being digitally active is the best way to help customers by addressing issues and remaining proactive.

In today’s time, several social media platforms, forums, and review sites have become a major part of Customer Service teams making their job easier. So, to help the modern digital buyer, your business needs to step into digital.

Locobuzz is a great customer service platform that will help you manage and provide a seamless customer experience by safeguarding your customer and business data.

3 factors for businesses to start digital transformation

To help you succeed, here are three essential ways that will help your business get started with digital transformation:

Plan strategy before accomplishing digital transformation

The introduction of rapidly changing technologies and innovations will never end in this face-paced business world.

Several established companies are breaking due to advanced technologies evolving every year. Here are some examples of advancing technologies:

Amazon created Amazon Go and introduced automated cashier-less self-checkout stations in the US and the UK.
Tesla introduced self-driving autonomous vehicles based on the technology of driverless cars.
With so many advanced technologies in the marketplace, you should plan your strategy before accomplishing digital transformation to survive in this digital world. You must plan to protect your business from digital disruption and outline essential technologies that need to be adopted.

This is the primary reason why you should understand the process to grab opportunities before executing a digital transformation strategy.

Personalize customer experience

In today’s time, customers want brands to listen to their voices and treat them as essential customers by knowing their past choices and purchase history.

Nowadays, customers buy a product from organizations that:

  1. Knows them by their name
  2. Has information regarding their purchase history
  3. Recommends products based on past purchases

One thing customers like about these organizations is that they have data related to customers’ buying behavior. But to make your Customer Experience better through a reliable set of data, you need to invest in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Locobuzz is a CRM platform that will study all data related to customers based on past purchases and interactions with your company. In the end, this data will be used to create targeted messages to match the individual preferences of customers, resulting in a sense of personalization.

Creating a seamless multi-channel experience

Nowadays, customers want responses from Customer Service within an hour; even during weekends! This forces organizations to remain active 24/7. Due to this, companies offering personalization to potential customers will survive in the long run.

Today’s customers are active on several channels. They purchase a product, give feedback, and inquire on multiple social media platforms. That’s why collecting data about these interactions will help create a digital profile whenever the customer is looking to connect with your business.

Locobuzz drives customer experience through digital transformation

Locobuzz is a single unified and new-generation digital customer experience platform that will help you to transform your business and to build long-lasting relationships with your customers like never before.

It offers smart customer support across several channels to make the customer experience stand out from others. Locobuzz helps you to know your customers better by telling who they are while interacting with your brand to make a lasting impression.

Today’s customers are active on several channels. They purchase a product, give feedback, and inquire on multiple social media platforms. That’s why collecting data about these interactions will help create a digital profile whenever the customer is looking to connect with your business.

Final thoughts

In this modern digital world, the primary motive of every organization is to satisfy customers by providing reliable services. Nowadays, customers prefer digital transformation as it gives them a feeling of personalization and makes them happy.

Thus, focusing on three major factors will help your organization maintain customer expectations, improve Customer Experience, and hold your place in the digital transformation phase in the market.

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