How to Choose The Best Omnichannel Solution Provider?

Best Omnichannel Service Provider

Omnichannel Solution is a concept whose need has become an apparent reality now, but its origins lie much beyond the interconnected networking of today’s world. Before that, let us establish what Omnichannel Solutions mean.

The provision of a consistent marketing experience provided to a customer across various marketing channels by a company is called Omnichannel Solutions.

As mentioned above, the increased interconnectivity of today’s world has pushed this concept even as a basic necessity for some corporations. More and more customers expect a consistent experience across various marketing channels, so businesses in spades fill up this gap.

The concept of providing Omnichannel Solutions is so essential at its core that it makes the task of pinning the date of its origin down a difficult one. Whether it was an inspiration from Apple’s seamless integration of products and services with the launch of the iPhone; or the customer-centric approach taken up by Best Buy in 2003 to tackle Walmart, we may never know.

However, the increasing relevance of Omnichannel Solutions has been apparent over the last decade. A step ahead in the direction of integration from multi-channel solutions, omnichannel solutions strive to provide an integrated experience on ALL marketing levels rather than multiple channels.

This has also opened up a new avenue of business operations, where companies solely focus on providing omnichannel solutions to other organizations and businesses. A company that deals in this kind of business finds clients and aids them in improving their online marketing efforts by integrating and optimizing them.

If a business wants to hire a third-party omnichannel customer engagement service for their omnichannel requirements, selecting the company for the job becomes a challenge as there are many options.

So, the crucial question arises,

How to choose a Good Omnichannel Solution Provider?

Firstly, thorough research needs to be done to find out the essential issues that need to be addressed by the service provider they end up choosing. These issues can be addressed by the good qualities that an omnichannel solution provider possesses. These qualities are given as follows –


First and foremost, the most important thing while choosing the perfect omnichannel solution provider is to see whether the qualities and ideals match with one’s own business or not. As it is necessary to have similar business principles between the client and the service provider; otherwise, it could lead to a conflict of interest.

This aspect is the most important before evaluating other qualities. The business needs to ask the most crucial question of “Whether this company is suitable for my business or not ?”. After this, the business can look into other qualities based on the performance of the provider.


The omnichannel solution provider needs to be on pace with the rest of the industry and access the latest and greatest expertise and tools to carry out omnichannel solutions. This is one of the key factors in deciding what provider must be selected as the lack of technology and experience in this field of marketing is often what makes the business seek third party services.

Many companies are very unsuccessful in carrying out their in-house omnichannel solutions, that is why the need for choosing a third party provider arises. The specialisation in the cross-platform marketing integration area makes their working laser focused and precise.

Speed of Implementation

The task of omnichannel solutions is one of the most challenging prospects for a company. Maintenance of presence of every media channel, consistency in image and on top of that, Maintaining and delivering marketing messages at an appropriate time and changing or adjusting the marketing mechanism in cohesion with it- this indeed sounds very stressful!

Omnichannel solution providers make sure that all this happens in an efficient and quick manner. The fast-moving world and trends have made marketing quick and responsive, so the service providers in response have become rapid. They don’t let any crack develop and quickly integrate all the channels with a marketing message or theme.

Up for a Challenge!

Marketing strategies usually fluctuate based on demand and many other factors. The company’s marketing department produces many marketing campaigns for the peak demand season, and it is the job of omnichannel solution providers to keep up with the pace of integration. While it may look like a daunting task, an omnichannel solution provider must always be ready and allocate its resources in accordance with the schedule of the marketing messages decided by the company.

These peak periods deal with the daily updating of channels and sometimes even on an hourly basis. So, it is safe to say that the service providers need to be strapped and ready for a challenge. For successful integration between channels, the marketing messages need to be adequately communicated to the omnichannel solution provider.

Support during Crisis

The omnichannel solution providers sometimes have to deal with effective integration of communication during times of crisis. While it is the job of the PR department to create messages in the situation, the omnichannel solution provider needs to make sure that messages are displayed on all company’s channels. Also, taking good care of the tone and the theme of all channels are aligned.

Omnichannel solution providers also help with consumer redressal through having uniform responses and faster calls for action on all the company’s channels. It is crucial for the service provider not to desert the company when it’s in disaster management mode.


Choosing the omnichannel solutions provider may be a little tricky, but the above tips can provide a refuge to those looking at the innumerable options out there. If the right choice is made, the omnichannel solution provider will become the company’s best ally if the company and provider grow and prosper together.

One such provider is Locobuzz, is a unified digital customer experience management platform that converges with technologies such as AI, ML, Big Data Analytics and Automation to increase the lifetime value of their customers. 

They are a one-stop-shop for all the omnichannel digital solutions across a wide spectrum of social and digital channels providing a one-view of customers, and powerful insights that enable brands with strategic insights into their performance, customers satisfactions scores, competition benchmarking and much more.

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