Why Using Data Can Improve Customer Experience?

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You have a top-of-the-line product and your marketing is doing everything right, but for some reason, even after reaching the right audience, you aren’t seeing your bottom line improve. If this scenario feels painfully familiar to you, you could be experiencing a customer disconnect.

With a superabundance of solutions and services available for just about anything today, consumers are spoilt for choice and base their opinion on the customer experience they receive. It only takes a few unsavory customer reviews to damage the one thing that draws prospects to you for continued business — your reputation.

Fortunately, this works two ways. Satisfied customers who have enjoyed positive experiences with you can stack the odds in your favor. As per a survey, as many as 72% of customers have been known to share their positive experiences with at least six.

Then again, we come back to square one. How to determine which front to optimize to offer a customer experience that the customer not only enjoys but is eager to wax lyrical about? The short answer is data.

At least two-thirds of C-level executives agree that said that data analytics is among the most important technologies for improving the customer experience. In this article, we will take a look at how data is playing a crucial role today in shaping the customer experience strategies of companies and how you can do so too.

How data analytics breathes life into customer experience

Discussing about competitor analysis

A recent Epsilon survey reported that as much as 80% of customers have grown to expect personalized experiences, causing CX leaders to focus on personalization at scale. So much so that it has become a hygiene factor for businesses. What does this mean? While customers may take it for granted, if businesses get it wrong, they will depart for a competitor.

Personalization, once limited mainly to targeted offers, now extends to the entire customer experience. And data is what equips these personalization efforts from the top down. Here, we will take a look at the different ways how data sets the stage for a peerless customer experience standard.

Maps the customer journey


Real-time transactional data can help you streamline the entire customer journey, along with all the touchpoints customers interact with. Each touchpoint for the customer journey can enable you with rich insights and provide you with a window into your customers’ state of mind to accordingly affect your CX strategy.

A data-driven software can evaluate contextualized interactions taking place at all major touchpoints. This includes your customers’ initial interaction with your brand, their engagement episodes with your customer support team, and their preferred social media channels. The data captured at these touchpoints can reflect specific customer behavior and preferences, offering beneficial suggestions on how best to personalize the customer experience.

Makes room for better customer Support

Customer Support Systems to improve the customer service quality

By evaluating client satisfaction glossed over from forthright customer feedback in the consumer market, data analytics solutions can help you gain oversight of how well your support team is performing in the marketplace. This data also allows you to anticipate the prospective brand backlash. This is because it identifies potential problem areas that could lead to negative feedback or, worse, a tarnished reputation.

A modern data analytics platform can provide you with actionable information, enabling you to take instant, meaningful action. This level of personalized service humanizes your brand and makes your customers feel like you know them.

Reputation score & management

Importance of online reputation management

Tracking brand mentions and customer feedback raises awareness and provides some insight into the shortcomings of your offerings. Utilizing data correctly can help you improve your reputation and build a relationship of trust with your customers.

A competent data-driven solution can assist you in managing your reputation and tracking your reputation score. They offer a complete perspective of all consumer data from a single centralized interface, allowing you to monitor how your customers perceive your brand and communicate about it across different locations.

Optimize customer experiences with locobuzz

friends listening monitoring

Now that you know how to correlate the influx of data to improved customer experience, you can innovate your way through the competitive landscape of today to build a clear differentiation between you and your competitors.

At Locobuzz, we have been pioneering data-intensive technologies to improve customer experiences for enterprises. Locobuzz has various tools like social listening,  omnichannel toolsocial media management, competitor analysis, customer experience tool, brand monitoring, etc. for handling and segregating such a huge volume of data. Learn how you can deliver the data you need to enhance customer experiences with Locobuzz today.

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