Why Social Media Search Tools is essential for Brands

Digital marketing is key to great customer retention. The incorporation of social media search tools plays a major part in it. It elevates effectiveness by tracking activities and mentions on multiple platforms. Also, it enables brands to filter comments, feedback, and criticism from customers and competitors.

Keeping your brand mentions on top prevents negative publicity so you can retain a positive image and recognize potential influencers.

Here are some social media search tools brands can adopt to optimize their digital marketing strategy!

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The top 9 social media search tools

Social searcher

Social Searcher finds popular brand hashtags and mentions. A free social media search tool, it searches across multiple prominent digital platforms delivering analytical reports. By measuring and tracking the brand’s visibility, it provides outcomes in an uncomplicated dashboard.

Brands can take advantage of opportunities, find customer feedback, and act on a real-time basis as this tool streamlines social monitoring. It offers actionable social analytics to evaluate the performance of the social media content, recognize behavioral triggers, and customize content to focus on relevant onlookers effectively. It mainly covers six networks: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


This search tool analyzes the performance of social media campaigns by assessing real-time mentions and hashtags on multiple platforms. Along with tracking and reporting mentions, it offers market research as it’s built with the Boolean search.

It’s an effective tool to engage the target audience across multiple channels as it allows users to explore social media platforms for specific keywords. Mention provides an accumulated single stream of data, custom email alerts, and separate evaluations based on sentiments.


A customer experience management platform that provides comprehensive social insights for brands, consumers, and competitors for brand positioning, developing engagement, and complete evaluation of social and digital networks.

Locobuzz provides audience analysis and tracks digital marker shifts relevant to the brand & competitors. It collects valuable customer feedback from across most digital platforms and records user voice tone in posts, responses, and reviews for sentiment research. Moreover, it identifies key influencers, examines engagement trends, and stays alarmed when activity around your brand spikes.

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Along with competitor comparison and spotting trending subjects, keywords, hashtags, and developing related marketing intelligence, Locobuzz also offers campaign analysis where it evaluates ROIs, observes progress, and detects influencer insights around brand messaging.


Management software to connect and highlight social interactions, conversations, and social media users. By using its contact database, brands understand target audiences on social media in a better way to create relevant content. With HubSpot, brands can prioritize social engagement, pre-schedule social media posts across platforms, and manage multiple social media profiles from one tool. It also keeps the brand updated with current trends by searching for relevant keywords for your brand.


Brands can take advantage of improved analytics and media monitoring with the Keyhole search tool. Keyhole enables brands to comprehend all levels of conversation. Along with the ability to search for trending hashtags and tracing keywords, this search tool provides real-time historical data to review what you neglected.

The Keyhole search tool is mainly designed for agencies and enterprises to deliver accurate social media analytics. Moreover, it provides insights on audience engagement levels to improve marketing tactics with social measurement, sentiment analysis, influencer identification, and social reporting.


Brand24 delivers in-depth details of your brand mentions, targeting all kinds of companies. It presents certain mentions that help you to discover your brand’s reputation on social media. Brands can communicate with audience queries directly from Brand24 as it displays a Discussion Volume Chart which graphically depicts your brand’s mentions.

It helps discover problems as you see the surges in brand mentions. Brand24 has its own influencer score helping you identify key industry influencers and connect with the ones who belong to your niche. Also, it provides an accurate sentiment classification in three tones: Positive, Negative, and Neutral.


Tagboard finds popular hashtags through social media marketing campaigns helping brands target discussions related to their products and services. It offers proper organization of data across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, App.net, and Vine.

On searching for a hashtag on Tagboard’s website, brands find their own designed page. When logging into their Tagboard accounts, brands can read the audience interaction, moderate these posts, and control how they show up on Tagboard.


AgoraPulse provides a social inbox to discover and control comments and mentions. It has an exceptionally fresh and simple interface. A brand can effortlessly set up brand-listening constraints to listen to relevant conversations about the brand. This helps refine YouTube and Twitter searches by displaying unnecessary words in your saved searches.

With the help of in-built Boolean operators, AgoraPulse lets you choose listening options. It includes location and language factors based on social media searches and guides you to act on what you learn from it.


Falcon enables brands to manage content in one particular calendar for all platforms using one inbox for all online interactions. Falcom tracks brand performance across different channels and creates automated ad campaigns. It provides the data of the audience in one place and plans social media posts accordingly. Falcon identifies trending topics, examines the sentiment around the brand, evaluates audience demographics, and finds influencers setting a benchmark for the brand.

Final word

Integrating social media search tools in your marketing strategy will help create brand awareness and stronger brand loyalty. It helps you to respond faster, prevent PR crises and identify brand advocates. Check out Locobuzz’s Holistic Social Media Management capabilities now!

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