5 Best Customer Service Tools in 2023

Customer demands have changed with the evolution of technology, thus businesses often adopt new technologies or software tools for customer experience to provide delightful customer service in a timely manner. Here is your complete guide with the five best customer service software you can leverage for your business in 2023. But before that, let’s understand more about customer service tools and their benefits.

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What are Customer Service Tools?

A Customer Service tool is a centralized application that allows you to track, answer, assist, interact, and analyze customers’ concerns more efficiently and effectively.

Because no two businesses are alike, so do their customer service software requirements. There are several types of customer service tools and businesses can choose amongst them based on their needs. These software can be customized to meet the requirements of small enterprises to global corporations with one thing in common is the desire to improve customer service.

Benefits Of Choosing a Customer Service Tool

A Good Way To Make Customers Satisfied And Loyal

The goal of using any customer service tool is to make your customers happy and give them an excellent experience. Customers are more likely to become loyal if you provide them with quick and effective solutions using appropriate customer service tools. They are known to buy items from your brand even if they do not need them right away, which results in increased revenue.

Keeps Customer Service Staff Happy

Happy customers equals successful companies. When your customer care team has the most effective tools for accessing client data and the functionality they need to accomplish their tasks, their productivity will rise without much effort. These solutions also enable employees to collaborate, saving time and money on hiring more employees.

Facilitates Smart Scalability

Digital customer service tools allow you to manage large volumes of data like customer purchasing habits, conversations and tickets. With automation of your emails, you can create a help desk platform and track and respond to your customer queries, facilitating increased productivity and easy scalability.

Self-Serving Customers is The New Trick

Customers prefer self-service options to technical human assistance. You may use customer service technologies to create a self-service knowledge base for your customers. It empowers them to solve problems on their own. A self-service knowledge base will improve the customer experience while reducing the strain on the team.

Types Of Customer Service Tools

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Without relationships, there is no customer service. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology can assist you in tracking and recording every interaction a customer has with your brand, providing insights into how to develop the customer-brand relationship.

In addition to the contact information, a CRM also records useful information like purchasing habits, preferences, and if the customer has any contacts with the team or department. A CRM tool is said to be efficient if it provides the customer service employee with all the critical information they need. It will answer questions like:

  • How frequently does a customer make purchases?
  • What products and models a customer holds?
  • What is their history of customer service?

Live Chat And Messaging Software

Live message allows you to respond to consumer inquiries in real-time, regardless of whether the customer is on your website or mobile app. Live chats give you an advantage over your customers by allowing you to resolve a problem proactively before it becomes an issue. A live chat programme, for example, may propose FAQs before you check out or leave your basket.

While your customer service team cannot be available 24 hours a day, chatbots come to the rescue by providing visitors with round-the-clock assistance and handling consumer demands.

Inbox Software for Social Media

As a customer service tool, social media inbox software enables you to view all communications and interactions with your clients on one platform. Even if communication with someone took place on other platforms and in a different format, such as starting as a comment on a social media post and continuing in private conversations, you would still see the complete conversation.

You can easily divide the messages to your workforce. It even saves replies for frequently asked questions that optimizes response rate and time.

Customer Service Ticketing Software

With ticketing software, each client case is given its own “ticket,” which is then sent to the proper parties for resolution. Managers may monitor the status of each ticket, and when a problem is fixed, the team closes the ticket.

This approach provides information on the number of tickets raised, the type of tickets presented, and the typical closure time. Additionally, it will enable you to give a rough time estimate to your clients for resolving an issue.

Now let’s look at the 5 best customer service tools to explore in 2023

Top 5 Customer Service Tools

Using an omnichannel strategy to address the expectations of next-generation customers, Locobuzz is an AI-powered CX tool platform that helps international organizations create unified digital customer experiences by linking isolated data across the customer lifecycle. It also helps your brand to maintain strong customer relationships and adds value to your company.

2. Zendesk

Zendesk is a platform for online help desks, ticketing software for customer support, and CRM. It equips customer care representatives with all the resources necessary to react to customer inquiries through different networks.

Your team may add to a constantly growing knowledge base using Zendesk. It offers 24/7 self-serve customer assistance, enabling users to solve their problems.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite, which combines social media scheduling software, detail analytics, and a content library, is an efficient customer service solution. You may delegate requests to your team members and track their progress using the inbox. Hootsuite further enables you to obtain thorough information on reaction time and several other crucial metrics to assess what is effective and what is not.

4. HubSpot

Live chat capabilities were incorporated into the ticketing system of the Hubspot. It monitors and logs tickets’ volume, response time, and live status. It also has an integrated automatic ticket routing system that ensures tickets are assigned to the correct people.

Additionally, it has chatbots that are useful for supporting customers through the website or mobile app and responding to the most common inquiries.

5. Zoho Desk

Managers, customers, and employees may use Zoho Desk as a help desk and platform for IT customer service. It combines all departments, including accounting, marketing, finance, and sales. It also allows you to compare tickets from different platforms, brands, departments, and locations. Zia and AI are used to answer problems quickly, and the company creates consumer self-service platforms.


There are still many other customer service tools for you to discover. Any business, whether a solo proprietorship or a global partnership, may benefit from implementing these technologies. Make sure you select the best platform to meet the requirements of your business. These tools also known as CX tools, aid in developing the reputation of your business while also providing information quickly.

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