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Transforming customer service experience with omnichannel chatbot


From the very beginning of the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, researchers have found that shoppers’ interest and focus have been shifted to digital platforms more than the whole in-store experience. Even if it is any offline brand, the companies make sure that they provide the consumers with a digital platform. Day by day, the websites and social networking apps have been coming in handy for the customers to view different products, be it clothes, medicines, cosmetics, or even groceries. These online platforms view the offers, prices and help in increasing the interaction between the company and the consumers.

But have you ever wondered that it could sometimes be so complex and confusing for the company to keep track of every customer’s journey with so many consumers out there? That is where the whole system of Omnichannel Customer Engagement strategy comes in, that allows the customers to view a product on Instagram, search it on the company’s website, and offers them a free trial in offline stores, providing them with a comfortable and impactful experience. Omnichannel blends in the customer’s journey from any platform and keep track of it in a single unified version.

Table of Contents

Transforming the whole engagement into omnichannel chatbot

Customers worldwide, be it the ones that come in through online portals or simply offline, all expect their demands to be met by the company. They want to be heard and understood and look out for the same. And that is where a Chatbot comes in. So a company has to create a Chatbot that can be easily put to use on every other platform. So basically, a Chatbot provides an instant solution and connection from the consumers to the agents through a customized chatbox. 

It can be used across multiple channels: Mails, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, numerous mobile apps, and so much more. The Chatbot collects all the data related to the customers and does a rapid job of providing a customized collection of solutions and conversations with the priority party. 

Benefits of having an omnichannel chatbot

  • Fast Response and Faster Problem Solving Skills – While Omnichannel has become a dire need of all the business and is very much in progress these days, it also seems that Chatbot can do an even better job at this. Knowing the amount of pressure created on the companies by the customer’s side and all the expectations to be met, a Chatbot provides a fast response and even faster problem-solving stances. Also, the quicker responses lead to fewer customers being on the line detained and waiting to get their queries done.
  • Increased Level in Customer Satisfaction – Now, having a better and faster system will increase customer satisfaction regarding the whole service. The company’s product might be good and the efforts all great. Still, if there weren’t enough customer satisfaction and happy clients, it would always create obstacles while making the business flourish. Having a Chatbot that will help you increase and develop a connection and conversation between the parties will always be in it for the win. Having an increased level of customer satisfaction is directly proportional to faster problem-solving skills and brings us to our next benefit. Locobuzz offers their customers a perfect level of satisfaction, which has earned some of the most loyal customers over the years.
  • Better Impact and Revenue – Although it seems that the whole Omnichannel system is an advantage for the customers and does better work for them, we forget to mention that it works better on both sides. That means a better Omnichannel system increases the company’s chances to earn better revenue and create a better impact for their products in the entire market. Hence, the benefits that surround the Omnichannel strategy make it a go-getter right about now without any reservations. In addition, getting an exceptional service also increases customer loyalty, and the love for the brand continues to stay on.
  • Creates an Impressive Data Collection Platform – When the whole conversation and the customer’s journey with the company have been tracked from the very start to the ongoing period, it creates a very impressive data collection platform keeping every single detail in a very unified kind of customized files. And the company having a perfect track record acquires the touchpoints and personal traits of the customer and provides them better with all their personalized qualities and products that will make them a suitable buyer. Hence, nothing can pull you back with the whole Omnichannel strategy.

Some of the companies that follow a great omnichannel chatbot

  • Quaker Oats –Quaker oats, as we all know, provide delicious oats, but there is also something that leaves the customers satisfied and their tummies happy. Quaker oats app and website’s Chatbot Otis – give the users some delicious daily recipes and set them up with alarms that will remind them of having oats on time. Isn’t it seriously great to get something new and tasty every day?
  • Ponds – Have you ever heard of SAL? Or maybe AR? We will tell you. So mainly, SAL is the name of the Chatbot used by Ponds with the help of AR – Augmented Reality. Combined, these systems allow the customers to expand their potential in a complete base. For example, when a person uploads their selfie on the forum, it provides options and products on skincare, black spots, skin tone, and many more—a personalized tester and reviewer just for that particular customer.


Here’s what should be the takeaway for this blog. The Omnichannel Chatbot is a need and dire marketing strategy that allows the business of millions of them out there to get customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and reviews and suggestions that hype up the brand and its product. Locobuzz with the help of its various tools like social media management tools, sentiment analysis tools, customer experience tools,  competitor analysis tools, brand monitoring tools, etc provides services to companies to maintain their online reputation. 

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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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