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Using Facebook and WhatsApp Chatbots to Improve Customer Experience


A strong customer service strategy is the engine that propels a company to new heights of success. Businesses have migrated to the two best social media platforms, Facebook and WhatsApp, as a result of technological advancements.

Users of Facebook and WhatsApp are constantly expanding, and they are among the key drivers of the commercial revolution. On a daily basis, around 1.9 billion individuals use Facebook Messenger and 2 billion people use WhatsApp. 

Without a doubt, the two are the most effective instruments for businesses to communicate with their clients. Both are instant messaging solutions that provide clients with a smooth and seamless experience.

A chatbot is a computer software that interacts with you. Conversational agents, as they are often known, are created using AI (Artificial Intelligence) software. They employ messaging apps, websites, mobile apps, and phone calls to mimic a discussion (or a chat) with people in natural language.

In this article, we will discuss making the best of Facebook and WhatsApp Chatbot for customer experience management.

What is WhatsApp Chatbot?

WhatsApp Chatbot

A WhatsApp Chatbot is an automated software that runs on the WhatsApp network and is driven by rules or artificial intelligence (AI). People communicate with WhatsApp chatbot via the chat interface, just as they would with a real person. It’s a set of automatic WhatsApp responses that act like a real conversation.

 A WhatsApp Chatbot is an automated WhatsApp conversation buddy.

It allows a person to communicate with a computer more easily.

 On WhatsApp, you usually converse with another person (for example, one of your friends), but with chatbots, you converse with a machine rather than a human.

Advantages of WhatsApp Chatbot

There are several advantages of WhatsApp Chatbot

1. Enhanced customer service

The WhatsApp Chatbot platform is meant to integrate with CRM, ERP, and a variety of other business systems, allowing businesses and customers to communicate seamlessly. Creating a WhatsApp Chatbot can assist businesses with a variety of tasks, including:

  • sending reminders, alerts, and notifications 
  • responding to the customer complaints and queries in real-time 
  • assisting customers with product catalog exploration 
  • collecting customer feedback and more

Customers can now contact customer service without having to queue or listen to unpleasant interactive voice answers. Furthermore, because WhatsApp Chatbot are available 24 hours a day, businesses do not need to ensure that customer support agent are available at all times. This also saves organizations a significant amount of money on hiring and training their employees.

2. Improve marketing campaigns and advertising opportunities

Many businesses utilize WhatsApp Chatbots to promote their products and services to customers all over the world, such as forthcoming events, new arrivals, new services, and new offers/discounts. 

By evaluating their historical data and prior transactions, the WhatsApp Chatbot platform enables businesses to provide customized suggestions to clients.

Customers who have signed up for monthly newsletters and promotional notifications can also receive them. 

What is Facebook Chatbot?

A Facebook Messenger bot is a Chatbot that resides inside Facebook Messenger and communicates with some of the 1.3 billion people who use the app 

Chatbots can be created to ask questions, respond, and carry out tasks. They can offer a personalized online shopping experience as well as earn sales.

Advantages of Facebook Chatbot

Now we look for the advantages of Facebook Chatbot .One of the advantages of having a Facebook Chatbot is the ability to intelligently automate communication.

However, there are more advantages to leveraging this digital channel to improve client experience and potentialize relationships through automatic communication with your audience.

Consider this new context of tailoring Customer Service through a conversational flow that can be entertaining on Facebook, without the fixed replies that irritate customers.

All of this is available around the clock, providing unstoppable and pleasant service.

1. Customer’s loyalty

Using the bot to achieve this goal entails using technology to improve communication with users, programming the robot to respond to requests, improving services, and improving the quality of support.

Business relies heavily on customer loyalty, and the Facebook Chatbot can ensure complete satisfaction 24 hours a day.

2. More interaction

Increasing client involvement implies increasing sales opportunities. Marketing can employ chatbots on the most effective platform available: social media.

Programming them to provide information, event invitations, personalized videos, and personalized messages is critical to keeping users engaged, in addition to increasing interest in the institution and engagement through ideas tailored to the client’s profile.

3. Save time

One of the most significant advantages of the Chatbot is the speed with which it responds to inquiries.

There is no doubt that the virtual assistant saves time on support by conversing assertively and answering inquiries without the necessity for human contact on Facebook.

As a result, the service is delivered easily and swiftly by automating routine actions on social media. One of the main advantages of this technology is that it reduces waiting time and allows the user to avoid lineups.

Facebook Chatbot vs WhatsApp Chatbot

Starting with the WhatsApp Chatbot, WhatsApp is a messaging and calling app that is simple, dependable, and secure, and it is available on phones all around the world. WhatsApp is used by over 2 billion monthly users in over 180 countries to stay in touch with family and friends anywhere and at any time.

WhatsApp is poised to become the largest and most powerful business messaging channel, with WhatsApp Business Accounts as well as the WhatsApp Business API now open to enterprises of any size.

The WhatsApp bot ecosystem is built on the principles of trust, safety, and privacy. One of the reasons for WhatsApp’s popularity is that it is free of advertisements and spam. Because SMS has always been WhatsApp’s primary competition, the company strives to keep its UI as simple as possible.
As a result, while creating conversational user experiences with their chatbots on WhatsApp, chatbot authors have limited options:

  • Text Messages
  •  Images and GIFs
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Transactional Broadcasts

WhatsApp lacks rich UI features such as rapid replies, buttons, and cards, which are necessary for conversational AI navigation.

Facebook Messenger has over 1.9 billion monthly active users and is one of the most comprehensive messaging platforms for businesses to communicate with their clients. Cards, rapid responses, and buttons can all be used to engage children. Messenger has an extensive feature set. Messenger has a large number of functions.

  •  Text Messages
  •  Images and GIFs
  •  Videos
  •  Documents
  •  Transactional Broadcasts
  •  Quick Replies
  •  Buttons
  •  Cards

Messenger bots also allow additional answer types, such as airline templates and receipt templates, in addition to the functionalities listed above.

We’ll go through these special capabilities in more detail in another blog post, but Facebook Messenger is a strong candidate among all messaging platforms for swiftly deploying your chatbot.


1. Is it possible to make a WhatsApp chatbot without using any code?

Yes, you can make a simple FAQ bot on WhatsApp without coding. If the chatbot’s use cases are complicated, however, a hard-coded WhatsApp chatbot is required.

2. What kind of content can be sent with the WhatsApp Chatbot?

Text messages, audio content, URLs, location data, photos, videos, stickers, and any document in any format can all be sent and received. Additionally, emoticons can be sent and received.

3. What role does the Facebook Chatbot play in customer service?

Chatbots help to greatly enhance the customer experience while allowing customer support professionals to focus on more difficult duties due to their speed and efficacy.

4. Why do I need a Facebook Chat chatbot for my business?

Facebook Messenger has the greatest active viewership of any social media service, with 1.5 billion users. Why wouldn’t your company make use of such a wonderful tool? Chatbot technology isn’t going away; it’s become a necessary aspect of doing business! “By 2020, 85 percent of consumer engagement with firms will be done without engaging with another human,” according to Gartner. We at Chatbot Geeks can help you join the 80 percent of firms that employ chatbots today.


To summarize everything discussed so far, Chatbots are applications constructed to robotically interact with acquired messages. This article tested the chatbots withinside the immediately messaging utility Facebook and WhatsApp with cognizance to discover discoverability and traits as language, problem count and developer’s platform. The article additionally targeted the assessment of those chatbots to explain their contemporary degree of gaining knowledge of facilitating the usage of synthetic intelligence.

I hope this article will promote further studies amongst different students in addition to being inquisitive about the usage of chatbots at the cellular systems for teaching and learning purposes.

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