8 ways Customers Interact And Engage With Your Brand On Social Media

The Social Media industry has revolutionized the way that brands reach out to their clients. From just being TV commercials and print media promotions, where the engagement of the clients and the users was limited, it has become unstoppably more active with Social Media platforms opening up the gates for commercial branding and brand-user engagement.

The best part about this is that customers now have a variety of different ways in which they can engage with not just brand commercials and content on social media, but also support brands even without first taking the steps to avail their services or buy a product. The possibilities are limitless. Here are some of the ways in which customers interact and engage with your brand on Social Media.

  • Follows/Subscriptions
  • Views
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Saves
  • Comments
  • Super chat/Super Like
  • Availing
  • Services/Product
  • Shopping

However, the only con with this is that a large section of customer service employees is needed by a brand to help manage all this engagement and thus cater to their audience in a better fashion. Or do we need that? Well, the answer is no. With the improvement in the game of social media engagement, there has also been a high alteration in the way in which brands manage all of this data.

Social Media Management can become a smooth game when you know which Social Media Management Tools and Social Listening Tools to integrate with your brand to reap these benefits to their maximum potential. Let’s have a look at 8 ways customers interact and engage with your brand on Social Media and how you can make the most out of it.


Every public Social Media account, like in the case of Brands, earns one of their income streams from the views generated on their content. This is because a customer, whether already a follower or someone who passively comes by your content through the social media algorithm, adds to the number of views generated on your posts, stories, reels, videos.

The work of a Social Listening Tool here is to help you push your content ahead through the algorithm. Hashtag Tracking, Customer’s most Active hours of Engagement, the niches they follow, and other Social Media Analytics features help you boost your content and make it the most algorithmically engageable.


Now, likes on a post, reel, video, or any form of social media content, work in a manner where they don’t directly equate to the level of income your brand generates on social media. This is one of the reasons why some creators and brands don’t pay much attention to how they can get their audience to press like their content.

However, it is important to note that the success rate of your content depends on certain factors; and likes are one of them. To cater to what the audience wants and would appreciate, you must know the analytics of what kind of content does your primary audience engages most with.

This can be achieved through a good Social Media Analytics Tool. The top-rated Social Media Analytics Tools, today are, Brand24, Locobuzz, AgoraPulse, and NetBase.

3. Saves

People hit the save button on your posts and videos when they relate to it and find the content helpful in a manner in which they would want to refer back to it in the future. This is the best way a customer can interact and engage with your content, to push it further in the algorithm so more people get your brand’s recommendations on their feed.

Once you start putting out content and integrate a Customer Relationship Management Tool, like Locobuzz, it can help you develop a better understanding of what your audience appreciates and how you can work further to create savable content.


When you as a brand create content that does not just include your products but also other elements that people can relate to and therefore share with friends and family, your brand becomes more accessible to more people in two ways. Firstly, the people whom the post has been shared with and then through social media channel algorithms.


Alongside Saving and Sharing, leaving a comment is another powerful way your followers help push your content further. The point to note here is, while liking, saving, sharing are some things that take the click of a button, leaving a comment takes extra effort.

For making your content worthy of that effort, the best way out is to understand what statistics of your most active followers/customers already engage with your brand, and then engage back with the ones you think would work in your favor, adding a certain highlight to your content.

To understand the sentiment behind each comment is manually impossible with over thousands of people commenting on your posts. A Sentiment Analysis tracker (offered by tools like BrandMentions, Brand24, Locobuzz and more) will send you alerts for high-priority comments. These can be either positive or negative, and you then know which ones you might want to pin and which to block/delete.

6. Follows/subscriptions

The largest chunk of customers that engage with a brand don’t translate into followers/subscribers. This can happen because of several reasons varying on the type of way you choose to engage with your primary customers.

To gain better understanding of this, while YouTube has its own analytics tool, most social media sites don’t. Integrating an external Analytics and CRM tool helps you get this data and solutions based on the same, in categorical dashboard views which are not only easy to grasp but also implement.

7. Super chat and super like

Super Chat and Super Like are features that are specific to YouTube and have been launched quite recently. This is one of the fastest ways to earn monetary income without having to give a certain product/service in exchange.

If your brand provides quality content, customers these days are more than happy to contribute to your live sessions and videos through Super Chats and Super Likes, where they leave you a certain amount of money to show support for your brand.

Keeping a tally of this can be a little tedious once more and more customers start to engage with your videos, therefore a good Social Media Management Tool always helps here.

8. Availing services or product shopping

If you already have a brand website, you can link it to your social media accounts and your shop/store pops up on the screen when customers visit your account. Another way customers can engage with this is through link sharing with swipe-up options on stories and Social Media feed pop-ups. However, if you wish to sell on multiple social media platforms and integrate them into one, Social Media AI Chatbots work the best.

Bonus Tip -

8 ways in which your brand can interact and engage with your customers using social media

  • Stories
  • Links
  • Short video content
  • Long-form Videos
  • Posts
  • Live Video Interactions
  • Products/Shop integration
  • Giveaway Referrals
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