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Why chatbots?

The pandemic elevated the e-commerce industry more than ever. Consumers are digitally driven having shifted their buying habits from physical retail to e-commerce. However, issues occur when brands are unable to create an uninterrupted online shopping experience; especially during the shopping season.

Right from discount deals to on-time delivery, chatbots for e-commerce resolve users’ queries and help merchants improve customer satisfaction. Before learning the strategies that help companies up their sales during the shopping season, let’s understand what an e-commerce chatbot is and why it’s necessary for companies to design chatbots for their websites or applications.

Importance of e-commerce chatbot

A chatbot for e-commerce is integrated by online retailers to connect with customers at every stage of service round the clock. The chatbot fills the communication gap between online retailers and customers. Whether it is placing an order, money transaction issues, or tracking delivery, a chatbot for e-commerce caters to evolving facets of digital customer interactions and journeys.

Today, the e-commerce industry is a competitive space. Several rival brands are in the race, such as Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, BookMyShow, etc. Integration of a chatbot helps complete the buyers’ purchases, offering product recommendations, the best customer support, and brand visibility.

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Integrating Locobuzz chatbot for e-commerce platforms offers customers authentic information relevant to products in the blink of an eye with the help of advanced Artificial Intelligence. It has primary chatbot facilities supported by great data analytical backing and adaptable infrastructure. It curtails issues like:

  • Lack of customer trust about duplicate or low-quality products, fraud, personal data violations, identity theft, etc.
  • Shopping Cart abandonment due to technical problems, complicated delivery process, unexpected shipping cost, etc.
  • Customer loyalty issues due to no in-person interaction, lack of rewards, poor customer support, etc.
  • Inconvenient product refund, replace, and return procedures

Benefits of integrating locobuzz chatbot for e-commerce

  • More productive and cost-effective as it handles innumerable customers at once.
  • Easy to operate, integrate and execute with the help of contextual conversations for user engagement.
  • Boosts customer acquisition by engaging potential customers to comprehend their requirements and navigate them towards the products they seek.
  • Customer journeys operated across all integrated online platforms providing a unified brand experience and instant assistance across all-important customer touchpoints such as websites, mobile applications, and major social media messengers.
  • Easy-to-use conversation designers assist marketers to create an extensive range of conversational journeys for Customer Experience without any help from the coder.
  • Generates leads using quick and creative prompts of products to engage passive visitors and convert them into active prospects.
  • The AI potential of the bot alerts inquiries that are untrained to the brand so they can instantly provide the bot with new intelligence to manage forthcoming interactions.

The shopping season is when e-commerce accounts for more profits than half the whole-year sales. Consumers are much more reliant on e-commerce websites or app for shopping due to the long lockdowns. To hold onto potential buyers, integrating a chatbot for e-commerce is a must. It guarantees high conversions leading to notable ROI and growth. Marketers can effortlessly connect, converse, and allow leads to deliver MQLs.


E-commerce chatbot & the festive season

Reminders, greetings, and promotions

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the major issues retailers face. Chatbots can remind customers to return to their carts and finish the purchase by sending notifications, offering incentives, or simply connecting on a conversational chat. The Locobuzz Chatbot can be integrated on e-commerce platforms to provide a rich Customer Experience.

Chatbots boost website engagement by prompting a small theme-based greeting note to welcome users to the website. Since it’s shopping season, greeting notes can also be designed for offers and discount deals.

Personalized recommendations

Customers look for digitally savvy customer-first websites that provide personalized service with easy navigation, selection, and transaction. When customers get confused with a wide range of options, a chatbot can guide them by instantly providing recommendations based on their past purchases and stored data provided by users, like preferences, search input, filters, etc.

For example, Levi’s incorporated a virtual stylist to boost online sales and break the most common barrier of buying proper fitting apparel online. Using Natural Language Processing to discover a customer’s lifestyle and fit preferences, a virtual stylist combines that information with actual training that human stylists receive to deliver accurate suggestions. Levi’s chatbot helps the customers to find the perfect products by asking important questions such as “Do you prefer denim with stretch or no stretch?” or “Would you like your denim to fit through your hips or waist?” etc.

Building post-purchase customer loyalty

A chatbot helps dealers create extraordinary post-purchase experiences by offering instant updates after customers have placed their orders. Chatbots can provide easy and fast information to customers regarding order tracking, lost packages, damaged products, payment failures, return and refund issues or any other relevant questions. This builds trust and drives traffic to the website while accelerating sales.

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Attractive discounts

Chatbots help e-commerce acquire new customers or convince users who visit from a specific channel with attractive discounts or a separate coupon. It encourages new customers to explore your website leading to better conversion and customer retention. E-commerce chatbots are used to provide discounts in exchange for reviews, feedback surveys, or email address submissions. This data can be sent to the company’s CRM or email marketing software for future marketing activities. Discounts can be a great way to get rid of unsold products and promote new ones.

Creative chatbot design

The basic function of a chatbot is to stimulate conversation with customers. Having a chatbot interface that includes just simple texts, audio buttons, and animations may look ordinary. Adding vibrant colors, unique festive names, graphics, background images to your chatbot design and website will assure great customer attention. For instance, during Christmas, customizing the website with Christmas-themed graphics, colors, and greetings gives the website a festive vibe. This increases the anticipated value of your products and makes your website seem more credible.


The e-commerce chatbot, during the festive season, brings better conversion rates and more sales. It can test the ability of your business to deliver outcomes on a competitive scale and adapt to continuously fluctuating consumer behaviors and expectations.

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