How To Speed Up Response Time?

Customer service social media response time

The average response time for a company to respond to customers’ queries is typically 7 hours to 10 hours. With growing technology and social media influence, companies now have a new platform to provide customer support. If customers don’t get a response by email or call, they choose social media to connect with companies.There are social media chatbots too which respond to customers patterned query. Nowadays, customers have the liberty to share their positive and negative experiences by commenting on social media handles. 

The amount of time between a customer’s query submission and the response of the customer service support team is known as customer service social media response time.

More than 60% of customers expect social media responses from companies within an hour or a maximum of 24 hrs. To increase and speed up customer service social media response time businesses have now started integrating chatbots on their platforms. If you’re a brand, you can integrate a chatbot for social media – a CX Tool and get an omnichannel chatbot for your platform to provide a better customer experience.

Chatbot for social media & omnichannel

It’s less of a headache when businesses set up a strategic plan to enhance marketing and service efforts. Building a coherent, aligned experience across multiple platforms is a must-to-have solution these days. A chatbot for social media and an omnichannel bot help brands to create a seamless interaction between the multiple channels they have.

Locobuzz is a unified customer experience tool and management platform with a single view of all customers for effective brand management that helps integrate bots and omnichannel marketing for enhancing customer experience. Integrating chatbots for social media and omnichannel chatbot helps businesses speed up their response time, hold on to potential clients and resolve customer issues in no time.

Speedy response time

Social Media is a great tool for businesses to build trust and engagement with their customers. If the customer complaints, issues, and queries are not addressed in time, it may lead them to share bad reviews and feedback, creating a negative impact on the business. According to research, the most important attribute of a good customer experience is fast social media response time which has two benefits:

  • Increase in customer loyalty with consistent customer interaction and paying attention to their feedback and reviews. Customers prefer to stick with the same brand if their service expectations are fulfilled.
  • A speedy response makes the customers feel important and satisfied. This proves the brand as a promising and customer-centric- brand; leading customers to recommend your brand to other people.

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Social media chatbots: game-changers

A positive customer experience is a must. Integration of a social media chatbot that operates 24*7 on your website guarantees the brands the following benefits:

  • Helps brands increase social media user engagement.
  • Provides a base to directly land in the Users Inbox via Chatbot Technology.
  • Helps businesses bring in more revenue, do cost savings and upgrade operational efficiency.
  • Lets them offer convenience and expanded services to customers.
  • Upgrades and keeps a futuristic approach. By using bot-driven systems and omnichannel marketing strategies brands can provide effective communications to customers

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For e.g.: Dominos uses chatbots to take orders on Twitter with a single tweet that has a pizza emoji. The pizza brand processes the order in seconds, provides the option of reordering and tracking the delivery time, all in a few seconds. It can be believed that chatbots are dominating social media. It enables options to place multiple or specific orders with its ability to interpret customers’ preferences and actions based on previous orders.

Chatbots for social media have equipped extremely easy ways to handle text content but most importantly the interaction between customer service of the brands and customers will elevate towards new and richer ways to engage.

Speed up response time

Over 70% of customers expect companies to resolve their issues or connect them with the concerned department to deliver as quickly as possible. Companies can follow the below-given ways to increase social media response time:

Automated customer support

Earlier companies used to have massive customer care services or agents to look after user queries to ensure customer’s issues are resolved. Now, businesses integrate automated responses or a chatbot for social media for customer communication on the website or mobile app. A chatbot assists digitally through text or audio by processing and interpreting all the user queries and complaints. A chatbot for social media provides users with relevant informative solutions. Over 90% of customers are more likely to prefer a self-service, resourceful knowledge base than to talk on the phone. A few of the common self-service tools that can save customers time are FAQs, Community Forums, Artificial intelligence-powered Chatbots.

Automatic response

The automatic response is an e-mail management tool. A generic template to ensure the customers that the company has received the complaint and is working on it. It does not directly help in speeding up the customer service response time but suggests that the company is concerned about their issue and will resolve it as soon as possible. This keeps the customers from getting frustrated and buys some time to connect them with the agent. Companies can include canned responses – pre-formatted responses to common queries using previous event logs and support data to list out common issues.

Query categorization

Answering multiple queries at one time can be quite a task. Categorizing e-mail queries on the basis of urgency, complexity, and follow-ups enables customer service agents to choose queries based on the common subject matter and level of difficulty. Using automation software such as a chatbot for social media makes it easy to find solutions and improve productivity. Some of the most popular chatbot developers are Locobuzz chatbots, MonkeyMobile, Flow Xo, etc.

Omnichannel strategy

Big brands now create an omnichannel customer experience with the help of omnichannel solution providers which help them in identifying their top-selling channels and creating an omnichannel strategy. Integration of an omnichannel chatbot helps brands integrate different communication channels and have a single view of customers across channels. An omnichannel chatbot unites the strengths of companies’ communication channels and helps them deliver consistent and effective brand messages


With time, chatbots are becoming more and more intelligent. Businesses and brands must integrate them to stay relevant in a market that’s changing at a crazy pace. A brand wanting to deliver a better customer experience should work on the customer response time.

Early adoption of a chatbot for social media or getting an omnichannel chatbot can be a valuable asset for businesses to expand and provide a better customer experience. Platforms like Locobuzz, MonkeyMobile, Flow Xo, etc. can help integrate chatbots and omnichannel marketing strategy.

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