Artificial intelligence: boon or bane in 2021

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    Artificial intelligence: the future

    Artificial Intelligence is here, and it’s here to stay.

    There’s a lot of speculation and fear-mongering related to the impact of AI. From fears of AI replacing humans to dystopian futures in which machines take over.

    Is AI Boon or Bane?
    In today’s time, AI is considered a bane because it will eat up many jobs and become a major replacement for human beings. However, AI can also be considered a boon because it can perform multiple tasks effectively and produce faster results than humans.

    Fear Technophobia

    Artificial intelligence: boon or bane

    Let’s find out!

    AI is coming for your jobs!

    A person’s job is their fundamental security. The most common fear is that AI will lead to unemployment. The same fears were harbored in the wake of the Digital Revolution. However, computers and the internet ended up creating way more jobs than they made obsolete!

    The smarter our technology, the more it can do for us. AI serves the role of Augmented Intelligence; they support humans without replacing them entirely. Skills like creativity, social intelligence, and critical thinking cannot be replicated by AI.

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    Simply put, AI gives humans the opportunity to amplify creativity. AI might replace certain types of work but will provide a whole new spectrum of jobs that people will be prepared for in the future.


    The most far-fetched fear is fuelled by sci-fi movies like Terminator, Skynet, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. They portray a future where humans are servants and machines their masters. However, the fear that AI will develop consciousness is founded on misconceptions.

    Arnold Terminator

    Firstly, no one knows how to make something conscious. We can make something intelligent, but we don’t understand consciousness, let alone replicate it. Secondly, that machines will somehow have their own goals is not how AI works. AI doesn’t have free will, ambitions, or intentions. It’s only designed to do things faster and more effectively than humans.

    General unease

    Human nature fears the unknown. Any big, transformative change poses a threat to the current status quo. However, humans have time and time again shown their agility and adaptability by growing & developing alongside technology. This anxiety is a consequence of fixating on the short-term changes without accounting for the positive long-term effects of AI.

    Fear AI change the world

    The benefits of AI are limitless. It can help us fight climate change, discover new treatments for diseases, improve transportation and communication, etc.

    Positive impact of artificial intelligence

    Let’s look at one field that AI has revolutionized: Customer Experience Management.

    AI has transformed what we can know about consumers by providing a 360-degree CX view. An MIT survey found that Customer Service is the most active department for AI deployment today. By 2022, it’ll remain the leading area of AI use in companies!

    Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning have the capacity to monitor and organize millions of data sets. Brands can, for the first time, track what people are saying in real-time. As brands become more cognizant of their consumers, they’re equipped to design products and marketing campaigns suited to changing consumer needs.

    AI makes your brand available to your consumers 24×7! Chatbots allow people to get answers to problems without waiting for a human for answers. AI efficiently streamlines chatter throughout social media decreasing the turnaround time. It allows brands to expand without neglecting the existing consumer base.

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    A boon or bane – final thoughts

    Artificial Intelligence technology thrives on information, and today social media’s an endless source. Embrace AI to derive powerful insights for your brand’s strategic goals.

    For this, you can check out Locobuzz‘s Chatbots, and our Social Listening & Brand Monitoring features which leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the best way possible to provide stellar CX. What’s even better is that we’re always improving the technology to elevate the performance to the next level!

    Let us not fear the future but shape it. Let us not fear change but embrace it. We are, after all, the most intelligent creatures on this planet, and we must not reject what can make us smarter.

    There are several factors to consider while telling AI a boon or bane. Factors that can be considered while thinking of AI as a bane are the ease of work. Machines do not require a break from work like humans and can work for a longer duration. They can perform multiple tasks effectively and produce faster results in a quick time.

    Here are some advantages and disadvantages of adding AI in your life:

    1. Reduces human error
    2. Makes work easier and faster
    3. Available 24x7
    4. Takes multiple risks

    1. High cost in creation
    2. Make humans super lazy
    3. Lacks in out of box thinking
    4. Brings unemployment

    AI can work faster and better than humans. They simplify the job process because they can manage multiple tasks effectively without adding any errors. The best part about AI being a boon is they are available 24x7 which means they can work anytime and anywhere without adding any trouble.

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