WhatsApp: The Newest Channel for Customer Service

Whatsapp Business

Social Media has made it easy for brands to connect with customers. Engaging, receiving feedback and reviews is now simpler than ever before.

But, when it comes to direct conversations, messenger platforms lead. Since 2009, when WhatsApp was launched, the entire phenomenon of conversations and direct messaging has changed. WhatsApp made communication easy and direct. And brands should take advantage of this development!

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    How to Leverage WhatsApp

    Daily, any large customer-centric brand receives more than 100 online mentions. Most of these mentions are queries, feedback, suggestions, and complaints.

    These mentions go through a complex workflow before redressal. Now, imagine, what these comments are sent to a brand via WhatsApp? It would help address queries faster and in a more personalized manner!

    Benefits of Integrating WhatsApp Business

    Customers prefer connecting with brands over WhatsApp; their favorite messaging platform. Integrating WhatsApp Business helps brands personalize messages. Through detailed interactions, brands can obtain and benefit from various customer insights.

    Utilize Data Points The data points gather

    The data points gathered through WhatsApp conversations with customers can be analyzed to improve Customer Experience. It also inculcates customer suggestions helping to enhance overall performance.

    New Standards of CX

    WhatsApp is changing the way things work with brands. At Locobuzz, we provide WhatsApp Business API integration which sets new standards of Customer Experience.

    WhatsApp Chatbot

    Apart from the aforementioned benefits, Locobuzz also provides a WhatsApp Chatbot. The chatbot helps brands to automate communication so no time is wasted in addressing basic customer queries. This way, engagement is driven 24/7.ConclusionWhatsApp is the future of the Customer Support mechanism. Locobuzz is at the forefront of this new change. When are you introducing your brand to this new tech?

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