Single Smart Response Engine: Get to know the breakthrough technology

Single Smart Response Engine (SSRE) Locobuzz’s new groundbreaking automate response engine, designed to leverage a higher standard of AI intelligence to respond to users quickly without compromising the quality of response. It will enable your company to cut costs and reduce turnaround times all the while improving your customer experience.

Online response management is no more just a value adding tool for a company it is a necessity. Better ORM builds a company’s reputation, enhances trust, and contributes to a company’s success. AI technology currently gathers and analyzes user queries and designates them as tickets that need to be responded to by a manual agent.

SSRE, Locobuzz’s new feature, takes this one step further by automating not only data gathering and analysis but also automating response. SSRE is the most efficient and unified tool to help you maximize your customer service.

Cut the queue reduced turnaround time

Users who post simple queries online would not have to wait in for an agent to respond. They would not be subject to an employee’s timetable nor the exhausting queue of queries that came before theirs. The answer they are looking for would be immediate and accurate.

Save money: now and in the future

SSRE will enable a company to reduce its spending on ORM agents. It will do the work of a single agent at a third of the cost. It can be switched on and off depending on the needs of your company. Whether your agent is sleeping, tired, or simply overwhelmed, it can pick up the slack and respond immediately to queries it has been trained to resolve. The cost of using SSRE does not increase as queries increase.

Always available

It is available to respond to your users 24×7 throughout the year if that is required. It does not need vacations and sick leaves. It does not need to sleep or rest (unless you turn it off). SSRE will grow and learn along with your business… without ever getting burnt out.

More than a chatbot

Chatbots have revolutionized consumer outreach and satisfaction for business across the board. SSRE breaks free of the carefully contained and curated environment that chatbots are limited to. Through a higher standard of AI intelligence, SSRE will respond to comments and queries proactively across most social media platforms. 

Technology you can trust

SSRE will only respond to users under a 100% certainty. This is ensured through the simulation feature which initially simulates a response which has to be approved by an experienced professional. Once the engine is trained well enough to minimize errors, it is approved to act on its own. Artificial intelligence works on data sets: the more the data, the more accurate its response. Thereby, we offer a product in which we seek to leave no room for error and will be tailored to drive the needs of your business. 

For you and your customers

SSRE is the support your business needs. Your employees will be happy because they shoulder less workload. Your customers would be happy because they will receive immediate responses. Your pockets will be happy because you will need to spend less on ORM teams.
Why wait? SSRE is now live. Get in touch with us now to activate SSRE.
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